Support Schumer It's easy

    Go on line. Go to his web site. Say you support him. I just did.

    A million years ago, on Friday,  what I wanted  was for him to be " statesman like"  :agree with a one week delay in forcing a shut down. Not because I believed that would strengthen Chuck's negotiating position.  Since that 's what  McConnell proposed   clearly it was what McConnell  knew  was in  McConnell's  interests  Therefore  , not our's.

    Yes kiddies, politics  is a zero-sum game.  Even so I wanted Chuck to" go along ". Because  that gave us our best shot at November.

    Us, note. Not the DACA people. "Pull up the ladder mate, I'm aboard!"

    For whatever reason Chuck has taken the path that gives him most clout in negotiating for those  DACA-ites. I don't speculate about his motives. Who knows ?What matters is outcomes, not intentions.

    So however he got (us) to this point I want to support him. Why don't you?




    Schumer's  negotiation strength re DACA  is , in general,inversely proportionate to the time remaining until the March 5 deadline . Which Trump set.

    As of ,for example , March 3 or 4, McConnell/Trump will be able to say "take it of leave it".

    In addition  until that vote renewing  Donald's spending authority Chuck's  strength is augmented   by his  ability to "just say no." 

     AND further enhanced  , this particular weekend,( vis a  vis e.g. ten days from now had he  rolled over for a ten day temporary spending authority) among other reasons because of the potential embarrassment  for Trump of being forced to deliver his State of the Union address (remember  "you lie") during a shut down.

    So , given this unique conjunction  a shut  down at any later date  would have been so comparatively  less powerful , it would have been an irresponsible dis service to those on Daca if  Schumer had blown the  opportunity. 




    Leonhardt's op-ed today @ NYTimes relates to your last blog entry as well as this one:The Pundit Fallacy; thought you might enjoy checking it out.

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