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Free Trade

Definition: Things get made where it's cheapest.

Result. US workers don't make them.

Long term effect: they starve.

Well,the Government won't let that happen, you think.

Just another day at the office

".....I was at home in Newton on the morning of Sunday, March 20,2005, when I received notification that the House would convene later that same day to consider the case of a Florida woman named Terri Schiavo.Fifteen years earlier,she had fallen into a comatose state. Once it became clear  her condition would not improve, her husband asked the hospital to remove her feeding tube. This was in accordance with a wish he said she had expressed to him before she was stricken.

The UK Tory victory has been greeted

here by a very old and very wrong assessment of  Labour's  economic performance. Krugman-of course- and a few others rebut it but it's become the accepted story.


A short hand way to portray what was actually the truth is to look at the deficits- and occasional surpluses- of the two main UK parties.

They're essentially the same.

For example

Labour            Average Deficit          Tories   Average Deficit       

1975-78          (6)Billion    

                                                            1979-87       (9)

UK Vote

Time     Con    Lab    Lib  Scots   UKIP    Other                                                                              


12 40     145       157     6     52        1                         

12 49     154       166     6     53        1

12 55  '   165        174    6     53        1       12

1 10       179        180     6     53       1        12

1 15       191       187      6     54       1        12

So let's do something about it.

When I got to my unit, we were still in tents waiting for the Russians to go back to barracks. Almost the first thing my battery commander told me was, "Truman forced through the integration of the Army. In the long run it'll be good for the country but right now it’s bad for the Army."

But as those integrated units actually went into combat later: in Vietnam or the Middle East, their integrated nature hasn't seemed to seriously degrade their effectiveness. Or at least not to the extent that anyone now advocates un-integrating them.


The Dagblog world has been essentially silent about the Laussane "agreement" and IMHO properly so. To some extent possibly because as always  the devil is in the details. But,perhaps even more,because in this case those of us who hang out here know that the remaining devil(s) may be lurking in the details that we don't know about because they haven't yet been agreed.

Great Scott

I first formed an opinion about Scott Ritter in the early 90s based on some network’s clip  showing him--then a UN arms inspector--arguing with some of his Iraqi contacts.  Poorly... Fitting every part of the role of the Ugly American.

Some years later he spoke at some local hall and I went. In the flesh he was an improvement.

That was the last I thought about him until the Huffington Post last week headlined those  comments of his on Lausanne which I linked to in Caviar anyone? I recommend taking a look at that link. Whichever side you’re on, Ritter raises issues which should be dealt with  although he himself, like me, seems  pro Lausanne. 

Caviar anyone?

One non-argument against "Lausanne":is that we are giving up sanctions and not getting enough in return. Sanctions aren't good in themselves.The opposite is true. To the extent they have any effect at all they're a self inflicted wound..They're a source  at the very least of annoyance to many Iranians and a loss of some export opportunities for us.And even some import opportunities. Caviar anyone?

Thank you John Kerry


How can I be pleased  when I don't know what's in it? Easy.

If there are things that need fixing we can start trying to fix them.As Tom Peters said a million years ago "Do it ,fix it."

You can't fix a deal that hasn't been done.

The right of .... to go someplace

Some  of those involved in the "Process" ,maybe many of them, agree that the two sides reached a point where there was an Israeli offer which Arafat considered accepting. But the"Right of return" stood in the way.

In retrospect those optimists resembled a long ago New Yorker cartoon: two scientists stand in front of a black board covered with equations while one of them points at a spot in the middle and says "here's where a miracle occurs."


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