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Catching up

I am trying to catch up on world events because ... Ukraine and will use this thread to stash some interesting (to me)  things I happen upon. There may be some duplication of things already posted here. Sorry about that but they will be easier for me to find again. I've never mastered navigating here. 



Signs you might be in a cult - and is that a bad thing?

A Tweet Thread by Izabella Kaminska @izakaminska

Cults by and large are naturally occurring phenomena. Like it or not we are all probably in some kind of cult. But to ensure you are not taken advantage of it’s important to know your cult.Image

Kenosha Shooting 2, Kyle Rittenhouse

How a pudgy 17 year-old aspiring cop-to-be's life changed in a few minutes one hot summer night. So what happened? Best play-by-play media report so far of the event:




The Franco-Prussian War, a cautionary tale in 22 tweets


Made me laugh ...

James Lindsay on Joe Rogan's Show

A three-hour conversation. 



Two Ebola victims are scheduled to arrive in Atlanta today at Dobbins AFB. From there they will be transferred across town to Emory Hospital near the CDC. 

That was an unsettling news story to read with my morning coffee. Both sites are less than an hour away. Scenes from The Walking Dead fill my brain as it screams WHY?

Why transport anyone with a contagious, lethal disease with no known cure and very few survivors away from an infected zone to an uninfected one especially considering that past outbreaks were contained by quarantine? What are these people thinking?

A Capella Science - Bohemian Gravity

Because sometimes you just gotta share:


Why wasn't education like this when I was in school?

via Kevin Drum

A Glimmer of Hope?

At first I was not going to open the e-mail I got from my brand new Congressman this morning because I expected it to be the same-old-same-old that I have received in the past from my Congress critters telling me what they think about the latest issues.  What a pleasant surprise it was instead to be asked what I think for a change -- and the choices were not phrased all that leading.  Here they are:


Adam Wheeler Went to Harvard |Jim Newell |The Baffler

On December 23, 2011, the dons of Harvard University finally got to see Adam Wheeler sentenced to a year in prison. Wheeler, a twenty-five-year-old whom they admitted in 2007 on the strength of an academic record he’d fabricated out of thin air, had been caught again—and this was not something a young gentleman does to America’s most highly self-regarded institution of advanced credentialing.

...the rest of the story....


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