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    General election. No debates, maybe no election.

    As a bonus worry for freedom loving Americans distressed by the ongoing electoral chaos, more than one commentator deconstructing the primary debates has cogently argued that Trump will never subject himself to debates going into the general.

    With none to gainsay is diktat, and the levers of misinformation firmly in his grasp, could it be the slightest stretch for him to gin up a crisis requiring the postponement (only temporary, of course...) of that second jury trial so fervently  invoked in the summation delivered by his mortal enemies, the House managers?

    Of somewhat darker portent, having experienced the sweet, sweet taste of servile acquittal served up  by the current pack of Republican running dogs who hold the Senate majority, why should he risk an embarrassing result in the scheduled election?

    Furthermore, why should the said pack of curs. (Moscow Mitch in particular...) have any objection to a maneuver that leaves them comfortably in place, and, not incidentally, comfortably situated to repeat the stonewall defense of the autocrat?

    We have already learned  that as long as even 35 senators sign on, no excess is unthinkable....A sure way to keep those 35 in his pocket is to help all 53 (well ok, 52) accomplices remain undisturbed in office.

    It worked out just fine, after all, in 1933...


    ok, if so, so what? there's always social media and professionally produced events! OPTICS: Mike Bloomberg, Man of the People? Scenes from the billionaire-candidate’s unconventional foray into presidential politics.laugh 

    chicken in every pot (just no big gulps, plastic straws, smoking or handguns):

    ...What happens when a billionaire self-funds his campaign? Events feature hundreds of free T-shirts and buttons, plus food and alcohol....

    Bloomberg.... rarely mentions his Democratic opponents, focusing his attention on President Donald Trump....

     a surprising number of young people showed up at Bloomberg’s events.....

    The line for the opening of a Bloomberg campaign office in Portland extended out the door.....

    Edit to add photo; he puts on a spread waay better than most Chelsea gallery openings:

    Boy, howdy, I'll say!  My pancreas cringes just to make a casual inventory....Looks like the craft table at a Tarentino shoot.



    Edit to add: He is 100% correct re: the big gulp thing.  


    Edit to further add:  A timely tip from today's Times:


    By 2030, nearly one in two adults will be obese, and nearly one in four will be severely obese.


    Well-intentioned efforts like limiting access to huge portions of sugar-sweetened soda, the scientists note, are effectively thwarted by well-heeled industries able to dwarf the impact of educational efforts by health departments that have minuscule budgets by comparison. With rare exceptions, the sugar and beverage industries have blocked nearly every attempt to add an excise tax to sugar-sweetened beverages.






    Look, it hurts me to say (I know you know how much...) but on two existential issues, Guns and Climate, he may be as good as there is.  And given that he could redistribute in the 10 figure range and not skip a beat, he may have promise.


    I would not be surprised, incidentally, to hear that he is stepping up to pay the bogus costs and fees that have been interposed between the Florida felons and restored voting rights.  He wouldn't miss it, and it would own the Repugnants big time.

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