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    This is NO ORDINARY PRIMARY = No Uniting Behind FRAUD.

    It's Pretty Simple Really.
    The Establishment Democrats conspired to make Hillary 'THE' Nominee before the primary had ever begun.

    If you consider superdelegates like 'judges' in a contest and those judges are supposed to 'weigh in' on July 25th, pledging themselves to a winner in the 'contest' before it begins is FRAUD.

    The DNC colluded with Hillary Campaign and corporate media to make 'her' 'THE' nominee even after others entered the race.
    That is 'rigging' a contest and a FRAUD against the public.
    (Class action suit re this FRAUD is being filed).

    As a result we have every reason to 'equate' the eerie silence of MOST OF the establishment democrats, superdelegates, and the DNC as their being complicit when it comes to the original rigged primary schedule and the EXTREME election fraud & voter suppression(including voter registrations being mysteriously altered and unusually purged all across the country, which you might think would raise alarms abt foreign hackers interfering with our elections or 'something') .

    The Hilary camp has worked the corporate media, which btw are some of her BIGGEST donors(why do you suppose that is and with the fairness doctrine gone clearly this creates an incentive for corporations to weight the scales for the candidate they believe will BEST SERVE THEIR INTERESTS) and you can try to pretend that her major amount of coverage was 'so negative' it didn't help her. Give us a break... you are 'Hillary blind' and can't see the reality that they were extremely biased in favor of her. They blacked out Bernie Sanders who was creating excitement and breaking records ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, also to benefit her.

    So, Of Course, those of us supporting Bernie Sanders seeing clearly that he is NOT FOR SALE and FIGHTS FOR THE PEOPLE while our other choices are terrible candidates that are COMPLETELY FOR SALE and will totally support Oligarchy and the Status Quo while giving us perhaps some 'incremental changes' which is the new slang for 'trickle down economics', WE WANT BERNIE SANDERS TO BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT HOWEVER HARD WE HAVE TO FIGHT FOR IT!  And this is NOT just because Bernie is Bernie, this is Because he is the ONLY candidate NOT FOR SALE, that WILL Fight for The People.

    And NO, there is NOTHING, not making Bernie VP, or Sen Warren for that matter, not sit ins, and not even sinister catastrophes created to frighten us and to make these sell out, bad for our country, candidates look better... that will get us to vote for either Hillary OR Trump who btw were BOTH picked 'for us' by the corporation owners and billionaires now RULING our government.

    We are going to fight this in absolutely EVERY WAY WE CAN.
    We have been trying to explain to you that this is NOT your ordinary election where you can get us all to unite against republicans and scare us with the shiny, dangling, Trump to make us overlook all of the corruption and fraud that brought us our current 'apparent' choices(Hilary has won nothing yet).

    And hey all of this doesn't even take into account that Hilary is under criminal FBI investigation and has the lowest approval ratings, I believe, of any presidential candidate EVER, and we are filing law suits re the fraud and corruption.

    AND let me add that 'let's make a deal Donald' and 'cut it out' HIllary ARE FOR SALE , they are totally pay to play politicians(if you call Donald a politician) and they have a price tag. The corporation owners and billionaires know this. Both of them WILL pass the TPP/TTIP (because they have a price tag) or just pass it under some other name... which will give Corporations & Big Banks that already have TOO MUCH POWER, Super Powers that will allow them to use secret courts to challenge the laws of countries, even our own supreme court.... GUESS WHAT? That takes that old 'gun to the head' argument, ' okay she is a liar, fraud, and a warmonger but you definitely want HER to pick your supreme court justices instead of him argument' and makes it irrelevant.

    In summary, WE DO NOT HAVE TIME TO WASTE, the reality in our country is WE ARE IN CRISIS and THAT IS WHY you WILL NOT see us going along and being herded like sheep. There are so many examples of just how corrupt the game the Dem Establishment has been playing against The People during this primary has been, that WE ARE GOING TO FIGHT LIKE HELL EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!
    ‪#‎NeverHillary‬ ‪#‎NeverTrump‬ ‪#‎NeverQuit‬ and ‪#‎WeWillVOTE‬
    ‪#‎Figh4Bernie‬ ‪#‎Fight4Democracy‬

    Adding this video about the primary catastrophe in CA and this was just the end of SO much fraud across the country.  CA is still counting votes and the last time I checked the Bernie has gained and there is less than 10% between them. He has flipped many counties.  Over a million more votes to count....



    Election Justice USA Files Lawsuit to Stop the Certification of California’s Primary Results
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - June 29th, 2016: In the state of California yesterday, Bill Simpich of Election Justice USA, along with plaintiff Citizens Oversight, under the direction of Ray Lutz, filed a complaint for injunctive and declaratory relief against the state, intended to stop the certification of the June 7, 2016 Presidential primary results. The defendants in the case are Alex Padilla, Secretary of State of the State of California; Michael Vu, San Diego County Registrar of Voters; Helen N. Robbins-Meyer, San Diego County Chief Administrative Officer; and San Diego County, a municipality.
    The filing indicates several issues with the large number of vote-by-mail (VBM) and provisional ballots and cites the Registrar of Voters office’s failure to adhere to the Voter Bill of Rights (Elections Code Section 2300), which protects citizens’ rights to proper observance of all aspects of the voting process, as well as ballot counting procedures.
    The primary cause of action is based on the violation of the right to vote. The intent of the voter was compromised when voters were not given a proper ballot by which to exercise intent. Because of this, high numbers of write-in and provisional ballots have been removed from the counting process.
    The suit seeks to stop the certification of the results. The election code states that a 1% manual tally must be performed in two parts: one including 1% of all ballots cast at precincts (including provisional ballots and ballots removed) and one including 1% of all VBM ballots cast (including the VBM ballots already processed as well as those still in the queue to be processed). The filing states the registrar’s refusal to allow observance over the ballot handling process was widespread and seeks relief until these deficiencies are fully addressed.


    Leaked document shows the DNC wanted Clinton from start

    A document leaked by a hacker who took responsibility for the Democratic National Committee data breach appears to show the DNC coordinating with Hillary Clinton from the start of the presidential campaign — just as Bernie Sanders has claimed.

    A document leaked by a hacker who took responsibility for the Democratic National Committee data breach appears to show the DNC coordinating with Hillary Clinton from the start of the presidential campaign — just as Bernie Sanders has claimed.




    On March 1st, “Super Tuesday” in the Massachusetts Democratic primary election, William Jefferson Clinton, hereafter referred to as Bill Clinton, did disenfranchise a large group of voters by diluting their votes through illegal campaign activity in and near polling stations.  This disenfranchisement was deliberate, carefully crafted, and effective. As a result of the illegal activity, a critical battleground state at a critical juncture in the primary season may have gone to Hillary Clinton rather than to Bernie Sanders.   Bill Clinton’s illegal activity throughout the day was neither trivial nor inconsequential.  It significantly diluted the votes of people who in good faith voted for Bernie Sanders.  


    6.   On March 1st, 2016, in violation of the law, President Bill Clinton did enter within 150 feet of numerous polling stations in the Massachusetts cities of Boston and Newton, in numerous and extended high-impact visibility stops for the campaign of Hillary Clinton, Democratic presidential candidate for president of the United States.  Photographic evidence of Clinton  inside polling stations during voting hours appeared  in local newspapers and on the Internet in real time. 

    7.   Once inside polling stations, with no other business there, photographic and video evidence show Bill Clinton smiling, shaking hands, greeting people, having photographs taken with people, and otherwise generating goodwill for the candidacy of  his wife Hillary Clinton.   

    8.    At one point during the day, video shows Clinton apologizing to an audience that he was so hoarse from  campaigning that he had lost his voice. 

    9.   Campaigning within 150 feet of a polling station is illegal in the state of Massachusetts, following laws governing electioneering near polling stations which are well-known and in effect in all 50 states of the United States.  

    10.   In Newton and West Roxbury, Bill Clinton entered not only within the 150 foot perimeter outside the polling stations, but actually walked inside the polling stations and proceeded to meet and shake hands with election workers and  other people.  

    11.   The Massachusetts primary election on that day was a critical turning point in the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination.  

    12.   As the voting day progressed, the two candidates were reported to be “neck and neck” by the media, with Sanders at one point pulling ahead.  Sanders had closed in on Clinton quickly in recent prior polls, and overtook her in a February 17th poll by 7 points.   

    13.   A February 28, 2016 Suffolk University poll showed a full 8% of likely Democratic primary voters to be undecided just two days before the primary, for a total of roughly 100,000 votes. 
    14. Bill Clinton also made campaign stops in other cities and towns, clearly saying, in one city through a bullhorn, “I especially want to thank those of you who came out to support Hillary.” Video of this is available.  Throughout the day, Bill Clinton was in campaign mode for his wife, as his motorcade, security detail, and large entourage occasionally reportedly blocked people from voting at the times they had set aside to do so, due to his large security presence and security requirements.  

    15. By the end of the day Hillary Clinton had eked out a narrow victory by 1.4%, which represented about 16,800 votes.

    14. The narrow victory in this closely watched race, deemed “critical” for each candidate, bolstered the Clinton candidacy in future primaries, making this a live and active issue to the present day.   



    This was a flagrant abuse of democracy.  This alone should should disqualify Hillary Clinton from being president. The president is suppose to PROTECT  the Constitution, not drag it through the mud.

    God help us.


    The leaked document is from May 2015. Bernie announced his candidacy in April 2015. Hillary and Jeb Bush were the presumed front runners according to the NYT in January 2015

    The DNC was aware of the baggage associated with Hillary and supplied a detailed response package. I would guess the RNC had a package on Jeb. There was no detailed response to Bernie because Bernie wasn't considered a factor. The fact that there was nothing targeting Bernie suggests the DNC felt Hillary was the candidate. With no one else on the horizon, they prepared for GOP attacks against Hillary.


    He announced intention April 30 - he officially launched May 26.

    I'm sorry it tok him 4 weeks to make ig official, but the DNC shouldn't just sit on its hands to see if a long-shot can compete.

    NO. He held is first rally in May. It was official before the that.

    It's on his fucking web site - how many layers of conspiracy do we have to go through?


    1. Join the Class Action Suit Against DNC
    2. Send Declaration to Superdelegates
    3. Donate to National Bernie Delegates & Make Sure They Are There For
    4. Get Yourself To Philly. Bernie needs as many of us there as possible. Obviously the national delegates are CRUCIAL and the more of us the better. The Sanders CLAN needs to OWN Philly. *If you can, get some non violent protest training before you go, hook up with organizations that are planning events to offer your support and create a support system for yourself.*

    #NeverHIllary #NeverTrump #NeverQuit

    Sync, I was disappointed to see Bernie lose the primary, but these fraud allegations are nonsense. Promoting them does not advance the cause or put pressure on the Democratic Party; it just makes it easier for people to marginalize Bernie's supporters by dismissing them as cranks.

    You seriously have be to listening to corporate media and NOT paying attention to pretend EXTREME Election Fraud and Voter Suppression has not been a part of this primary... and that comes after the FRAUD that is the collusion of the DNC, Hillary, The Establishment Dems and the Corporate Media to make 'her' the winner of the democratic primary contest which actualy IS FRAUD. 

    If you run a lottery, or a pageant and you rig it for a particular winner IT IS FRAUD!

    This is NOT just about Bernie. This is about Alternatives that are terrible for the people. Alterntatives that will both serve the Oligarchy & Status QUO which we simply cannot afford.  Did you know the IMF just send a warning to the U.S. because of it's high levels of poverty?!

    I assure you, I am no conspiracy theorist.  I have been involved in this campaign since last June. I am talking realistically but you won't know from Corporate Media because they truly have run a fairly strong Bernie Blackout.  This is about the future of our country, this is about Hilary who is frankly one of the worst candidates the democratic party has run for for nomination in my view.  The number of Bernie supporters that will not vote for her is much higher than corporate media will tell you about.  We have been telling everyone from the start, Hillary is NOT an option for us... they just keep trying to force her on the public. WE will not stop fighting. 

    I suggest people stop pretending this is about Bernie and wake up to the reality that this is about the FRAUD and our very broken political system which already does NOT represent The People.

    You're exactly right, Sync. Except, if she gets the nomination I will hold my nose and vote for her, because not voting Democratic is as silly as saying, "If you don't give me what I want I'm going to poke my eye out."  That wouldn't hurt Hillary at all, but I'll be running around with one eye for the rest of my life.  But that said, I'm going to do everything in my power to keep her from getting the nomination.


    I disagree. Voting for the status quo which is corporation owners and billionaires RULING our government and our elected officials representing US NEAR ZERO % of the time is like Poking your eyes out!!!


    You seem truly lacking in understanding how campaigns and parties work. Politicians for hundreds of years line up support with party leaders, rank-and-file, specific interests (labor, education, Wall Street, seniors and the youth vote...), sponsors/donors, and the public at large. 

    Lining up the support of a Teddy Kennedy (as Obama did) can be like gold for a campaign, especially going into key early contests like New Hampshire and Iowa. Bernie knows this as he pitched himself to various labor groups the NNU Nurses and a few more. Oprah also proved a brilliant pseduo-"establishment" advocate for Obama - shame Bernie only got Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Once we pass the Convention, the party then turns all those resources against the other team. That again is not FRAUD, just as 30 minutes in a football halftime, 4 downs to a possession is not FRAUD. It's called the rulebook.

    And if Hillary is truly in collusion with mainstream media, explain this:


    It´s easy to sympathize with your unhappiness.  Less so with the possibility that you might inflict Trump  on the rest of us.  I can understand why right now you might intend to  sit out the election because you can ´t  bring yourself to vote for Hillary. Take a break and think about this next month.

    The FRAUD that is trying to FORCE HIllary on us as a nominee is responsible for ANY chance that Trump could be elected NOT Bernie Sanders Voters.  THIS IS NOT A PRIMARY AS USUAL.. unitl  you understand what has really happened, you don't really understand anything.

    unitl  you understand what has really happened (sic)


    So what has really happened?  Post evidence, not assertions.


    Numbers, for a start.  Proof.  You know, something that substantiates the groundless accusations you (and Wattree) are making, each in your own way.


    The proverbial "smoking gun", if you will.


    Barring that, I have one other piece of advice for you, which I'll reserve until your likely response.

    And sync, can you stop with the big as fuck hysterical caps? I know space aliens are coming, but get a grip. FRAUD, DEATH OF DEMOCRACY, EVIL EMPIRE, THE WITCH!!!

    And BREXIT! now, it appears no

    It´s easy to sympathize with your unhappiness.

    What she has been posting recently is not an indication of unhappiness.  Nor does it signify acute disappointment, sadness or general anger at being a heartfelt supporter of a maligned candidate who ultimately lost.  Her words are not of those who are honestly apprehensive about a Clinton presidency and genuinely believe that Sanders would be a better choice for the country.  No, Flavius, Synch expresses none of the emotions one might expect - and most of us have been there a time or two ourselves.  So no, I don't sympathize.  I can't.  I don't and can't because what she's expressing is dangerous, slanderous vitriol that should be decried by reasonable people on both sides of the debate.    


    Sorry but it is very real what is going on.


    American elections ranked worst among Western democracies. Here’s why.


    This is just one state toward the end of this messed up primary and it has been going on across the country.... I am sorry that you think this is hysteria and conspiracy theory crap because it's not.  I wish it was frankly because what we have learned during this primary, is that right now oligarchy has almost complete control of our country...  I can't make you see what you don't want to see... I have compassion for you because I get why no one would want to know how bad things really are.

    The corruption, election fraud, and voter suppression has been EXTREME and as I have mentioned before many of us quit watching corporate media because they were blacking out Bernie Sanders and complicit in the fraud taking place in the way they chose not to cover what was really going on.  THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING.. and if you were me You would be using CAPS and SCREAMING WAKE THE F*** UP!

    You seem to miss the point that we're all fighting against an oligarchy.  You won't believe Hillary is on our side, so I won't waste our time going over it again.  You miss a lot by banning the "corporate media" from your view and relying instead on blogs and websites supporting your own biases. 

    It can't be as black and white as you portray this election season.  There has to be more to it.  Hillary won the primaries.  Bernie had little chance from the start.  He insured his loss by attacking the very party he chose to run with, but he got his message out, which is what he was always going for in the first place.

    Now he's doing what he always said he would do:  He's shifting toward working with the Democrats to stop the Republicans from winning.  That's our goal.  I would hope it's yours, too.

    It is very clear what hardcore Sanders supporters plan for Philadelphia. The DNC platform committee does not agree to enough of their demands, the hardcore Sanders supporters will protest. There are some training for peaceful resistance. If the DNC agrees to all of the Sanders supporters platform demands, there will be protests. The protests will occur because Hillary is the nominee and hardcore Sanders supporters will say that she cannot be trusted. No matter what the DNC does, there will be protests. Hillary will choose another DNC chair as Presidential nominees do, DWS will leave her post. Despite the change in DNC chair, there will be protests. 

    Chris Murphy and John Lewis will be showcased for their actions in Congress. Elizabeth Warren will speak. Sanders supporters will protest. We may get to hear Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, and Cornel West talk about their uncompromising positions. The country will realize that these non-compromising zealots are no differ than Paul Ryan and the non-compromising zealots on the Right. Because non-compromising folks are protesting Hillary from the Left and the Right, she will look like the rational person running for President given that her opponent is Donald Trump.

    The bottom line is that the hardcore Sanders supporters will disrupt the Democratic convention.


    In California on Election Day, Clinton led Sanders 56.8-43.2% in machine-counted mail-in ballots. Sanders leads in hand-counted mail-ins by 51.1-48.9% (391,012-374,839 votes).

    As usual, votes were flipped on maliciously-coded voting machines and central tabulators. Nearly 15% of Sanders’ votes were flipped to Clinton.

    Sanders hand-counted share exceeded his machine-counted share in EVERY county. The probability of this occurrence is absolute ZERO.

    Your smoking gun has no bullets. California has up to 39 days post election to finish its tally. This happens each election. The result are reported publicly. The results as of about 7:30 pm yesterday are in the link. Can I sell you some beachfront property in the Gobi desert?

    You said Corporate Media was in collusion with Hillary - how can MSNBC put out such negative "news" then? or is there another Corporate Media I'm missing?


    Strange, the premature announcement hurt Hillary, denying her a victory moment, but you make it sound like she arranged it. World's most evil conniving woman...

    Whatever your politics, even if you’re an avid nonvoter, the mainstream media’s and establishment’s utter lack of ethics during this entire electoral process should be a red warning banner. When the military-industrial machine, the Big Banks, Big Pharma, for-profit prisons, and countless other unsavory entities openly support one candidate, they will stop at nothing to ensure that person ultimately wins the White House.


    "We are worse than a Third World country. I believe in election and this is unacceptable. It should be unacceptable to every single American.  We have proof from charts for mathematicians that can show you elections are being stolen," Gracian said.

    All Across The Country Voters Found Their Voter Registrations Mysteriously Altered or Unusually Purged.

    I had first hand experience of asking people associated with me to check their registration and while online together a couple of them found this had happened to them.  One was in CA and their registration had been D and they had NEVER been an R.  They had time to fix this on the date I asked them to check.  The person in NY, a lifelong Dem that lived in the same house for over 10 years and had not missed voting... found his registration purged from the NY voter rolls.  When he contacted the board of elections they said records show that they showed he had moved... he had not... This was me just asking late at night one night for people I was chatting with to check their voter registrations. Afterwards I discovered this also happened to someone I know in FL.  In CA on election day many new voters were not found on the rolls though they should have been and were forced on to provisional ballots. Many voters reported finding their registration changed on election today to 'mail in' when they had never switched to mail in and were forced on to provisional ballots.  This type of thing has been happening consistently throughout this election.  Where do we not have as much of this... in caucus states where the counts are physical but we still have irregularities there as we experienced in the caucus in WY.


    Keep this up, Sync its fun to watch the Clintonists squirm and try to defend the indefensible. The latest news about Clinton is about her official calendar at State having huge holes in its transparency and historical record about who she was colluding with during her tenure there. Luckily the complete records were available from her underlings email records. Of course this isn't illegal but it shows a determined attempt on her part to alter her public history and delete anything that might reflect on her crooked behavior.

    While keeping up this important exposure about the democrats you and other Sanders supporters should prepare to be very disappointed by his capitulation to the Red Queen which was always coming and his statement today about voting for HRC is just reinforces that fact. He is still trying to shepherd his flock to the Party but i hope to see some real anger directed at him at the DNC when he tries to sell revolution from within the veal pens.

    Synch has some trouble answering for herself as well.  When Ramona and I asked her to tell what fraud she personally had witness, because she said she had seen it with her "very own eyes," she did not/could not respond.  Her "proof" of fraud in California is from some mathematician who says the results were unlikely.  Right up there with the 1 or 2 scientists who swear global warming is a hoax.

    I won't go on because I'm actually concerned about her and I don't want to make matters worse.  

    Wattree, however, seems to think that if you post the same trivial verbiage numerous times it will start to look serious.  I pass when I see it here.  Too predictable to be worth my time. 

    The hardcore Sanders supporters are in a bubble. They have no clue about politics and coalitions. They can only communicate with others in the bubble. Sanders has nothing to show for decades in Congress. He caught lightning in a bottle this year and can't let go. Sanders is all about Sanders. He won't drop out because he personally wants something. Fighting for the platform is meaningless because no political party adheres to their platform. Sanders wants something for Sanders. 

    During his interview with Chris Cuomo, Sanders did gleefully admit that he wants a position in the Clinton administration. Sanders wants his ego stroked.

    Sanders did gleefully admit that he wants a position in the Clinton administration. Sanders wants his ego stroked.

    That, and also to change the Primary rules for a party for which he has nothing but antipathy.  But yeah, just what President Hillary Clinton will need.  A Judas in her administration, who BTW has a very weak resume as far as accomplishments are concerned.

    Obama beat Romney (popular vote) approximately 66,000,000 to 61,000,000.  I wonder if Bernie thinks that, in order to give the 61,000,000 who did not vote for him, Obama should have given Romney a seat at the table to set policy and also to change Democratic Party rules?

    If not, why not?

    I don't think there is any danger of eliminating closed Primaries (in fact, I hope they eliminate open ones), but the fact that Bernie thinks he should even have a say in it is laughable.  I just heard him on CNN saying,  "We are working with them," meaning the Democratic Party.

    That says it all, in case someone might have missed it.

    Argh! Th 61 million who voted for Romney could hardly be said to have lost any representation in our government and so Obama certainly did not need to hand off any additional power to them. Even as much as I disagree with the Republicans I would not try to convince anybody that by losing that election those 61 million had legitimately lost the right to any representation at all. Sanders and/or his ideas have gained a lot of traction within the Democratic Party. They have earned a spot at the Democratic Party table. 

     The policy direction Sanders was pushing was in the direction favored by the left/progressive side of the Democratic Party and that is the center of his support. Everyone in the Democratic Party [yeah, yeah I know Bernie is not a registered Democrat but I also remember how thrilled people on the left, including most if not all presently here, were when he won his Senatorial election and said he would caucus with the Democrats] who believes in a left/progressive direction for our government deserves some respect and representation from the leadership of that Party unless those leaders have an honesty attack and renounce a left/progressive philosophy of government.  

     I also don't think there is a danger of eliminating closed primaries but they should be eliminated in any election funded by tax dollars.  Same with the superdelegates. Unelected party insiders should not have a thirty percent nominating power that can be lined up behind closed doors in favor of one candidate before any others are even known to the voting public.  What is the legitimate process for getting a superdelegate slot that has not been grievously violated in at least some cases. What is the legitimate reason to allow an insider candidate a thirty percent head start while that candidate has not yet officially even announced but is instead out using their insider-ness to earn big bucks which I believe any intellectually honest person knows were paid with an expectation of gaining a profitable return even if they can convince themselves that in this case the money will not succeed in buying wrongful influence.

     Here is my recommended video for this morning.  I am gone until this evening, maybe longer, so will come back when I can to take my licks. 


    How stupid is it to have Republicans or rightest independents voting in a Democratic primary or vice versa? It's pretty easy to say that party elections are good for democracy and they should be funded by state money if serious enough. And of course there are other issues on the ballot besides candidate. How strange for a socialist to want the state to pay for everything except elections.  What is the goal here? Oh, Bernie had trouble getting votes so we'll change our system to make it easier for him? Maybe he needs a pillow.

    /shrug, whatever. You think we're squirming. I think sync and wattree are out in Alex Jones infowars conspiracy land. I'm not worried because I doubt that most Sanders supporters are that crazy. Sanders big speech after his meeting with Hillary was streamed live and watched by 200,000 of his supporters. A good cat video gets more hits than that. That's a good indication of the level of Sanders support after he lost.

    Bernie's speech after he kissed the ring was delivered in a studio because he would have been booed by his own supporters if they were there.

    The charges being brought against the Democrats and their pet media may be valid but these Sanders supporters don't realize this is how they roll and always have rolled. It probably wasn't necessary for them to use republican style voter purges but they weren't taking any chances and many true believers see this behavior as acceptable even admirable because winning is the priority, all else is just part of the game.

    I think you're making a common mistake about Sanders voters. Most will have no trouble switching their vote to Hillary. Just as most of Hillary supporters easily moved to Obama in 08. He might have been booed by supporters like sync but not by the majority of his supporters. Most are sane, pragmatic, and unmoved by conspiracy theories. I'm not squirming and I'm not worried by sync's and wattree's rants.

    The most common voter suppression technique was caucuses. And they benefited Sanders. I wouldn't have supported changing them in the middle of the primary but I've always been against them. As for open primaries I'm against them. Nothing to do with Sanders, I've always been against them too, long before this election.

    Corruption Conviction of Clinton Crony Foreshadows Hillary Legal Struggles
    Hillary Clinton superdelegate and longtime Democratic Congressman Chaka Fattah was convicted of 22 counts of corruption charges. After serving 11 terms in Congress, Fattah is now out on bail after an indictment was filed in July 2015 against him and four associates. Despite the conviction, Fattah is set to serve the remainder of his term in Congress until January 2017. He faces sentencing in October, and could potentially serve the rest of his life in prison.
    Fattah formally endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in February, shortly before losing his primary bid for re-election in April. He has been a Clinton loyalist for decades, standing by the Clintons amid the Monica Lewinsky scandal in the 1990s, and even helping Bill Clinton coordinate DNC fundraising trips to Philadelphia shortly after he admitted to perjury. “He can be a public servant without being perfect,” Fattah told in 1998.
    Fattah isn’t the first Clinton superdelegate to be convicted under corruption charges. Former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who was convicted of corruption in November 2015, had close ties to Hillary Clinton while she served as senator of New York. In 2008, Clinton called Silver, who played an important role in convincing Clinton to run for Senate in New York after Bill Clinton’s presidency ended, “a stalwart voice on behalf of the needs of New Yorkers.”
    Silver formally resigned from serving as a superdelegate in March 2016, and Congressman Fattah should do the same. Both Fattah and Silver still maintain their innocence, a tactic perfected by Hillary Clinton over the years—to constantly deny wrongdoing despite the overwhelming evidence suggesting otherwise.
    A number of Clinton’s close associates have been exposed for corruption. Several weeks ago, it was revealed that Clinton’s 2008 campaign manager, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, is currently under federal investigation over questionable contributions to his 2013 campaign for governor—including $120,000 from a wealthy Chinese businessman McAuliffe introduced to Hillary Clinton at a fundraiser in her home. Clinton’s 2008 campaign co-chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, has also been informally removed from her position as DNC chair, and faces losing her seat in Congress to primary challenger Tim Canova after the backlash that erupted over Wasserman Schultz’s overt favoritism for Clinton throughout the 2016 Democratic primaries.
    Hillary Clinton herself will be subject to some form of indictment or conviction in the near future, regardless of whether she manages to become president. The State Department inspector general reported in May 2016 that Clinton never had authorization to use a private email server during her service as secretary of state, debunking the defense she and her supporters have been using for over a year to dismiss the issue.
    The Clinton Foundation has also been linked to several cases of fraudulent activity. Clinton appointed Rajiv Fernando, a prominent Clinton Foundation donor, to an intelligence advisory board with the State Department despite the fact that Fernando had no experience or background qualifying him for the role. An IBTimes investigation in 2015 uncovered millions of dollars in donations given to the Clinton Foundation by foreign government dictatorships in exchange for favors from Clinton’s State Department.


    Voters Turned Away As Boulder County Democrats Overwhelm Caucus

    Except they knew they would have a high turnout and this is Boulder we are talking about.... all over the country things were done to make it harder for people to vote in the democratic primary.

    We planned very well... but could do nothing about thousands of people being turned away with no remedy to count their votes... and at a caucus...  The dem party decided to use supersites which mean all or many precincts voted in one location.

    Synch, Reading your links makes me pretty sure that you don't bother to read them yourself, because they disprove the baloney that you on tinge to spout.  Seriously.  You are not making any sense.


    So all over the country WE have been having to fight for our rights with the Establishment.

    AND I also post this because when Hillary delegate hit a Bernie delegate several times... nothing was doine about it... and I am guessing you didn't see it plastered across corporate media the way the establishment dems manufactured 'fake' stories of violence in NV. 

    The corporate media bias against Bernie all of us railing against the establishment IS EXTREME!

    Democracy Spring had a record number of arrests at the capitol as they protested money in politics and several stars got arrested but most of the corporate media did not cover it AT ALL!

    Bernie broke all kinds of records with crowds and donations and studies have shown they covered him AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE...

    New York Democrats Anoint Cuomo As Chair As Clinton Delegate Strikes Sanders Delegate With Cane

    The Title is right.  I don't believe this nonspecific paranoid ranting.  Seriously.  Meditation is very helpful.  I honestly think you would benefit from it.

    That video was made 2 weeks ago.

    In the video he says 'every day that goes by that this fraud is not uncovered is a crime'. It's been 20 days and no lawsuit. 20 'crimes' by the Professor?

    Fitrakis has rushed out a short 100+ page book on this specific 'fraud' subject for sale at Amazon.

    As I said before on Professor Fitrakis, books make money, lawsuits cost money.

    Bernie Sanders said that the primary was not rigged. Those are his words.

    Transcript from "Face the Nation"

    Sanders was upset that the primaries weren't open. He did not think the process was rigged

    “What has upset me, and what I think is – I wouldn’t use the word rigged, because we knew what the words were – but what is really dumb is that you have closed primaries, like in New York state, where three million people who are Democrats or Republicans could not participate, where you have situation where over 400 superdelegates came on board Clinton’s campaign before anybody else was in the race, eight months before the first vote was cast.

    “That’s not rigged. I think it’s just a dumb process which has certainly disadvantaged our campaign.”


    Justice Served – Saving Democracy from Election Fraud in 2016 home page you tube channel
    [email protected]

    2016 Election Fraud & Voter Suppression Lawsuit for The People
    "The People" of America have come to realize that ELECTION FRAUD & VOTER SUPPRESSION has, in fact, occurred in nearly every state across our country, to the detriment of Bernie Sanders and his supporters.
    If you have been affected by such criminal activity, your testimony is very valuable to our lawsuit. We are currently gathering the evidence which will be presented before the Democratic National Convention proving Bernie Sanders has, in fact, received the number of votes required to irrefutably be awarded the Democratic Nomination (without the need for Super Delegates' votes).



    Seems applicable for this thread.

    The primary wasn't rigged

    I am concerned about the frequency and nature of your posts. I am going to break of communication for now.

    Take a deep breath.

    I agree.  It has become pathological, and I think responding with objective information just feeds into it.  I'm out too.

    The corporate media has been driving propaganda, not truth about Bernie Sanders during this primary as soon as it became apparent that he was gaining support last summer.  And to be honest most of us don't trust Hilary to follow through with anything she might 'say' she will do... so 'unity' is unlikely for about 70% of Bernie supporters... We are looking at How We Can End UP with a president that will fight for The People next year from where we are now i.e. not HIllary OR Trump... considering how bad both of these candidates are, We HAVE TO TRY.







    Okay. This morning is the first moment I have had to get REALLY, TRULY ENRAGED About Hilary Clinton being the first woman aimed at the white house(like a nuke that needs to be stopped) because instead of being able to be excited about it, I Have To Fight Her Tooth And Nail Because She IS A Criminal, Grifter, Psychopath!

    &%!!*#&^[email protected]&##@ Hilary!

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." -

    It is clear to me that what it takes for a small group of powerful, insane people to defeat hundreds of millions is to deceive them and keep them divided, distracted, and just comfortable enough that they won't join together and unify with enough force/power to stop them.


    Trump as distraction must be the reason corporate media owners gave the BILLIONAIRE 24/7 WALL TO WALL NON STOP COVERAGE AND "WATCHED AS HE WON THE NOMINATION"

    It was intended... not an accident... just as much as HIllary has been INSTALLED and NOT ELECTED! 

     ‪#‎SandersCLAN‬‪#‎NeverHillary‬ ‪#‎NeverTrump‬ ‪#‎NeverQuit‬ 

    "Never Lose Your Sense Of Outrage' -Bernie Sanders   


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