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That explains it.

A woman, psychologist perhaps, on MSNBC argues Trump's gravest fear is being exposed as being a financial failure.

Someone (maybe her?) argues that at some point, on the brink of a massive bankruptcy, he was saved only by an infusion of Russian cash arranged by you know who.

Which explains reneging on his promise to reveal his tax records. And the collu...meetings at the Trump Tower "to discuss adoptions."

We should deal with Trump/Kim

It's happening and it is immensely important.

I'll open the floor gates and I expect that  after me the sensible people will join in.

My belief is that Trump is actually pretty well qualified for today's meeting.

He made money in a tough league. That's real.  Of course ,exaggerated but for him to exaggerate , there had  to be something for  him to exaggerate, There was some "there" there.

The  Dagblog view  of his character is unsparing. None of us have a word of praise or even tolerance,

Rightly so.

He's  morally unspeakable.


Monday's IDF commander was not a war criminal.

It's absolutely impossible to say who was "responsible" for that day's 60 deaths. The unspoken assumption underlying a lot of Monday's press coverage is that Israel was to blame. Rightly so?

Some of my best friends

are liberals....Gerard Alexander in yesterday's Times.

Does cause one to wonder. About them.

To improve Junior's chance of acceptance at the University of Virginia? Or perhaps to join its political science department which appears to need help? 

Moving on.

Don't just do something,

stand there.

In office candidate school I had next to zero  curiosity about whatever process if any  the Army had followed  to arrive at its approach to taking 150 or so pretty fit , reasonably motivated young men and after 22 weeks authorize  50 or so of them to direct some indeterminate number of other men to take risky actions while North Korean soldiers were firing aem.   

But nevertheless I learned.

Across the aisle, down 3 bunks , was Brad, self contained, easily competent and OBTW the son of a Major General

Ryan's running in 20

Since Ryan's announced reason for retiring  from  the Speakership is risible , clearly the  real reason is Ryan's belief that  doing so gives him a shot at a better job.

One guess what that isl

But first the pretend explanation.

That he has teen age kids. Many people do.A miniscule % of whom  conclude the onslaught of off- spring adolescence is a rational  pretext for retiring from a good job just before those higher tuition bills start rolling in. No more needs to be said.Let's move on.

Fall River

As my sainted Aunt Nellie used to say, if you´re looking for Compassion, try the Dictionary. Under C.

Joe and Bonnie get the feeling that things ain´t what they used to be. Because they aren´t...And can´t be. Because when Reagan cut the maximum incremental rate from 70 to 30%, things stopped being what they used to be.

You can´t get 20 lbs into a 10 lbs bag. If the overall growth of national wealth is 3% and that of the upper 50% is 10%......a funny thing happens to Joe and Bonnie´s share. I know because I just tried it using match sticks.


What ‘s the matter with  ………….(fill in blank)


So stick in  Kansas and get it over with. But we´re not in Kansas anymore Toto.  Or Sri Lanka, or Suriname. Or…….


Take it in steps


  1. Joe and Bonnie  Lunchpail don´t want to accept  they ŕe  losing ground.

As I was saying

and saying. And sa....

We are failing #Metoo.

It 's not failing. It 's put the turkey on the table.

The assorted boards from H.Weinstein' s to the Met ,haven' t failed. They tried to deal with a challenge they   shouldn´t have been presented. Didn´ t succeed of course. Did so in a way that sets a dangerous precedent . But they tried.

Everything that rises

...must converge.


." a collection of short stories written by Flannery O'Conor....The ...eponymous  story derives its name from the work of  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin".

Moat could probably tells us if not all we need to know  at least enough so we could fake it about Teilard de Chardin.

I certainly can't but it's irrelevant because I'm heading in a different direction (sighs of relief from both  readers).



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