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Georgia Young Republicans say talk radio divisive

Yesterday Georgia's Young Republicans passed a formal resolution denouncing leading right-wing talking heads for spreading disunity in the ranks.  Maybe some sanity is returning to the country.  One can only hop. Therefore, be it resolved, this 5th Day of February,...
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Between Soapboxes

An open thread to which I invite you to share what you are reading, thinking, viewing but don't feel like writing a dissertation about.  ...
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Crypto-evangelical code?!?

WTF?  is an uncharacteristically shrill post by Josh over at TPM.WTF, indeed.If Huckabee communicating in the traditional idioms and current themes from his culture is crypto-evangelical code, is Yiddish cryto-Judaic code?  Meshuge.And enough already with the deliberately derogatory dog-whistle analogy.  How would you...
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Mandates: a Rube Goldberg solution

 There is a growing consensus that our healthcare system is broken.  That is wrong.  There is no system.  System implies some sort of order.  What we have is healthcare chaos.  Mandates will expand the chaos and do nothing to improve...
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Hard Times

Like canaries in a coalmine, the poor and near poor suffer the worst effects of an ailing economy. From Associated Press last night: Living paycheck to paycheck gets harder - Yahoo! News “Across the nation, Americans are increasingly unable to...
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Disappearing demographic

Expressed concerns over the future of Social Security by young people(1) and conservative concerns of being overwhelmed by immigrants, legal or otherwise(2) had me pondering what the future will be like for my grandchildren so I went looking for demographics.The disappearance...
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Thank you, Michael Vick?

The revelations of extreme animal cruelty in the recent Michael Vick case have provoked quite a discussion among some young, economic libertarians.  They are trying to square their perceptions of inherent rights for humans versus any that might be due...
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I enjoyed Joseph Heller's novel so much when I first read it that I read it again.  Maybe I should try to find my book so I can reread it because I'm beginning to feel like we are living it.  Doesn't...
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The United States of Myopia

We really have to get better news filters. China and Russia seem to be trying to send us a message.  I wonder if they know we are not getting it.  A couple of weeks ago I followed a link from Google News...
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Scathingly brilliant

Have you ever encountered someone who was so talented in some way that your initial response is to be literally dumbstruck with awe?  That is the way I felt after reading some posts by a young blogger named Julian Sanchez.  He has...


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