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Remember September 26. 1983? Coulda' been your last day.

In case you missed it, the world almost ended that day, because Soviet satellites misreading sunlight  reflected from clouds for missile afterglow triggered a system call for a retaliatory launch.

Without peradventure, we all owe to the (truly lamented) S. Petrov, our good times from the cited date on..

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Disclaimer:  I have   always harbored invidious fantasies of a pampered retirement courtesy of the dependency multiplier effect built into social security and the supply of twenty five year old widows with four adoptable kids likely to be found in many third world countries.


That said, and i the spirit of sincere inquiry (ed note "yeah, right") what would be the impact upon the immigration status of a dreamer who was adopted by a citizen?


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On n'me fait pas foutre!

You will no doubt have heard that France's top general has rsigned in protest against Macron's cuts to the military budget.


That, of course, is not the big story.  


His exit line "I will not be fucked!" sets the standard for subordinates refusing to cave before what they deem bullying (ed note: I'm with Macron on the substance, but, soit.).


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Trump dogged by dementia charges, ducks any unscripted scrutiny

Trump's unchallenged superiority during the campaigns, primary and general, was his sensitivity to the visual production values and the optics of his personal presentation. (ed note: odious as we humans found it, his voters thought differently.)


Of late, between a cascade of disorientation episodes cruelly video'ed by a vicious press





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1776! The First War of Southern Secession (spoiler: The South wins this one...)

In 1772, in one stroke, in Somersett's Case,  Lord Chief Justice The Great Lord Chief Justice Mansfield abolished slavery on any land comprising the United Kingdom.


The clock began to tick for the full abolition of slavery throughout the Empire in 1833, with the odious slave trade to be abolished in 1808.


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Trump, Capitalism's Most Grotesque Contradiction

Josh Marshall has a nice chart that gives a cozy back of the napkin feel to the sale of one country to the phenomenally rich autocrat of another (nominally less powerful) country.



With Kushner Revelations, The Worst Case Scenario Comes Into View

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Comey and Rosenstein wore wires. That's what the FBI does

Among the scattershot defenses mounted by the Trump's pitiable defendersf:


Why didn't Comey turn Trump in as soon as Trump started leaning on him?


Who says he didn't?


Work with this hypothesis.


Comey to his immediate superior: ( Rosenstein) "Trump is attempting to extort me to conspire in cover up.  He's still got some ambiguity available. "(January 27)


Rosenstein:"See where it goes.  Wear a  wire."


Evidently, Trump did not stay awake through Donnie Brasco.


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Abu Shiksa is dead! Long live Goyische Kopf!

Knowing, as we do, that Jimmy Carter's Secret Service nickname was "Deacon" is not without elucidative contribution to our understanding of the man, nor are "Lancer" and "Rawhide" utterly incomprehensible as "reductios" for JFK and Reagan.


With this in mind, we may be forgiven, I think, for drawing unflattering inferences vis-a-vis the esteem in which President Trump is presently held in the Holy Land from the recent memo circulating out of Shin Bet HQ.


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Obama to Trump: "Retract or pay, punk!"

It is libel per se to charge as Trump has, regardless of the actual non-impact on Obama's reputation or employment prospects.


I concede that it is foreign to his nature, but there is a universe in which Obama throws down and puts that fat fuck in the box he deserves.


I'm not even sure that on analysis, I concede that the downsides render it strategically unsound.


Pericles, please, talk me out of this.



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Netanyahu: Demographics are destiny (NOT!)

I suppose it is not a coincidence that demographics and democracy share their first syllable.


Not one day into the carving up of Mandatory Palestine, Deadbeat Donald and Bibi did away with what remained of the 1948 Partition Resolution which gave rise to so many coolmovies of my youth.


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