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Trump's Test Plan Epic Nothingburger

The Trump  'plan', summary from the pdf:

"Federal Government

• Publish guidelines for Opening Up America Again ...

State, Local, and Tribal Governments

• Develop testing plans  ..."

The Liar Tweets Tonight

In the White House, the Mighty White House, the Liar Tweets Tonight,



Trump COVID 19 Timeline, Updated

1/6 - Chinese first describe the new virus.

1/8 -CDC issues warning on virus, Intelligence community waving "red flags" as it "did before 9/11"

1/14 - Trump has campaign rally, New Hampshire.

Mr. President, What is the Plan?

Jake Tapper to Trump: This crisis requires a plan. Do you have one?


Katrina General Honoré: Condemns Trump Administration Disaster Response

Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, on Jared Kushner: "I don't believe he knows what the hell he is talking about."

Commander of Joint Task Force Katrina: it's time for FEMA to hand some of this mission off to the DOD.



Warren's Plan for Boeing, Wall Street Bailouts

Warren in the last 48 hours, on stopping 'gaming of the debt and taxpayer bailout system' by the wealthy shareholders and executives of big corporations. Saw this on Twitter, cannot find it on major news site.

Seems to be ignored by major media. This from Reddit:

Here are Warren's eight conditions:

Coronaviruses: No Vaccines, Herd Immunity Very Unlikely

This current highly communicable coronavirus, COVID-19, like other coronaviruses (15% of 'common colds") does not create lifetime immunity like measles virus.

How long immunity lasts for this coronavirus is not known, but it is probably less than a year. See Fauci below, on the need for a seasonal vaccine for multiple coronaviruses. There is not now a vaccine for any of the many types of cornoaviruses. One additional problem for vaccines, is the immune response to the virus itself can be the major cause of damage to the lungs.

Pandemic: Pence to Censor Health Officials Speech

Trump has ordered Pence to control, filter and spin all virus information and statements by government health officials, to protect Donald Trump's re-election. Keeping American citizens in the dark is the Soviet system, authoritarian solution.

This is not the Onion, but front page NYT:

Pence Will Control All Coronavirus Messaging From Health Officials

The Ministry of Togetherness

Citizens who have dutifully uploaded their images to Facebook or other sites for use by the Party have shown their loyalty to Big Brother. We must seek to uncover those whose faces are not in the database. We must find them out, and send their pictures to the Ministry of Togetherness, what we once knew as Facebook. 

Iran Warned Over Drop in Trump Polls

NYT today:

WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Iran on Sunday that the United States could attack the country within its borders if leaders there take hostile actions against the President's interests in the aftermath of the drone strike that killed a top general.



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