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Netanyahu: Demographics are destiny (NOT!)

I suppose it is not a coincidence that demographics and democracy share their first syllable.


Not one day into the carving up of Mandatory Palestine, Deadbeat Donald and Bibi did away with what remained of the 1948 Partition Resolution which gave rise to so many coolmovies of my youth.

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Netanyahu "Give me some slack to handle Abu Shiksa"

Speaking in Hebrew (to deceive, no doubt, the prying eyes and ears of the Gentiles...) Netanyahu took leave of his cabinet and massaged their expectations about tomorrow's first meeting with Trump as President.


I might have to give a little, but over all, he said, I got this guy in the palm of my hand.




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Born in East LA

The ramp up of a program of extreme deportation ( to accompany the extreme vetting regime....) inevitably brings to mind that Cheech Marin tour de force, Born in East LA.


The plot depended, of course, upon the "unlikely" device of a native born American being rounded up mistakenly and dropped in Mexico.



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The Deportation Squad Rules of the Game

Just this week in the Supreme Court was argued what may well become, in terms of practical impact on millions of lives over a very short period of time, the most consequential decision of the century, (if not back to Dred Scott).


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Arizona: new lethal cocktail one gram dose of heroin


Beset as they are both by Big Pharma sanctions and  ongoing challenges under the cruel and unusual prohibitions of the Eighth Amendment occasioned by the failure of second line sedatives to prevent what looks to observers like excruciating pain, the advocates of capital punishment are entertaining a creative solution.

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L'etat, c'est Moi!" Turning America into a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization


Even as he settles one RICO action, paying 25 million dollars, by insisting, (pace Richard Nixon) that since he is King President there can be no conflict between his  interests and those of the state Donald Trump has declared it his intention to at least potentiate if not reify a shakedown scheme that dwarfs any since Rome monetized the Pax Romanum


"L'etat", as the saying goes, "C'est moi"



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The war of Giuliani's Grin


Good news, bad news, good news:  Rudy Guiliani will NOT be Attorney General, Rudy Guiliani WILL be Secretary of State, we will no longer be in doubt as to "why they hate us..."


It is hard to conjure up a more toxic collection of misfiring neural networks than Giuliani.  He combines sumg incompetence (he ignored years of urgent suggestions too move his NYC security hub out of the World Trade Center) a megalomaniacal zeal for power, a vindictive pettiness that is legendary, and an almost autistic inability to imagine how he is seen by others.


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The President Trump silver lining!! I've found it!


OK, this silver lining is really of importance only to those who fear that they might outlive the ability of their brain vesicles to sweep out beta amyloid protein when they sleep.



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