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Jollyroger admits that he did work his way through stripper school as a lawyer, but since graduating he has rehabilitated himself, and profits no longer from the misfortune of his brothers, but from the lust of his sisters instead. He is currently on the 60 day DL (too fat); Until he is called back up to the show, he is temping as an inventor.

Favorite Quotes

Favorite Quotes

REX VISIGOTHIS:"I believe in less than enough feed, just enough speed, more than enough weed, and way too much pussy"

BERNARD EIBER: "You write like a god"

KATHY SISSON: "You fuck like a god"

SUZANNE FARRELL: "Someone had to be eliminated, and poor Roger was the most expendable"

VANESSA FARRELL: "You have such a pretty dick"

MY SISTER: "He wasn't always like should have seen him before all the acid.  My God, he's a Woodrow Wilson Fellow!"

MY MOTHER: "So I told his father, 'Look Manny, let's don't kid ourselves.  All he really wants to do is get high and get laid..."



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“At 50, everyone has the face he deserves." George Orwell

What lurks within...


Behold Bill O'Reilly in 1979 Gl2jic9soyvgcyskfwyk


Awhile later:


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Chris Christie:"You don't have a noose big enough for my fat neck..."

Paul Fishman, US Attorney for New Jersey and therefor man tasked with sorting out the sundry Christie-gate's that have entertained us since the Fort Lee lane closure kerfuffle, was seen shopping at Morty's Big and Tall, in the company of David Wildstein, former caporegime for the man whose mob nickname is "Big Chicken" (h/t Charlie Pierce)


Morty is reported to have provided Fishman with a selection of nooses in 3X, 4X, and a mammoth 5X sizes.

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Mother guilty of felony poverty-loses kids, goes to jail

Faced with the policy conundrum that is posed by the choice of directing public funds towards free childcare or prison for mom and institutionalization for kids, Arizona makes the predictable and catastrophic choice.

Most of you will have heard the devastatingly sad story of Shanesha Taylor, an unemployed and homeless single mother of two, who miraculously was granted an interview for that job that Bill Clinton decided was the answer to ending "welfare as we knew it."

She had no place to leave her toddler and infant for the 45 minute interview, so she took a desperate chance. [Read more]

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Why Hobby Lobby will probably win, and why it should.

Let's call this the Peyoteros revenge, or "unintended consequences bite", shall we.


Now, I am, of course, appalled (as would any right thinking person be) that the societal benefits of co-payment free birth control and insurance coverage for medical advice about the same) should be undercut by a law specifically intended to vindicate the influence of religion in the sphere of secular behaviour.


But let us be clear--the harm flows not from the unforeseen elaboration of the stated primacy of religious beliefs, but from the decision by the state to give religion special status in the first place.

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McCain: No reversal of Nikita Khrushchev shall stand!

With his unerring instinct for military engagement, John McCain has not let us down in the current situation.  John McCain, destroying military assets in two different centuries... [Read more]

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Rahm was right (??!!!) Economic recovery should have come first

Hindsight, as they say, is 20-20.


We on the left who despise Rahm Emmanuel for his corporatist roots, his dismissive attitude towards the grass roots and his cramped and limited vision of political struggle, used to inveigh, inter alia, against his reported advice that health care reform should have been left until the shambles of the Great Recession had been remediated.


From our perch 5 years out, does he not seem prescient?


Obama is daily flogged for the inadequacy of his stimulus efforts, for the economy still running out of steam, blah blah blah.

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Hey, Prez (you worthless pig)...Stop the rapes!

Perhaps I misconstrue the words "Commander-in-Chief", but I swear before Jesus that English is my native tongue, and the whole title is only three words long.


As I am sure you all know, the suprisingly hard-charging junior Senator from New York, Kirsten Gillibrand, recently hit a stone wall in the Senate, blocking a really rather modest attempt to attack a loathsome set of practices that besets members (mostly female) of the armed forces of the United States.

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One Supreme Court seat turns it all around.

Assume, arguendo, that the Dems hold the Senate in 2014.


As now, the House remains, by virtue of crass gerrymander, out of reach of democratic pressure, with no visible hope of redress until the 2020 redistricting, if then.


Must we accept, then, utter and complete stagnation until the congress elected in November 2020 is organized in January 2021?  That is seven more lost years.


Perhaps there is another scenario.

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Guns lawfully owned, must not be registered so as to facilitate the unlawful evasion of lawful confiscation.

It is commonplace to respond to the fear of gun confiscation, (virtually universally voiced by anti-registration zealots) with a soothing tut-tut, coupled with strenuous oaths forswearing the passage of any law which might reach into the extant stash of any armed citizen in order once and for all to rid society of a manifest source of misery.


One need look no further than Australia to see that it is by no means outside the bounds of imagination that a  people might make a reasoned decision to live unarmed, and in so doing require the surrender of those weapons currently abroad.


We might, after all, amend the Constitution to remove the Second Amendment.  Hard cheese, gun nuts, but there you are.

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The Ballad of Baby and Klepto Ray

In March of 2009, Baby had just flown cross-country from visiting her sister in Seattle, bringing a rubbing of Jimi Hendrix's headstone, and a nice chunk of hash which she had tucked into a private place available only to ladies.  While she and I were upstairs at the farm enjoying some quality time, our then host, Ray, pocketed the hash.  Naturally she went nuts thinking she had simply lost it, and finally left the farm to return home.  Ray proudly produced the hash.  I told him I was gonna tell Baby he had it so she wouldn't feel like an incompetent nutjob.
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