The short unhappy coming ¨Recovery.¨


    1. Recovery begins, sort of. During June. In Texas but not everywhere.

    2. @ July 1 Pandemic  resumes. In Texas.

    3. Labor  Department  circulates draft  reinforcing existing  Health regs on   Industry's obligations

    4.Insurance industry intervene 's to side track  3

    5. Trump supports 4. 

    6.Congress  supports 3

    7 Mitch doesn 't

    8 Biden  is elected and it becomes our problem. Good.


    Did you see Roubini scaring young people shitless predicting a decade-long deep world depression:

    I looked to see if Krugman was saying anything on that, he is more still rin the immediate ragging about trying to save lives. But I see he did do this one zinger:

    He's doing "webinar" type stuff on topic, this today

    and this Sunday

    That does not interest me because too time consuming and just more opinion.

    Earlier today I saw someone I respect with an essay along the lines of "don't believe any of these fortune tellers about the future, the real truth is we don't know, this has never happened before." That's where I am at.


    Not to 'splain' too much, but it can be a bit like the pandemic model - perhaps not 100% accurate, and even the author might say "evaluate with other models & mix with common sense/public policy awareness", but part of the mid- and long-term perspective helps for digesting the daily news, even though parts of me die when I see something like "the future of capitalism" & I envision another Peterson/Zizek debate rather than something useful.

    High national risk is what Trump brings, see Vox

    "The president’s job is to manage risk. But Trump is the risk.Trump was a gamble. It’s not paying off."

    Here it is, the piece I read that I felt was a good warning, in print the NYTimes is making a big deal with it as the cover story for this Sunday's Review section:

    Here's an excerpt:

    This blog represents my best guess and also  my most optimistic one.

    A much much less optimistic possibility is that the recovery soon leads to Covit 19 deaths but ¨the big fool will say

    go on" and some immoral operators continue despite those deaths.

    Human beings will lose their lives.  Somehow we must stop that from happening.

    Human beings will lose their lives.  Somehow we must stop that from happening.

    Federal efforts toward that end are hobbled by the commander and chief and his fellow travelers. I have been hoping for a cooperation between States that would provide what is missing in the Executive Branch but it has not come about yet. Those sort of attempts are better than things would be without those efforts. But our system invested everything in the Federal government being the protector of the Nation as such. It is difficult to replicate  something different on the fly.

    We have an unprecedented situation where the Federal government exerts as much power as it can to preserve their power while encouraging people to defy Federal prerogatives. It does not make sense unless the role of the Federal government is the enemy of the people and Trump is a secret agent that has been deployed to destroy it from within.

    But who would believe such a fantastical narrative of motives if it was not written directly by the commander in chief on Twitter?

    Back to your question about stopping this. Short of a coup, the dysfunction will continue. But no coup would fix the dysfunction because the matter of power would be the same black hole that created the situation in the first place. Our only hope is the democratic process.

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