All together now

    Sunday Times photo:

    Donald at the rostrum. Sort of normally dressed, shirt ,tie,jacket, trousers not visible but probably pressed.

    Behind him nine men and one woman "top congressional Republicans and administration officials".Each man scuffed shoes, unpressed trousers ,tieless.  What a coincidence! Not even one of them decided to wear a tie. Or any one of the dozens of pressed trousers in his wardrobe. Imagine that.

    Or wasn't it a coincidence?  Short answer "nope ".

    We could speculate on who  decided on the uniform of the day. Or what was intended to  be achieved by having the President flanked by nine powerful -but untidy - men.  Yawn.

    I prefer to try to imagine the process that brought this about. A spontaneous decision by the tieless nine? Yeah, sure!  A directive from the Trumper- in- chief  himself ? Nah. He's too long been accustomed to having details arranged by lesser human beings. Expendables who can be Bannonized if the results of their efforts don't accord with his whimsy.

    So no,  Donald didn't  mumble  " Will no one rid me of these troublesome ties?"  He was doing whatever he does when he should be running the country, Sending tweets probably. while the machinery of Government busied itself with this partial disrobing.

    Did the Chief  of  Staff  organize it?  Or Kellyanne?

    What you can be sure is that memos were circulated and debated. And a hard won consensus achieved. And while our best and brightest were thus occupied    Kim Jong-un  was no doubt busying himself ensuring that if he we somehow kill him   at least one Hwasong-15   delivered by submarine , fishing boat or whatever  to Los Angeles will be exploded so if there'll be no more movies for Kim there'll be none for the rest of us either.

    I expect his subordinates were wearing ties.




    Here's the photo. The contrast is indeed striking, but I doubt it's as artful as you suggest. The photo was taken at Camp David. Check out these other Camp David pics. Standard attire is "business rustic." But Trump being Trump...

    Yeah, I got carried away. Something about the line up of acolytes undermined my usual wardrobe indifference

    But you're quite right to call out the contrast. It's telling that Trump would wear a suit and tie while everyone else goes casual.

    Though I suppose he's not the first president to have trouble dressing down...

    McConnell looks like he just emerged from a Salvation Army outlet after just ditching his prison clothes.
    The sirens are getting closer....

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