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Just do the right thing

And we could actually win. For a change.

No. We should not try to influence our representatives to impeach Trump. 

1. We must win in 2020 Unless we really can´t avoid it, (see below)  we shouldn´t  do anything that prevents (1)

¨Was it something I said?¨


a plaintive Richard Pryor asked  from   the cover of my 1980ś vinyl  with

RP  tied to the stake. And in  the standard repertoire: prayers for redemption,

piles of kindling ,approaching fire lighters

And  Pryor´s explanation:  true  ,visit at  any court house sentencing day  and , yup,  it´s Justice Just Us. .......................................................................................

Except  on the occasions when the judge reduces the penalty by 75%.

  Then it 's not Just US. Not us at all.


This is a test. Name

at least five liberal  democratic US presidents. 

Right. FDR.

Good. Keep going.


I´ll give you that one.And...?

Could have been LBJ but for Vietnam

Coulda, shoulda, woulda


Began with the Bay of Pigs ? First  cut in the maximum incremental income tax rate. Liberal?  

A leader? Certainly. But for liberal causes?

Woodrow Wilson!

With his views of Blacks?

The shortest way with illegals


or whomever we disagree with .


 And maybe for good reason.

A good place to start is with DVD ´s compelling quote. ¨ 

When I was thrilling

 When I was thrilling. I said No.

But I was willing."

Cole Porter, I think.

There ought to be a law- in fact there probably  is -against  all those Virginian cases- charges from  rape or wearing a  black face cruelly to make fun of the victims of slavery.. Probably.

 To declare a bias I was a  half hearted guest at a college   Cake Walk . ,A long  way  from Virginia. The performers wore black face or chalky white .Over otherwise outlandish garb .And did various low level  athletics. With loud music. 

Thoughts after reading Danny


Or ,started that way then took on a life of its own.Unfortunately.

Danny was responding to the Pelosi -haters. And Flav tried to butt in


,"Yes ( Flavius attempting to respond to Danny ) all deeply unpleasant. 

All of them have lost contact with an important part- the best part- of their nature when they let themselves lose control of their emotions and  let themselves think those  bitter  things........."


And then I started down  path.......

GOOD GUYS DON'T ALWAYS WIN , uh ,they did.

If there's someone you're rooting to win something , let me know ,I'll predict their failure and that should put them over the finish line.

I have nothing to add to  what you've read in the last 24 hours. Unlike your immediate correspondent N&C emerged from the "longest shut down in history" with a record of saying A on day one and continuing  to say it until day F- for folded- when Donald  did that.. 

Good guys don't always win

if ever. And certainly the shut down isn't going to be one of those times.

Before you start to convince me  the Democrats have done the right thing , don't bother. They have.

And it's going to cost them votes. Good guys ,to repeat myself , don't etc.

By next Friday if  the laid off  have  missed another  pay check, and there's no announced  end of it , whatever they think about Trump . they'll  be bitter with Pelosi and  Chuck.

As to Trump ? Later. 

Failed attempt


The top line is what 538 reported sunday. Where there  is a second line that is what 538 reported today.

All  data is for the Senate unless marked   HO


             Pollster      Number                                                                                                                        ................................polled 


Mining the 538 data


Nov 3      St.Peter's polls          N 48; 49                                                                                               .............. Harris                         46;  48 

Nov 2        Harris                    N  45;  50                                                                                                     ...............Vox populi                    50  50


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