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Following artappraiser's example on China, here are some excerpts, links and notes on Russian activity of interest. ...
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Who are you?

In one of his posts yesterday at TAPPED, Matt discussed a sort of generation gap between his and Ed Kilgore's views that he thinks resulted from the series of events that first attracted each to the political arena.  It was a very perceptive, thought-provoking...
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Congratulations to Senator Schumer

Senator Charles Schumer made all the local newscasts in Atlanta tonight. With one soundbite of less than five seconds, he managed to personify the arrogant elitist attitude that is destroying the Democratic Party here and elsewhere.  At a news conference complaining about the...
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Wall Street Wiretaps?

Hearts are fluttering at DKos and Atrios over the news that a Barron's editorial suggests that Bush's "willful disregard of a law" may be grounds for impeachment and should be thoroughly investigated.Good for Barron's.  But their position shouldn't be surprising considering how many high-stakes international financial...
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The West Wing debate

At the beginning of the program, Alan Alda said they should debate like Lincoln.  Why then does this debate sound more like the McLaughlin Group?  Sigh....
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Mutual Fund of America

And why aren't  the results of government funded research treated as valuably as private intellectual property.  We just give the stuff away.   Personally I don't have a problem with that because I think we all benefit greatly from the free flow...
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And the answer is....

The Pew survey has lots of other nuggets that should provide many, many hours of blog discussions beginning with the opening paragraph of the summary:"Both major political parties have a problem with their approach toward religion, in the eyes of...
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The Fair Tax game begins.

This is an FYI post.Guess what book is the second bestseller at  Neal Boortz and John Linder's The Fair Tax, beaten only by the latest Harry Potter.Kind of scary, isn't it.Also today Boortz launched his book tour on Hannity and...


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