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When invited by HRC to google in rebuttal of Trump Truthiness, may the moderator accept the invitation along with the public?

Somewhere or other I have urged google access, and now I see that HRC is seeking such by proxy.


How Stupid.


Why are not all three, moderator, Clinton and Trump on a three way hookup that is itself on a jumbotron, so everyone is playing in the same sandbox, everyone can see the questions (and answers) and link trails in real time.


Digit up, people!

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Why is there a live audience at the debate on Monday? Should there be?


Mark Cuban, as an honored guest of HRC, will be in the front row Monday night.


Prediction markets place the likelihood that he will heckle Trump if things are not going well for Hillary at 72%..


I make it a lock.


On a larger note, it certainly was not historically a "given" that there would be any audience at all.


I think it gives Trump too much opportunity to dodge and duck.


I'm against it.

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Cherchez la femme...

New details mention a trip to Quetta, Pakistan (parenthetically the seat of the Quetta Shura...) by Rahami, where he met and GOT MARRIED TO a local girl.  (well, the way they do it, he got married to and then met...)


After that trip, say his compadres, he became markedly devout, you know the rest of the story.


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Donald Trump, Low T Candidate

One of the few "hard facts" (see what I did there?) that snuck out from Trump's recent foray into medical transparency, was his total blood testosterone level, viz:


In his smirking interchange, Trump evinces satisfaction in being informed by Mehmet Oz (who I will not dignify with the customery honorific...) that this is "very good."

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Short G4S stock! Orlando shooter unleashed by same people who set dogs loose at Standing Rock

Call it a bad week for G4S.


G4S is one of those companies generally called "contractors" when private security behemoths are referenced.


In a really, really bad, terrible no-good week for their Vice President for Public Relations, G4S employees made the news for two reasons.


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Instant Karma bites Trump campaign braintrusters. Good for a handshake? Count your fingers afterward

A delightful bit of instant karma has been visited upon the "ideas-for-sale" cohort of thinking humans (to which category of the population Deadbeat Don has been obliged to outsource his forebrain functions), viz.


As if they ought  by now not know better, they agreed on the basis of verbal contracts made with Trump's agents (in the legal sense..) at the very highest level, to work up foreign policy briefings in prep for the (now immanent) debates.


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Prez to Duterte: "I crap bigger than you..."


The new  president of the Phillipines, in asserting his prerogative to violate generally accepted standards of due process within the boudaries that define his rule, has referenced President Obama in pungent terms...


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Dear Hillary: "You talk like a lawyer" is only a compliment among lawyers...

The latest FBI docdrop references 36 repititions of the old "I don't recall" answer from HRC.


As, I believe, no less an icon of sincerity than Richard Nixon once deconstructed, it is a statement about one's inner condition, and is not susceptible to contradiction by direct evidence.  


Thus ending the inquiry without creating exposure to a perjury beef.



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