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A War of Choice.Not

The initial response to Obama's announcement of our attack on Isis/Isil was "oh good" . Wars are always popular on their second day of course.

But we're just beginning to get the criticism from the left  , being consistent with its opposition to all wars-fair enough-and we'll soon be hearing from John McCain, seemingly ,his   opposition to all peace.

Since ,wisely, no one asked I'll volunteer a Flavian comment.

Wrong again,me that is

As soon as I finished praising Obama for not trying to  aid the "good guys" in Syria he promised to start.

It's explained as being help to the gg to fight ISIL. Good luck!

Whatever the announced justification  let's hope we do nothing to weaken Assad in combatting ISIL. He isn't decapitating Americans-ISIL is .

Nothing in our experience with Maliki- or anyone else in the Middle East- suggests that we can micro manage the gg . The only thing we can  be sure will happen is that we will spend a lot of money and then the gg will fight someone. Of their own choosing.

The Scots are voting no

NO won. As of 12 15 EDT BBC formally projects a victory for NO and I'm going to bed


As of midnight,EDT  No  is ahead by @140,000 

As of 10 15 EDT the No votes are ahead. Only 3 rural areas have finished counting and all 3 were heavily NO.

This just in

Comhairie nan eilan siar

The names amused me so I started doing this and now I've been sort of caught up

Yes               No

46.58 %           53.42%

10 55 Here comes the yes vote

Dundee votes

53,620              39,850

Obama was right(once again)

ISIS is executing Americans.

Assad is fighting ISIS.

We want ISIS to be defeated so they stop executing Americans.

Any effort Assad diverts to defeating the "good guys" weakens his ability.to defeat ISIS..

And gives it more time to execute Americans.

Our aiding the "good guys"  would have increased his need to divert effort from defeating ISIS 

Therefore it would have been "stupid" for Obama to have accepted the advice from McCain and others to aid the good guys. And Obama doesn't do stupid things.

Coalition of the whom?

How should any  Sunni neighbors be willing to join Obama's Coalition? Particularly since they don't actually have to reject us, just condition their participation on a quid for which we can't come up with the quo. For example our requiring Bibi to make  some reasonable sounding but impossible concession e.g.calling off last weeks announcement of a significant settlement expansion in Gvaot,(Don't hold your breath).

Good enough

Our first child had autism. Which was then a sort of mystery. Or worse because the leading theory was that a child's autism had been caused by its unfeeling mother.

Around 1960 this began changing and one of reasons was the work of a British psychologist who said of course mothers aren't perfect, who is? But mostly they're good enough.

Obamacare is a complex, unjust,expensive,error-prone system

according to both his two remaining supporters.

On March 22 Brad Delong carried a discussion between  Ezekiel Emmanuel (you know whose brother he is) and Harold Pollack. 

Due to general and specific incompetence I've been unable to provide a link but if someone could do me a favor and provide one below as a comment I'd promise to demonstrate my profound gratitude either by blogging every day or just going quietly away. Your choice

Real care

Today's TPM describes a couple whose infant died but take time to remark that due to the ACA  at least they don't have to deal with staggering medical bills. 



Which prompts me to add my comments on the roll out of the ACA . Unlike the media and the Obama haters (thanks Wattree) rather than considering the roll out as a disaster I consider it almost remarkably successful.

This time is different

o In 1936 Hitler hosted the Olympics 

o Later he invaded the Sudetenland  claiming  with some plausibility there was discrimination against ethnic Germans

o The League of Nations had no ability to deter him


o Last month Putin hosted the Olympics




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