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Hitler: thevolga will be our Mississippi.

Indigenous peoples day he's a good game on which to Grapple with the horrifying fact that our ethnic cleansing of North America served (not logically) as the model 4 Hitler and similar

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99% Of Covid Cases are mild...

New data show a really disturbing set of sequelae after seemingly uneventful recoveries from "mild" cases of Covid 19.


Ominously, they mirror what is a widely unrecognized part of the story of the 1918 Spanish Flu., which led to brain disease in over a million survivors.


Serious and potentially fatal brain disorders triggered by coronavirus, as they emerge in mildly affected or recovering patients.


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Herman Cain in hospital with the 'rona

Nein, nein, nein! (also NINE days since pizza man was at the Tussle in Tulsa).


No doube he is walking point for a robust cohort of attendees soon to get their angel wings.


On the numbers, he's dead in another nine.


Trump kills everything he touches.

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BABALOOO! Trump declares himself cross with Vlad...

Can we hope that the revelation (suppressed for months) that Russian intelligence has been paying the Taliban bounties for dead GI's will rouse Trump to irritation?

Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops, Intelligence Says

The Trump administration has been deliberating for months about what to do about a stunning intelligence assessment.

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As you read this, AOC has been re-nominated in a blowout win over a Wall Street Republican newly converted to a Democrat who received over 5 million dollars from panicked plutocrats, including Blackstone and Goldman honchos.


Updated 23m ago75% reporting

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez*20,983   72.9%
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera5,664       19.7
Badrun Khan1,4605.1
Samuel Sloan6962.4


More importantly, her endorsed fellow Dem aspirants are in train to knock off centrist incumbents at the Federal and State level.

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Lifting the stain from my soul...



Not just an African-American holiday of deliverance.


Anyone who has celebrated a Passover knows the enduring power that attaches to the commemoration  of liberation for an oppressed people.


Consider, for a moment, the liberation that also is felt by the oppressor's heirs.


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Electric Reichstag Bugaloo

Be on the lookout for Hawaiin Shirts.


Evidently the Brooks Brothers neo nazi uniforms from Charlottesville (ableit tastefully accessorized with indiscretely placed swastica pins) have morphed into Hawaiin Shirts (?1) as garb for the fashionable white supremecist out for a little provacateur ramble.


I call upon my Anonymous comrades to penetrate the communications net that must underlie what I have no doubt is the false flag operation seeking to seize upon this moment as the time to foment the fulfillment of their nutty race war dreams..


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Would be murderer caught in the act...Cy Vance, pick up the phone!

You may not yet have seen this video of an attempted  murder (by cop) in progress.





In involves a privileged high executive in the Templeton Fund terrorizing a birdwatcher for reminding her to leash her dog while in Central Park.


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Mr. President, sir, we've lost Ann Coulter...

It may not be like Johnson losing Walter Cronkite, but one may hope that Trump felt a shadow on his grave when he read Coulter's responses to his (predictable) attacks on Jeff Sessions.  (o/t-only Trump could make that piece of shit Sessions sympathetic...


One can only hope for a twitterstorm out of the orange pustule...


See new Tweets


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13 super spraders.Airports had Europe flight pille ups in March In April it was on like Donkey Kong.



On Friday March 16,  Trump did a little redirecting of clogging streams of international flyers arriving from Europe.


Combining unnecessarily panic producing miscommunication with utter lack of though,  the administration, amongst its other crimes of incompetence, packed huge cohorts of  covid19 spreaders intimately and persistently in contact with potential host.


Thanks Trump.



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