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In the spring of 1953, we suddenly shifted from being occupiers to allies. In Bonn the US Representative was no longer High Commissioner, just an Ambassador.

And we were no longer required to wear our uniforms off duty but rather encouraged not to.

The personal consequence was that my contact with Eric rather than being mildly disapproved by the battery commander became a non-issue. That contact mostly consisted of Saturday nights drinking white wine at the main local bar, the University Club, or rather the German of that. University was something like Universitatis, and I haven't a clue what the word for Club was.

Close defeat in Kansas

The dem lost by about  53 to 46. In Nov the rep carried this  seat by about 30 points.

I was going to filibus......

...and I´m not going to yield to the gentleman from Kentucky until they drag me off the lecturn.

It was  always fundamentally undemocratic, for most of our history shifting what should have been the rights of the majority   to a self elected coterie not usually consisting of Jimmy Steward and his 95 best friends.One could claim it´s payback for Garland but when else fails try the truth:Chuck ¨called¨  McConnell who laid down  4 aces.


Donald was not born great

Nor did he achieve greatness.

But had greatness thrust upon him.


And he ducked.

Trump was not great

Nor achieved  greatness

But he had greatness thrust upon him


And he ducked.

The 2016 Paris Convention might have been the last chance to have a livable planet for Ivanka´s children. And 

not only is the loudmouthed tweeter blowing it but he thinks he  should take a bow for that. 



Trumpcare failed because....?

Sure , for a mixture reasons.

The Koch Brothers have wanted an outright repeal. End of story, And some of the Freedom Caucus presumably did too.  Maybe even because that´s what the Kochies wanted, 

And out of  whatever personal characteristic I want to  believe- and do- that  some Republicans are simply decent people who while marching in lock step were still   nursing a secret hope their team would fail. 

And , finally , some have the drunk the kool aid and believe the party line: That Ryancare would be an improvement. 

¨ Imagine a summer evening if you please

with music underneath the trees"

....begin some Noel Coward lyrics from ¨ Conversation Piece ¨  and end  


Men and women , superbly clad ,stroll

sip tea ,

¨and lightly discuss their monarch ...who is mad¨.

More specifically, raved for 58 hours. Sound familiar?

Like Trump. Not    ¨idiosyncratic ¨    Mad.

I don´t use these terms  casually -a family member  is institutionalized- but soon for his own sake and that

of the country Trump must be stripped of his authority.

Sometimes Trump ´s right department

¨While Panasonic is the world ´s largest supplier of electric vehicle batteries globally, China ´s BYD and  CATL were just behind , according to figures collated by Bernstein ,the research group...............

In 2015 in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing,South Korea ´s LG  Chem opened a battery factory. The same year Samsung SDI followed suit. opening a plant in Xian in central  China and declaring that it would "forge  its foothold in the world'ś biggest  new energy vehicle market ¨. 

Just some numbers

             Presidential popular votes                    Elected to state assemblies                                                                   in millions


              Dem          Rep                                     Dem       Rep

2007                                                                2964       2399

2008         69.5        59.9                                      ?                                                                                  

Score card

              Presidential popular votes                    Elected to state assemblies                                                                   in millions


              Dem          Rep                                     Dem       Rep

2008         69.5        59.9                                      ?                                                                                  

2009                                                                 3058      2334                                                               


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