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Bernie in Kansas: Trump an Immoral Lying Coward

Unite for America Rally, Wichita, Kansas, July 20, 2018.  Bernie: “We must have gotten off at the wrong stop because people told me Kansas was a Republican state,” Sanders thundered. “It doesn't look like it.”

Sanders and Democratic rising star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came to Wichita to rally on behalf of James Thompson, running for Kansas’ 4th Congressional District seat. The crowd nearly filled the 5,000-capacity hall at the Century II Convention and Performing Arts Center.

GOP: Brings Spanish Inquisition to Arizona Pharmacies

NPR: When 35-year-old Nicole Arteaga walked into a Walgreens in Peoria, Ariz., last Wednesday, she was nine weeks pregnant. But, she says, her doctor had told her that her baby's development had stopped.....Arteaga says the doctor gave her two options: a surgical procedure or a prescription medication, misoprostol. Misoprostol is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for what is called a medical abortion....

President Trump: Adds 2 Aircraft Carriers to USN Chesapeake Bay Fleet

July 4, 2021 - President Trump will add two new Gerald Ford Class nuclear aircraft carriers to the Chesapeake Bay Fleet, the premier eastern Navy group which replaced the Atlantic Fleet. CINCLantFleet, the Atlantic Fleet, was mothballed after the demise of NATO in 2019. The Chesapeake Bay fleet, in Navy parlance, CINCPeakeFleet, has 5 nuclear carriers and 165 other warships which patrol the Chesapeake Bay between Virginia and Maryland. Occasional operations in the Atlantic seaboard are carried out in conjunction, and with the approval, of the Russian Navy.  President Putin asked for that gesture, and said he considers use of the CINCPeakeFleet resources beyond 10 miles from the US shore to be a serious and unnecessary provocation. An annual Fleet regatta within that 10 miles occurs off the coast of Florida at the President's resort at Mar-a-Lago every year on June 14, the President's birthday.

Trump on Reporters, Hate Them, Wouldn't Kill Them

On the Campaign Trail, Grand Rapids Michigan



Kim's Critical First Minute Opening Line

Trump: I'll know 'within the first minute' if North Korea is serious at summit meeting.

I saw and envied your inauguration crowds, they were so huge, they were so much bigger than Obama's!

I want you to denuclearize us, because of the wise teaching of you by your uncle from MIT you are smarter than so called experts!

Dotard actually means great genius emperor in ancient Korean!

Last Dreamer Dies, Dream of Legalization Unrealized

July 4, 2115 - Geraldine Lopez, the last known so-called Dreamer, died of natural causes at age 108 in Virginia. She was the last of the so-called Dreamers, who signed up in a program set up by Barack Obama, President from 2009-2016. The program was intended to create a path to citizenship for children brought to the United States illegally by their parents, and who grew up in the US knowing no other country. Over the decades it has remained in effect due to a mutiplicity of court cases, decisions, edicts and appeals, but just for those who were in up to 2018. Republicans have used the issue over and over in campaigns, to motivate their dwindling, mostly white rural, base to show up at the polls. Over many, many campaigns, Republicans have cast the aging, and over recent decades diminishing in numbers, Dreamers as everything from dangerous terrorists to lazy moochers.  Most notably, Republicans cast Dreamers, who were never eligible for federal programs, as "abusing freeloaders", and the reason the Republicans, who controlled Congress and the Presidency those years, claimed they "had no choice" but to "reluctantly" end Medicaid and Medicare in 2038, and Social Security in 2040. 

Gun Massacres: Why the Republican Party Doesn't Act

Nicholas Kristof yesterday had a roughly 3000 word essay with loads of data titled "How to Reduce Shootings". The word "Republican" does not appear at all in it. "NRA" - uh, no mention of it.  "Liberal" appears twice, as in "Frankly, liberal opposition to guns has often been ineffective, and sometimes counterproductive. The 10-year ban on assault weapons accomplished little...." Nick, the careful sincere liberal, being very politically correct, gives reams of data, never mentions Republicans, so as not to upset Republicans, as he just gives them..the GOP....the cold hard facts...!! Don't laugh, please.  There are eight dead students, and two teachers, whose lives have just been ended, and survivors, some gravely wounded, facing years of pain. Kristof means well, but as has been abundantly clear on many issues, facts do not matter to the Republican Party.

Gini Thomas & GOP Trivializing of the Holocaust

Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, shared on her Facebook page a series of posts critical of the survivors of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting, who have become vocal advocates for gun control. Thomas shared a post Monday that included a pile of shoes from people killed during the Holocaust. The post was directed at students who walked out their classrooms last month to protest gun violence.

EPA's Pruitt to Get New Airborne Division For Protection

US Army Forces Command has been ordered by President Trump to form a new Airborne Division of 5,000 to protect his EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

Mr. Pruitt had complained that his 19 full time body guards and 19 armored vehicles dedicated solely to protect him in his dangerous job were inadequate and insufficient for the threat vectors in the Oklahoma-Washington DC environment. He has demanded that in addition to more personnel, he required paratroops with heavy weapons drop capability to safely navigate the Washington DC area where he resides. A C-5 with airdrop capability will be in the air 24/7 over DC when Administrator Pruitt is in the area. Whether munitions will include non-strategic nuclear weapons, and what types of warheads,has not been answered and is considered classified information.


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