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"A plumber come with his tools to do a job ¨

or  as Carlos Quintana  (quondam red sox  first baseman  was  conventionally  alluded to )

¨see ball, hit ball.¨

Go home

There was full justification for tonight 's riots. And they shouldn 't have happened..

We are  partly civilized human beings, most of us  .I certainly don´t include the murderous cop. Heś an ass hole.

But our protection from   the ass holes fully taking over    is refusing to support them.

To the question" should I throw this petrol bomb΅'., the answer is ¨go home.΅


The short unhappy coming ¨Recovery.¨


1. Recovery begins, sort of. During June. In Texas but not everywhere.

2. @ July 1 Pandemic  resumes. In Texas.

3. Labor  Department  circulates draft  reinforcing existing  Health regs on   Industry's obligations

4.Insurance industry intervene 's to side track  3

5. Trump supports 4. 

6.Congress  supports 3

7 Mitch doesn 't

8 Biden  is elected and it becomes our problem. Good.

Means 1, Ends 0,get over it.

Since before Senaca last distracted himself from Philosophical endeavors by noting the recumbent bodies on the way to the water an old reliable philosophical  time
waster has been   whether ,or to what extent ,Ends , justify the Means.

Not among the t-wasters was  Clausewi,tz with his clear  view about God ´s  overwhelming affinity for the ¨big battalions" . Particularly ones  deploying gas.

In the essentially non existent ¨Restoration""debate R =s  more deaths. Of course there will be an unquantifiable

so what happened


When social distancing was recommended  six states announced they wouldn´t participate

and I listed them here.How have they done  since then?


                        April 10                     20th               Today

Nevada              2571                        3800              5695

North Dakota       293                          600               1266

South Dakota      528                         1140               2721

I have heard the mermaids singing each to each,

you know how it goes,

For me it brings to mind  Obie who spent the 20s as a submariner- although he was lucky enough to surface in the 40s commanding a cruiser. But mostly when  I thought  in that direction it was about  stranded subs at the bottom with massive rescue craft  above. With the highest intention  of the officers below permanently assigned for the first sign of  someone deciding to unscrew a  hatch and fix th ings. Forever.

Like Donald.

So , waiter make it

 Donald ‘s final , and last, role of the dice. . Because , sadly ,we  probably  can’ t yet completely stop , while a portion of his ¨base¨ still agrees that  he should be indulged in attempting to ¨ restore”¨the economy”.(Perhaps with  Secretary of Treasury  Jared    moving to   660 Sixth Avenue- cut down his commute.)

What we may be able , and should certainly try to  do, is to make sure it’s final. And  only.

Thereś an answer

Bill Gates wants to try and produce a vacine that is  95%  effective.

That 's good enough 

80% won t work. You can t work if   you'll only have  a 80% of  being on the 5 42. Because tn effect thatś suicide on the installment plan.

90 % would be grand . But not if it will need 60 days. Capitalism wouldn't survive if we have to wait  that long for the next installment. .And we don t know how to survive without  capitalism .Not saying it can t be done. But that we 've haven t  yet done it .

Which ,roughly speaking ,=s it's impossible

States with no physical proximity requirements

                       April 10                      20th

Nevada              2571                        3800

North Dakota       293                          600

South Dakota      528                         1140

Nebraska             635                        1600

Iowa                   1388                         3100

Arkansas            1146                         1900




Trump should suspend our Iran sanctions.

It's not in our interest to be seen to be causing them Coronavirus deaths.

Or put it another way; it's wrong.

His staff are perfectly capable of rearranging the flowers on the present. I won't suggest except to say sooner would be better  . People are dying.

AOBTW. It would be in our interest to do it before the Maximum Leader decides

 to offer 50 or so  diseased  warrior an opportunity to a commodius location in heaven in exchange for

them crossing  our border to have a cup of coffee some place that's open.



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