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    Fire up the Mint--AOC is tapped for Sec/Treas, Platinum Proof Coin to follow


    I am happy to report a precognitive flash (like the one I had that Trump would win in '16)


    It's Sanders in November, and he will tap AOC to run the Treasury.  (Stephanie Kelton will be Fed Chief when Powell expires).


    Succession untidiness will be obviated by Trump's timely election night stroke upon hearing Hannity call the election for Sanders.


    I love it when a plan comes together...


    Finally, a Treasury Secretary with an economics degree.

    "Tap AOC" - I see what you did there. I know you enjoyed writing that. She *will* kick your ass, even if she has to leave the elite coast to do it.

    I acknowledge that it is a plea against type,and reputation,  but I actually failed to recognize the double entendre.


    That said, I DO have a red haired voodoo doll named Riley and every morning I take a rigid length of pasta (successively shorter each week), push it through the middle of the doll and  and  spray hot water on it droops.


    As you know, I actually met Mi Reina doing a video for Zephyr Teachout's AG run and your intuition vis a vis my reaction to her is not mispla​ced.


    I mean, Precious Blood of the Sweet Baby Jesus, she is stomp down stupefying.





    most hilarious Twitter thread i've ever read:




    Milton Keynes being a new innovation center/council northwest of London
    but cute all the same.

    well, yay-uss; there's even a wee photo of that in the thread.  as well as the concrete cows in the commons area.  i've simply never seen so many spit-take worth rejoinders in my life.



    I lived in the Cotswolds for a time, and you really can't beat the town names...

    Milton....oh dear.


    That's gonna elicit some snorts...



    Oh methinks you just get all hot and bothered by econ gals. I seem to recall you had a crush on one at TPMCafe, user name was "Ellen" maybe?

    she loathed card-carrying hippies ike me.  jolly roger later claimed that she is now ellen brown of the public banking institute.  not.even.close.



    That is a certified blast from the past!

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