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The Dagblog world has been essentially silent about the Laussane "agreement" and IMHO properly so. To some extent possibly because as always  the devil is in the details. But,perhaps even more,because in this case those of us who hang out here know that the remaining devil(s) may be lurking in the details that we don't know about because they haven't yet been agreed.

Great Scott

I first formed an opinion about Scott Ritter in the early 90s based on some network’s clip  showing him--then a UN arms inspector--arguing with some of his Iraqi contacts.  Poorly... Fitting every part of the role of the Ugly American.

Some years later he spoke at some local hall and I went. In the flesh he was an improvement.

That was the last I thought about him until the Huffington Post last week headlined those  comments of his on Lausanne which I linked to in Caviar anyone? I recommend taking a look at that link. Whichever side you’re on, Ritter raises issues which should be dealt with  although he himself, like me, seems  pro Lausanne. 

Caviar anyone?

One non-argument against "Lausanne":is that we are giving up sanctions and not getting enough in return. Sanctions aren't good in themselves.The opposite is true. To the extent they have any effect at all they're a self inflicted wound..They're a source  at the very least of annoyance to many Iranians and a loss of some export opportunities for us.And even some import opportunities. Caviar anyone?

Thank you John Kerry


How can I be pleased  when I don't know what's in it? Easy.

If there are things that need fixing we can start trying to fix them.As Tom Peters said a million years ago "Do it ,fix it."

You can't fix a deal that hasn't been done.

The right of .... to go someplace

Some  of those involved in the "Process" ,maybe many of them, agree that the two sides reached a point where there was an Israeli offer which Arafat considered accepting. But the"Right of return" stood in the way.

In retrospect those optimists resembled a long ago New Yorker cartoon: two scientists stand in front of a black board covered with equations while one of them points at a spot in the middle and says "here's where a miracle occurs."

Take me out to the (fixed)ball game

Imagine a world series which was fixed. Not by the players  ("say it ain't so, Joe") but- much more efficiently-  by the umpires.

Which is what was happening in the run up to the Financial Crisis.

That's the conclusion to be drawn from the $1.5 Billion Standard& Poor's settlement.

OK,guys let's put the turkey on the table

Everything that we've written here about Ferguson missed the point. Including my "contributions"  of course. In fact them especially...A million years ago,or to be more precise,  yesterday, Erica and I had an exchange about whether  Wilson shot at Brown  while he was going away, or only after Brown turned and started back.

Somehow I'm reminded of a comment by the ceo of my company about a suggestion of mine " Who the hell cares about (what I'd just recommended).?"

There's at least one thing Ferguson,Cleveland and Staten Island

have in common.

We're looking at them in the rear view mirror.

Getting convicted for murder through the court system is a very long, carefully choreographed affair.12 citizens are chosen carefully to participate, two teams of smart people who have passed difficult bar exams make the case for and against conviction and then those jurors are sequestered and argue with one another until they reach a conclusion.

Where I disagree about Ferguson

and where I don't

I disagreed with  trashing  Florissant street. That wasn't protesting, it was rioting.

"        "          with a woman on the web today shouting that the police were killing  "our babies" Michael Brown was not a baby.But

I agree that the  police who shot the 12 year old  Tamir Rice in Cleveland were killing a baby. 

I disagree with the criticism of  Darren Wilson for telling Michael Brown to move on to the side walk

I  agree  Wilson should not have shot -and wounded- Brown when he was running away


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