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Trump, Stormy Denials Tout Sanctity of Family at DC Rally

The annual March for Life in a biggest ever of all history DC rally was addressed by Trump and porn celebrities today. 

Thrice married Donald Trump touted the sanctity of the family alongside Stormy Denials.

A famous porn star. Trump was adored by the fundamentalist evangelical crowd as a "porn-again Christian", willing to put his money where his mouth or other body parts are.

Trump's Scorned Beggars Gallery

Steve Bannon, Former Trump Chief Strategist, and Editor, Briebart

Did Trump Con the Deplorables...?

Trump Adoration Rally, Nov. 29, 2017, St. Charles, Missouri, President Trump:

Wednesday President Trump repeated his claim that the GOP's efforts to overhaul the nation's tax code will not benefit him personally, saying that his finances would actually take a hit under the proposal.

Trump Fires 42,000 FBI Agents, Threatens Parks in California

President Trump has fired 42,000 FBI agents after tweeting "the FBI is in tatters." He is assigning Kellyanne Conway, recently appointed as Opioid Czar, as Acting FBI director, with the power to temporarily appoint Trump campaign contributors and unemployed alt-right gang members as agents.

Trump has issued an executive order that the main mission of the FBI will be to investigate and imprison Hillary Clinton

Trump's lawyers maintain he has the power to do whatever he wants as he is President and a Republican.  A Republican's only sworn duty is to pass tax cuts for the rich, exploit women seeking control of their bodies, and further loosen gun laws.

Trump's VOICE: Open it to Gun Massacre Victims

The VOICE program serves the needs of Americans harmed by "illegal aliens." It was set up as part of Trump's plan to Make America Great Again. It does not serve victims of mass casualty events perpetrated by citizens.

VP Mike Pence has Lost His Innocence

Vice-President Mike Pence on the tragic deaths revealed today of 8 nursing home residents in a private nursing home in Florida, when the facility exceeded legal temperatures due to the loss of effective air conditioning:


Congressman Mike Pence (R-Indiana) on the family that requested voluntary removal of life support apparatus and subsequent passing of irreversibly brain damaged Terri Shiavo in 2005:

Washington, Apr 1 - 2005:

"I grieve with the Schindler family and millions of Americans at the death of their precious daughter, Terri Schiavo. With her death, America lost not only a precious citizen, America lost its innocence.

"Although Terri Schiavo's life may be over, the debate over the rights of incapacitated Americans is not over. Congress must right this wrong by ensuring that incapacitated Americans may not be deprived of their inalienable right to life without the assurance of the due process of law that our federal courts were established to protect. This will be Terri Schiavo's legacy."

Trump's Dream is The Wall

He needs it. He wants it. He must have it. The Wall. How about take some hostages?

What better ploy could he pull than after giving a kill date for DACA, then, if our government survives the plethora of deadlines on budgeting and debt,  demand the necessity of starting The Wall? Keep more of those hard workng, America loving, ambitious, pesky dreamers out! 

Combined Wall funding DACA legislation?

Trump Hates Harvey

Hurricane Harvey may be "the worst disaster in Texas history". Recovery may last for years due to the trillions of gallons of water that need to drain or be pumped out of Houston, the 4th largest city in America.


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