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Obamacare is a complex, unjust,expensive,error-prone system

according to both his two remaining supporters.

On March 22 Brad Delong carried a discussion between  Ezekiel Emmanuel (you know whose brother he is) and Harold Pollack. 

Due to general and specific incompetence I've been unable to provide a link but if someone could do me a favor and provide one below as a comment I'd promise to demonstrate my profound gratitude either by blogging every day or just going quietly away. Your choice

Real care

Today's TPM describes a couple whose infant died but take time to remark that due to the ACA  at least they don't have to deal with staggering medical bills. 



Which prompts me to add my comments on the roll out of the ACA . Unlike the media and the Obama haters (thanks Wattree) rather than considering the roll out as a disaster I consider it almost remarkably successful.

This time is different

o In 1936 Hitler hosted the Olympics 

o Later he invaded the Sudetenland  claiming  with some plausibility there was discrimination against ethnic Germans

o The League of Nations had no ability to deter him


o Last month Putin hosted the Olympics



Who's Who


nope by Auden


A shilling life will give you all the facts:

How Father beat him ,how he ran away,

What were the struggles of his youth, what acts

Made him the greatest figure of his day:

Of how he fought, fished, hunted,worked all night,

Though giddy, climbed new mountains; named a sea:

Some of the last researchers even write

Love made him weep his pints like you and me.


With all his honours on, he sighed for one

Who,say astonished critics,lived at home ; 

An inside job

This will be of minimal interest in this  venue so I’ll keep it short.

The laws against “insider trading”  are as unenforceable as prohibition and should suffer the same fate.There’s nothing wrong  per se with an investment advisor learning as much as possible about a target. That’s his job.

She can do it by trying to worm the information from an inside source. Or going to the favorite bar of any insider and just listening .  In fact D&B (I think) used to have a service called Key Reports-perhaps still do- where their investigator did just that.

So it's 40 minutes

So read it, already

I chose a Swedish contralto over a Kenyan American citizen last night so probably I'm echoing a million talking heads. But what else is new?

What  most interested me could be summarized as............

Obama's $10.10 wage proposal was a failure because.....(insert choice)

A. It will only be available to 200,000 (cruelly underpaid )workers says the FT' s   Robin Harding 

B. Obama's DOD budget can't afford the extra billion bucks.  Harding again.

C.John Boehner,in his own words



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