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Prez to Duterte: "I crap bigger than you..."


The new  president of the Phillipines, in asserting his prerogative to violate generally accepted standards of due process within the boudaries that define his rule, has referenced President Obama in pungent terms...


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Dear Hillary: "You talk like a lawyer" is only a compliment among lawyers...

The latest FBI docdrop references 36 repititions of the old "I don't recall" answer from HRC.


As, I believe, no less an icon of sincerity than Richard Nixon once deconstructed, it is a statement about one's inner condition, and is not susceptible to contradiction by direct evidence.  


Thus ending the inquiry without creating exposure to a perjury beef.


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Get. Off...My...Plane....


An iconic moment has just arisen in China which, I fear, cuts against the prospects of the sanity caucus of the electorate going forward...


On the fucking tarmac (where, in case you weren't watching, the Teabaggeristas are ever vigilant for insult) under the very wing of Air Force One,the following:

The press pool was brought under a wing of Air Force One where the pool was supposed to stay behind a blue rope. However, a member of the Chinese delegation began shouting at White House staff, demanding the pool leave the arrival scene.

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Joe Scarborough, all is forgiven!

Because you deserve a break today...



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I gotta bad feeling about this...


Hillary Clinton is snakebit.


Just when the Dem convention was starting to cast serious shade on Donald Trump's cred as an impressario, and just when the DNC hack story was taking the right spin for us, just now, when Sarah Silverman (Precious Blood of the Sweet Baby Jesus I could fu...umm, never mind) had put us in our place

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HRC to AIPAC, BDS to pressure Israel? antisemitism!

In a speech that (not surprisingly) left a tiny escape hatch of ambiguity, Hillary attacked the entirely peaceful and historically legitimate tactic of bringing to bear the moral and economic suasion of withholding commercial relationships, divesting investment holdings,and expressing outspoken condemnation in the hope of ending the current apartheid regime in occupied Palestine.

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Superdelegate jiu- jitsu

There's blood coming outta the ears in Hillary headquarters...

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Trump:"I will ruin your 1st amendment lovin' lives.."


Because no one arrested for demonstrating against George Wallace ever worked again..

In a remarkable display ( even for him) of ignorance, Trump proposes that his mere request for the arrest of otherwise peaceful demonstrators will cause local police to violate the prohibition against state action that curtails speech.

True, once asked to leave, a visitor whose demeanor ( eg,  refusal to sit or remove a shirt with a message etc) gives rise to such a request may risk trespass or disorderly conduct charges by ACTIONS, such as noncompliance with a demand to exit.


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