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Tell me about the rabbits again


Let's see

The senate is supposed to advise and consent

They're supposed to investigate instead of calling on the FBI

Dr. Ford was a credible witness

And  said a juvenile drunken Kavanaugh attempted to rape her

BTW he likes a beer

But the  democrats asked the nominee whether he tried to rape Dr. Ford  

That was outrageous of them  

And must have been caused by the Clintons

Now about those rabbits........


(I added a sentence-Flav)


I love ya honey

but cut the cards.

We're wrong to scorn all our  opponents .On any issue.

  Some maybe.Not all .

There are  right -to- lifers (I'm not) who  support:single payer,.,great mixed public,  schools,  and  labor's right to organize. And joined the rest of the country in believing Dr. Blasey Ford .

Then celebrated yesterday for Brett. .

There are defenders of the police (I'm not. ) who brilliantly advocate for the handicapped.

And all the above might vote right in November . Or not.

Let's call a

spade a spade shall we?  He’s a rapist. End of story. Really everyone looking at the screen last Thursday learned that. Maybe suited them not to use the word , so be it. Didn’t change the underlying reality.

Even dear old David  Brooks.

An offer she refused

In proposing the terms  for Dr. Ford's appearance , my guess  is Grasley's  goal was to make her so unsatisfactory an offer that  she'd refuse . He did, but she foiled him by agreeing

I expect her team's minimum objective was that the dems  do their own questioning. And that's  the deal.
I' m not worried by the choice of the Arizona prosecutor. Yes she'll lob softballs to Kavanaugh and attempt to trick Dr. Ford. But this means none of  the loud mouth Reps will be questioning Dr. Ford so she won't lose her composure which would have somewhat undercut her testimony.

Deborah Ramirez

I'm forcing myself to write this.

The Ramirez allegation-which I completely believe btw- is itself not grounds to prevents approval.

He behaved in a disgusting manner.  People  sometimes do .18 year old freshman more apt  than many others. Putting aside whether it should be  accepted as evidence  of a disqualifying attitude towards women the event itself was  drunken tawdry and disgraceful. Did I behave disgracefully before I was 20? Don't ask. Did you?

Dr. Ford should say "Yes."

sometime over the weekend.. On whatever terms Atty Katz has been able to obtain by then. 

But only after  Katz first  reveal's the Committee's proposed terms , and  the changes  Ford  requests  , while  saying  she will accept the  Committee's  terms if confirmed  by a majority of the Committee.

Between now and  her Committee  appearance she should be thoroughly  trained. As  Kavanaugh has already been, With "mock" sessions  video'd ,critiqued and repeated as necessary,

Kavanaugh could save the Republicans

by confessing.

Otherwise there is going to be a democratic House after November.

But  if Kavanaugh admits the charge, apologizes and  rends  his garments appropriately there is an army of Republican women who would  feel  they should exercise their mature powers by defying the polls and make their usual comfortable Republican vote. Including the two last hopes in the Senate.

"It's time to admit

“ that I once withheld important information from readers”John Authers wrote in last weekend’s FT.  “ It was 10 years ago…….I think I did the right thing. But a decade on I need to discuss it”

"The moment came  September 17 2008…..when world finance came closest to...collapse. But I did not write as much.”

Authers authors (if you’ll permit me ) what can be  an influential FT column. If he writes it.


"I can't believe it"

one of the  women said.

We were silentl until then- waiting  in the serious surgery  waiting room at Brigham's & Women's.

"That Mr. Starr wants to force Chelsea to testify against her father:. 

She was reading her Globe .

The other woman  :

I'm an attorney. In Oklahoma. We have an annual Bar 

Association meeting and this year we invited Mr. Starr to 

address us Paid his twenty thousand dollars.




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