Yoko taught him good!


    Lost a good righteous rant, but yes, Sean, editors are supposed to block or provide context with loony tunes
    opinions. Opinons are like assholes - everyone has one, but some don't wipe. Cotton supported
    Trump's "let's buy Greenland" nonsense, and now he's supporting a collaborative anti-Antifa effort tied
    to Barr's pulling together unmarked renegade security instead of just supporting states & cities calling
    for any backup needed from state National Guard units - not these ragtag wannabe soldiers that fire
    teargas unprovoked on civilians and then say they didn't even fire.
    ANyway, NY Times isn't supposed to be serving up disinformation like coffee. Want a balanced opinion?
    back it with facts, real polls, countervailing opinion - not just Ivanka & Jared stoking their private business.
    The Old Grey Lady isn't a madam for a whorehouse. Yeah, most registered voters probably want law & order,
    and most probably want us to learn something from George Lloyd's death, and most probably don't want
    armed thugs either - whitepride rightwing anti-antifa assholes or paramilitary units controlled only by that
    Adderall addict/Criminal-in-Chief in the White House.

    David Brooks, Ross Douthat, and Brett Stephens are columnists for NYT. There are different opinions.

    The NYT does not have to mimic Facebook. Editors can root out nonsense.

    The staffers may remember that the paper helped promote a war.

    Did he tell us how to get our money back? The website's still there today, can I cancel?

    I'd Rather spank Sean.

    Gone wt Wind cancelled

    (yes, it seems to be Gone wt Wind)


    This is straight-out cancel culture effect. HBO wants to please the prevailing culture, whatever it is at the time. Profit is the motive.

    Turns out they are just going to add revisionist addenda. Again profit is the motive, even more so with that:


    Another example of the editorial issue:

    Japan's public broadcaster has taken down an anime video explaining the "Black Lives Matter" movement after receiving criticism that the video was offensive and failed to explain the complex racial issues accurately. https://t.co/8acaK9DzIv

    — PEN America (@PENamerica) June 10, 2020

    Here's the thing I'd like to point out here: this is taxpayer-funded public broadcasting.

    NYTimes is not. But.

    There is further difference with NYTimes from other for-profit media in that while the whole NYTimes Co. is a public corporation traded on the stock exchange, and has many other media businesses they invest in which would or would not help make them profitable but all of those depend heavily upon the very old  "blue chip brand" of the newspaper itself directed by the Ochs/Sulzberger family. Furthermore stock is divided between Class A and Class B and only one class is publicly traded, the other class is privately held, 90% by the family. So it's sort of a publicly traded/privately owned hybrid and as such is not as beholden to "clickbait" for profit as lots of other media cos, nor to editorial choices that please the public at large.

    So with the NYTimes, cancel culture doesn't have as much play as it might with others.

    the takeaway should have been Maiello's. Too bad he stopped participating here:

    and I agree with Williams who points out the danger in this intro to his retweet and thread following:




    Once again: Yoko taught him right: keep your mind open, rigid moral codification is the danger, change is the constant. As a young woman (before John) she was an early member of Fluxus.

    Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice! Yay! (I think??!??)

    It's not an easy thing going against the flow when you were raised in hipsterville:

    Olivia Nuzzi:

    I strongly second Ms. Nuzzi's recommendation to read Taibbi's article: "The American Press Is Destroying Itself". Thanks for posting the tweet, Arta.

    The Li Fang type stuff Is awful. Re: Tom Cotton, his call to Arma should have had serious counterbalance in a time of heavy passion. Greenwald Is just obsessive - dont need Joan Walsh to hazard why. Jumped the Shark, still jumping - 15 minutes done, except in Moscow.

    I recognize there's a problem here but I wonder how big a problem or if it's being hyped. You can find a few isolated incidents where the left has gotten someone fired. You can also find some on the left that the right has successfully "canceled." Two quickly and easily come to mind, Ward Churchill and Bill Maher. 

    Many of the serious professional journalists I follow all seem all in a tizzy as if this is truly the end of the world. But then I've also seen other professionals say things in shock at their behavior as childish whiny entitled and navel-gazing. And I just think it's a good topic for news junkies to think about. And Sean Lennon was just voicing his opinion on what kind of media he likes to see, and voting his preference with his subscription.

    You mean "laughed ať", right?

    Because reform won't happen, but abolishing the police will?

    Here's the latest at the top of the home page from the new NYTimes op-ed editors

    I’m a Black American. I Had to Get Out.

    The racism was too much. I fled. By Tiffanie Drayton Ms. Drayton is a writer. June 12, 2020

    Discuss amongst yourselves this editorial choice.

    Tiffanie moved back to Trinidad & Tobago, where her mother emigrated from when she was 4. She describes the different neighborhoods she lived in in the U.S. and the things that distressed her and made her return to the homeland.

    Me, I'm wondering whether I should tell my sister-in-law immigrant from Kenya that she should offer to do an op-ed why she came to the U.S. She's told me stories many times how life sucked there if you're a woman. She's fascinating to talk to. She's actually a nurse's aide but can easily say she's a "writer" too. I know she can write at the very least at Tiffanie's caliber. Yes, you can call me unimpressed with the quality and depth of what Tiffanie has to say. It might be good for Teen magazine if it still exists.

    now something happened that has Sean thinking about pandering to the mob:

    Oops kind of like what the military labels "collateral damage", can't get it right 100% of the time but the war is still on:

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