Republicans Against Trump Ads

    This one's a killer


    — Borzou Daragahi (@borzou) June 13, 2020


    Next up: the idolatry meme:

    oh just for fun here's Neo-con Kristol vs. Conman con Gingrich:

    Lincoln Project plotting something they think major? Yesterday Rick Wilson was tweeting stuff along the lines of "just wait until tomorrow" and now they tweeted this:

    Made me think that some of the political ops of Never Trumpers seem designed to rattle him and the diehard fans as to the persona he tries to sell:

    And the more he protesteth about this little stuff on twitter, the weaker he looks? 

    He doesnt seem to care

    Is he strategic? I still dont know.

    It's even worse than "doesn't care." Victimhood is all he's got: How long will fans buy that whining about victimhood is what they need in a president, one of the most powerful jobs in the world?

    Pls r-read mine. Is it strategic? Is it working?

    Proof that The Lincoln Project really does think along those lines, like it or not:

    This proves @ProjectLincoln and others were right to get under his skin with personal mockery, not just criticize him on his sociopathic policies.

    — Todd Domke (@ToddDomke) June 21, 2020


    — The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) June 21, 2020

    — Tom Nichols (@RadioFreeTom) June 21, 2020


    One of Trump's favorite meme makers is apparently this pro-Trump guy who has a YouTube account, pseudonym Carpe Donk​tum, and Trump just tweeted a video by him that I've got to admit is pretty damn good and very dangerous in giving confirmation to those who still buy Trump narratives:

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 19, 2020

    I'd seen the original video a long time ago, to which he added the CNN banner and music and stuff and altered the chronology. It was a genuine "fun kids video" uploaded by just another guy/gal that went viral.

    more kumbaya attempts, but this time done by teh stable genius himself,, heights of idiocy achieved, without Carpe Donktum's help


    I enjoyed this reply to Kruse's tweet:


    #ByeIvanka (along with #NepotismBarbie) trending on Twitter, based on a campaign with this video by MeidasTouch/ActBue:


    Idunno, Twitter suspended me over a week ago, prolly saying something impolite about Javanka's $82mill. Of course they never say why - it's a Kafkaesque ritual of "identify the crime that we'll convict you of, guilty assumed"

    They usually suspend right leaning posts.  My account is tied to my food blog so I follow people that have different political views but are also foodies.  I behave myself and stay out of the politics in that sand box.  I think twitter thought police get paid by piece work. Rule of thumb is always have more than one twitter account. Insurance for when you get banned for something you have no idea what is was?   

    Oh i do, just dont have all the contacts on that one, And dont express my opinion the same way.

    I think i may have referred to Javanka taking that $82 million off the taxpayer/donors/beguiling foreign entities along with trademarks before meeting with Xi as a type of prostitution (using nicer euphemisms, not completely crass) and copied her in on the dialogue.

    There is no rhyme nor reason to suspension on Twitter. I follow this very sweet lady in New Zealand, she is a more-than-full-time volunteer archivist for the local historical society. She mostly posts tons of interesting things she is finding and scanning as she does her work. Then she also tweets sometimes on personal life struggles, some serious health issues that she is handicapped by and how lockdown has made it even harder. And she throws in tweets about her two cats as well. Rarely touches on any politics. Sometimes ever so vaguely support for political correctness.They kept suspending her over a couple months. She thought it was about her tweeting too much! (If that's a rule, why not apply it to Trump, he beats her record for sure.) Made zero sense.

    This is happening all over the place.  I see it on you tube also.  You only have to use the wrong word and you get flagged.  I watch a pleasant lady on YT that lives in a old trailer with a very small income.  She does some very interesting crafts, gardening, cheap cooking and food preservation.  She depends on the income from her channel.  She had to stop reading her grandmother's daily diary from WWII and was told they would demonetize her because she tied a kerchief on her head to keep her long hair back. She had to go through an appeal and was able to convince them that the kerchief was not because of religious reasons.  I would skim through some of her videos just to get to the diary because it was really interesting account of life in a Mennonite community in Eastern Pa. during the war.  At the same time she was getting hit with trolls in the comment section.  She got her income back from the channel and the trolls finally went away.

    They did try to ban Trump on twitter.  They took the account all down but that only lasted a few hours.  My guess there were some phone calls from the White House lawyers and FCC that convinced them to put it all back and keep their hands off of Trump's tweets. Twitter is just  a platform like the telephone company.  and protected under the same laws.  Only they have been pushing the envelope to act more like a publisher than a platform.  I think in the near future we are going to see some changes in the communication laws redefining where on line companies will fall under FCC laws.   

    I know there are groups that go through posts of large account that they don't like to find things to get the accounts banned. 

    Parlor is picking up users from twitter because of all the banning of large accounts. 


    FWIW, don't know how true--The Brits I follow on Twitter-mostly artists or art-related types liberal but far from P.C.-they have been making jokes about Parlor for a couple weeks already that it is just a refuge for the right-wing idiots and clowns, been making serious fun of it.

    They can make fun of it all they want.  Like I said up thread the conservatives are tired of the banning.  I know better than to underestimate the size of that group. It has grown since the 2016 election and has become probably the majority in our country.

    These are the nice people who go to Trump rallies and go out of their way to make Democrats feel welcome at those rallies. They don't believe the polls that show Biden leading with a wide margin.  They look around in their towns and don't see any Biden signs for President. It makes them wonder if Trump is really right about fake news.  Law and order is important to them and they see Democratic run states and cities allowing rioting to go on far too long. That makes them doubt the leadership of the Democratic party and finds it easy to agree with Trump's nick names he gives the leadership on the left.

    Those right wing idiots and clowns encourage their followers to not take their word as gospel, but to do their own research and make up their own minds.That does appeal to the 40% in the middle and lets them have their independence of political thought. The people who have put their money into Parlor sees an opportunity on the right.  They are marketing it in that direction to get it up and running. 

    It just baffles me, as to why the DNC hasn't competed for the independent voter at their level of independence  

    I am just calling it as I see it.  Yes, I did check out Parlor a few days ago.    

    momoe, since you are interested in Parlor, I just ran across this, thought I would share it:

    Lincoln Project list in which I suspect the order of the list is according to which topics they think are the most fruitful for changing votes away from Trump:

    In the past 72 hours we've learned:

    1. Trump knew Putin was hunting our soldiers.
    2. Putin successfully killed our soldiers.
    3. The Admin. knowingly sold faulty anti-body testing kits.
    4. COVID-19 had its largest ever single day cases.
    5. Trump tweeted a "white power" video.

    — The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) June 28, 2020

    a most amazing thing!!! hope is alive.

    The way you get disaffected GOP votes, some of these things are just so simple! Run a decent person for president and have him pin an American flag on a decent black kid who is respectful to grownups. It's just not that hard:

    Reminds me of how Obama, running for president early in 2008, was refusing to wear a flag pin in his lapel because he thought it trivial and stupid. He finally gave in to shut up the yammering, and I noticed he continued to wear one all through his presidency.

    new one trending on Twitter


    hah all the commie stuff the right would have used on Bernie if he was still in:

    Is this new one meant to hit mainly at his own confidence, make him freak out more?

    one guy's opinion:

    These are some really good ads. There's a smart creative ad team behind them. One of the best in the business. Far better than most of the ads I've seen other politicians produce.

    Note the music. Ennio Morricone died yesterday - classic soundtracks. Wrote several themes for the White House, including "Fistful of Dollars", "A Few Dollars More", "The Good, the Bad And The Ugly", "The Hateful 8", And "The Untouchables"

    Republican Voters Against Trump use old Ronnie ad against Trump:

    Josh Marshall praising a Lincoln Project ad:

    Hah, here's some pitiful competition. Looks like it was made with pleasing the boss in mind rather than wooing voters:

    Not just pitiful but also a falsification (as my German client used to say instead of "fake"):

    Call it "The Flatulation at Dumbkirk"

    When I lived in PA I used to go to the nude beach at Sandy Hook NJ. Boats would often anchor off shore to look at the nudists. But I'm pretty sure they're doing it this year to show their support for Trump

    So your name's short for "Ocean-Katamaran", at least when at full sail? Steady over the yardarm...

    Lincoln Project has put out a full out blowtorch attack on Senate GOP supporters of Trump-take no prisoners-never forgive--never forget-banish fuhever-talk about "cancel culture" sheesh, it's to the max:


    Not playing around here, I see.

    — Rachel Maddow MSNBC (@maddow) July 8, 2020


    cute name for the ad:

    I love these guys!

    yeah who knew former Republican political operatives could be so much fun? Rick Wilson's account is like one of the most fun on Twitter. The stereotype we all got in our head is: stick  in the mud stick up their ass kinda guys and gals.

    (Still the mostly shocking mindblowing member of the group, tho: George Conway, husband of Kellyanne-extra confusing is how he doesn't joke around, no cynicism there like Carville/Matalin-just pure anger at what Trump does.)

    Makes me think about Lee Atwater, I remember being taught by what I read in the news to hate him, but then I'd read about how he also was a cool dude playing in a blues band and I'd wonder...

    Apparently, 15 yr old Claudia is a Daddy's girl, (so to speak)...


    Proud to finally get WaPo/Bob Costa's serious attention

    Great new one with felons galore meme!

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