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Ambassadors of Conscience

It seems that notwithstanding a pathological level of data ingestion, I overlooked (maybe you did too....) the significance of the award to Colin Kaepernick by Amnesty International (whose doings normally register on me, i swear it...).


So, it seems, Amnesty gave him this year's "Ambassador of Conscience award.


"Get tht sonofabitch off the field and up here to get his statuette!"


The fat fuck in the White House has usefully informed us this week that the protests sparked by Kaepernick address issues not germane to their proponents.

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No Senate quorum before 2019!

Desperate times call for desperate measures.



Fortune having delivered  us into the maw of Trump The Destroyer, she has also delivered the invalided John McCain, who may well be absent from the Senate for the duration.



Pence can break a tie, but he does not count towards the 51 Senators required to do business.



They may have to kidnap Manchin, McCaskill and Heitcamp,but it's a plan.

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Ya Moqtada! A young gun comes of age.

Among the several crimes against intelligence that adorn the record of the post invasion imperium in Iraq, the attempt to prosecute frame the son of an Ayatollah (himself martyred by Saddam) for the murder of a collaborating Mullah stands out...

Moqtada al-Sadr was not only an aspiring Ayatollah in his own right, he was also commander of one of the two or three most powerful militias in Baghdad--they call part of Baghdad Sadr City.

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Bolton to announce the "Gaza Model"

The esteemed author of the diplomatic hand grenade otherwise known as "The Libya Model" is turning his national security chops to the southern border contretemps.


He will shortly announce the inevitable product of his careful reasoning, consistent with the need to enforce zero tolerance tempered by the prohibition on locally.concentrated internment (see what I did there?)  mandated  by PR prudence.



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Blundering towards Bethlehem

As Trump in Singapore bids fair to fulfill the mandate to provide his reality show with an audience pleasing finale, may we friends of humanity argue that no downside lurks in the prospect of a supine Trump, albeit producing a Potemkin peace?

What I mean is this: Granting that Trump, by definition, understands nothing, what's the worst that could happen?

The fear seems to be that Trump will "give away" too much in his zeal for a chance to sample the golden shower culture of Oslo. That is obviously bullshit.

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Trump Taint strikes: VA administrator designate death watch

Trump is like the Bernoulli effect at the bottom of a toilet--a whirlpool that sucks in all who venture close.

Poor Ronny Jackson!  Served multiple presidents with no exposure of his flaws, widely respected and liked.

Obama liked him.

All he had to do was slight science for sycophancy in his White House Physician's report on Trump's health, and next thing you know, he's under the predictable nominee scrutiny lens.

Hi jinks ensue...

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Nunes memo,unintended consequences, law of

Let us permit ourselves the pleasure of contemplating Bitten-in-the-Ass Trump, our new Mardi Gras pinata.


Two lines of inquiry are (deliciously) likely to flow from the experiment in auto-pedal marksmanship that brought forth the recent breathless drama.


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Collins to McConnell: "Say 'hello' to my little friend"; McConnell "Hello, Doug"

The miseries of Mitch McConnell (may they increase beyond measure...) just grew exponentially by virtue of the Alabamapocalypse. Now, each Republican Senator (Susie, I'm talkin' to you...) is the crucial last senator.


Where before, it was thought that having one vote to spare,  McConnell might at need stiff Collins while fronting off Ryan's declared recalcitrance to cloak his own bad faith.


Now, he's another 25 billion in the hole towards his do or die number of 1.5 Trillion, which will give him problems on his right flank.


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Amnesty for Pussy Grabbers! Stop the carnage!

Buckwheat called the meeting of the Woman Haters Club to order, and entertained the motion by Brothers Thrush, Rose and Halperin that Brother Trump be reprimanded for giving away the great secret and leaving all his brother celebrity pussy grabbers holding the bag (so to  speak...).


Charlie Rose spoke first in favor of the motion to censure.


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Remember September 26. 1983? Coulda' been your last day.

In case you missed it, the world almost ended that day, because Soviet satellites misreading sunlight  reflected from clouds for missile afterglow triggered a system call for a retaliatory launch.

Without peradventure, we all owe to the (truly lamented) S. Petrov, our good times from the cited date on..


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