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Now batting, Mother "Big Mama" Nature. At first base, Donald "Bill Buckner" Trump.

Sophisticated Millenials, too young to remember the Gaia Hypothesis and the first Earth Day, will find amusement, perhaps, in a parable informed by the hypothesis of a Universe within which consciousness, and therefor aspiration, pervades all matter.


Such a framework brings an interesting analysis of the interaction betweeen the election and the pandemic.


Suppose, arguendo, a panicked demiurge watching the polls that heralded a Trump re-election.


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OK, Boomer, draft your back story NOW!


The whispering around the enunciation of a triage  protocol to inform the provision to COVID19 patients of aggressive life support (ventilators to the right...)vs. "comfort care" (sedation to the left) makes timely a consideration of the hazards attendant upon the provision  at the threshold of intervention of an accurate personal and medical history.


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The V.A. is preparing to back up the health care system.


More than once I have advocated for expansion of the Veterans Administration to become our National Health Service.


It appears that thanks to the current plague pandemic the VA is on track to this 'finale,  but the implicit arrival at the realization that health care cannot intelligently be a profit driven enterprise is going to be a hard learned lesson.

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Did you bring the handcuffs, Nancy?


It would be wrong, in the excitement of watching Trump circle the drain labeled "coronavirus/katrinaflush" to overlook the message sent today in the Appellate endorsement of Judicial abstention vis a vis "absolute immunity" for executive branch employees when summoned before the legislative branch



Trump Scores Major Win In Fight Over House Subpoena Of Don McGahn

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Hey Andrew Cuomo! Feel the Bern, (don't fuck the poor)

Andrew Cuomo, admittedly, is no Mario Cuomo, so the fact that his father would rise from the grave and strangle in him his crib before seeing him patch his budget hole by ripping skin off Medicaid, should not distract us from the all out assault bei

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Mayor Pete--Intellectual heir of Gramsci...da fuque??

Well, here is some good news!


Turns out that Pete Buttigieg's late father Joseph (d. January, 2019) was a serious scholar whose areas of interest included James Joyce, and (wait for it....) Franz Fanon and Antonio Gramsci.


Gramsci is the intellectual fount of Occupy Wall Street!


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Fire up the Mint--AOC is tapped for Sec/Treas, Platinum Proof Coin to follow


I am happy to report a precognitive flash (like the one I had that Trump would win in '16)


It's Sanders in November, and he will tap AOC to run the Treasury.  (Stephanie Kelton will be Fed Chief when Powell expires).


Succession untidiness will be obviated by Trump's timely election night stroke upon hearing Hannity call the election for Sanders.


I love it when a plan comes together...

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General election. No debates, maybe no election.

As a bonus worry for freedom loving Americans distressed by the ongoing electoral chaos, more than one commentator deconstructing the primary debates has cogently argued that Trump will never subject himself to debates going into the general.

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General election. No debates, maybe no election.

As a bonus worry for freedom loving Americans distressed by the ongoing electoral chaos, more than one c

risk replacement inflicted by an aroused and angry electorate?


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Dental implants! (Will no prosthodontist comp Biden a set?)

Just breezed by Biden's CNN Town Hall, and to my untutored eye, he is having a really bad time with his upper plate..


I know they are expensive, but, shit!  You're running for President, Dude!  Ditch the 19th century technology!


It's nothing to me, but if I were a Biden fan, I''d start a Gofundme.


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