I love ya honey

    but cut the cards.

    We're wrong to scorn all our  opponents .On any issue.

      Some maybe.Not all .

    There are  right -to- lifers (I'm not) who  support:single payer,.,great mixed public,  schools,  and  labor's right to organize. And joined the rest of the country in believing Dr. Blasey Ford .

    Then celebrated yesterday for Brett. .

    There are defenders of the police (I'm not. ) who brilliantly advocate for the handicapped.

    And all the above might vote right in November . Or not.

    Hate isn't the answer. At least not always. If ever,  Or unthinking support.

    She's wearing a  pink ribbon.  Ugh , AOBTW  she want's to segregate  middle school by IQ. Gulp?

    Starry-eyed support is no better either . It comes down to this specific  issue, for this district , this time. Or does at least if  we haven't forclosed that option by  the placards we painted   or screams at the unlucky senators . Not exactly targeted opposition.

    Don't check your judgement  when  engaging the  enthusiasm








    As far as Ford's accusations, I think it is an unfortunate coincidence that they synched with #MeToo rising in the culture at large. Because that enabled this to be waylaid into a culture wars fight as usual. When in reality, the case is that we had a sitting lower court judge applying for the job of Supreme Court and it didn't really matter what the accusation might be, as this was not a trial. Whatever accusation might be brought forth, say it had been something totally different in the youthful record but of criminal type or poor morals, for the job interview it became a test of judicial temperament. In which case: big fail on his part with nearly all of the legal profession that matters. And many of the previous questions about his record had already indicated a strong bias to partisan passion. So both sides got to play up this particular culture war--I'll leave it up to everyone else to decide whether that's good or bad--and what we got out of it for the Supreme Court is a pretty lousy Supreme Court judge as per most legal professionals. When most of them might have endorsed a different conservative. But with them we might not now have the majorly ramped up culture war. With women protestors screaming bloody murder on the Senate floor and banging on the Supreme Court door and righties toasting the appointment with beer as if the Supreme Court is gonna be a frat house now....

    At random

    o  deprecation  of he said/she said  vs due process:  most rape are unpunished almost  by definition because they involve two unwitnessed individuals.Absent punishment what? .: A sponsored confrontation between alleged attacker and victim ? If he can't be punished  at least  force him to see what he did.

    o the easy invocation of violence per se

    o  understandable decline of non-violence protest  since Stokley Carmichael  

    o  threats to public personalities as in Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford

    o indulgence of overwrought legal reasoning .Kavanaugh's write of particulars to Ken Starr should

    have been  returned. 

     o limitation of protest language whether in front of an abortion  clinic or  in a senate elevator

    o Not only the opposition but the majority from McConnell down  knew Kavanaugh did it. Now the next shoe to drop.  Kavanaugh was right once what goes around etc. God help us.

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