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Senator Warren forced not to quote Coretta King

Around 9 30 pm Senator Warren, speaking  as part of the Democrat's opposition to  Sessions ,  attempted to provide relevant information about the 1986 Senate's  decision to reject him as a federal judge. After reading Senator Kennedy's  86 statement   she attempted to do the same with Coretta Scott King's 86 letter of opposition.

That's what did it?

During the campaign I thought Trump's chances would be affected by his "Grab a little pussy"  chat.

Or by has cheerfully agreeing  to allow Ivanka to be called on national TV " a nice piece of ass".

Or by the video of him in Australia humiliating Miss Australia  for not meeting his plane.

I was right,  It probably got him elected.

This is not a rehearsal

It’s the way things are going to be from now on. Theoretically two minority members are supposed to be present when a senate committee forwards a Presidential cabinet nominee to the full senate.Except when they aren’t. This past week.

Supposedly it takes  60 votes to stop a filibuster.   Think a Democrats filibuster will prevent  the approval of about- -to- be Justice Gorsuch?  Along with believing in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy.

How could this have happened?

That's easy.   Bernie ran and Hillary lost.Take Pennsylvania for example


                                        PA      Election results in thousands


IMHO in specifying today that the "Illegitimate son of Obama care"  will be passed on the same day as the burial of its oft-mocked predecessor Donald the T is committing that Trumpcare will offer equivalent benefits.

Particularly since he was extremely clear during the campaign that he agreed with Obamacare's pre existing condition clause.

Since s

1 Accepting pre existing conditions is a money loser. In spades.

2 To offset that loss on (1)  Obamacare  permitted Insurance.Co   to overprice everything else

3 with UsSGOV  subsidizing  (2).

When in danger and in doubt

run in circles , scream and shout.

1. Trump's not Putin .Yeah he'll be an undignified President but not a dumb or mean one .Personallly  I agree  with him (and Keynes)that "all goods should be homespun". Maybe clutching at straws but I'm hoping Ivanka will be a "friend at Court" re Global Warming.

We survived worse . Nixonl

2. If we retake the Senate in 2 years  we can save  Roe.

3. We increase the odds of that  if the only demonstrating we do is

to demonstrate our support of Chuck Schumer.



Obama was right on the UN

 resolution condemning the planned next stage in Israel's settlement policy.

The  choices :

(A) support the resolution,i.e. tell Israel  the US want's it to

stop expanding settlements

(B)veto  the resolution i.e tell Israel  expanding settlements is OK

(C )abstain. 

With respect to these choices:(a) is too broad. It starts down a path which leads to the conclusion that

there shouldn't be an Israel. We tried that in 1930. Remember?  Didn t  work.

(b) It isn't

(c) A safe haven.At least compared to A and B.

Last report on 2016


Ignore the date above, I'm posting this on Dec 18.

No doubt there'll be further changes as some supervisor in Des Moines  finds 83  votes

behind a poll worker's ham sandwich . But these are the last numbers  I'll supply.

 You won't have Flavius to kick around anymore.


Obama 2008         69 million, 499 thousand votes

Obama  2012        65,      "     916 thou

Hillary    2016        65       "      845   "

Trump   2016         62      "       979     "    ,

Bush      2004        62    million   

Scott , who?

Trying to square a circle  I hope/believe  Ivanka is convinced of  global warming ,thinks it will seriously blight the lives of her children and intends to side track  Pruitt's intention  to block efforts to  ameliorate it. If he doesn't  cooperate, this time next year we may be asking "Scott, who?" .

As the world's leading expert on the care and management of Donald Trump ,she intends to "rifle shoot" at this objective not diluting  her effectiveness by any other involvement in "ecological" concerns from cleaning the Passaic to  protecting endangered alligators.

Hillary's vote , Dec 13

Highest popular votes in past years.

Obama 2008         69,499,000

​Obama  2012        65,916,000

Bush      2004        62,000,000


Not much changed

 This year,  noon  Dec 13* 

Hillary                    65,759,000 

Trump                    62,916,000

*From  Cook Political Report  2016 National Popular Vote Tracker.  

Compared to yesterday's

Hillary                     65,757,000

Trump                     62,913,000



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