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Superdelegate jiu- jitsu

There's blood coming outta the ears in Hillary headquarters...

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Trump:"I will ruin your 1st amendment lovin' lives.."


Because no one arrested for demonstrating against George Wallace ever worked again..

In a remarkable display ( even for him) of ignorance, Trump proposes that his mere request for the arrest of otherwise peaceful demonstrators will cause local police to violate the prohibition against state action that curtails speech.

True, once asked to leave, a visitor whose demeanor ( eg,  refusal to sit or remove a shirt with a message etc) gives rise to such a request may risk trespass or disorderly conduct charges by ACTIONS, such as noncompliance with a demand to exit.

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Why refuse to call out Trump as racist?

Surely the low point, at least as measured by plain speaking, of last night's debate was the strange reticence that seized both candidates in re: the manifest racism of Donald Trump.

Even if one were to give a pass for the enabling reported vis-a-vis his gangster casino customers disgusting behavior, surely the enunciation of two BLANKET policies ( the Muslim ban and the universal deportation) not to mention the rapists and drug smugglers trope which informed the very launch of his campaign ought to qualify him.

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Hillary lies, fails to prosper in Michigan

'Honest and trustworthy" continues to be HRC's deficiency.


The Democratic voters of Michigan, perhaps informed by the history that Mona has related in another thread, tore Hillary a new one tonight.


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We created catastrophe in Iraq and Syria. Canada takes 30,000 of our victims. Greece sinks, the EU crumbles, we posture. God sees.

No rational and honest observer can deny that our invasion of Iraq brought chaos there, which spilled over to Syria destroying the life support system and forcing millions of innocent people into misery, life threatening migration and finally, grinding poverty ,privation, and despair.


Indeed, even an irrational and dishonest observer, Donald Trump makes one-half the connection although he eschews any responsibility for remediation.


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Trump-mind boggling incoherence

When Donald Trump loses Joe Scarborough...

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2018 or bust

Parsing HRC v.Sanders programs is pointless


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