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Prez orders mercenaries from Saudi Temp agency. Consumer fraud found.

Ostensibly motivated by a tight budget line for fielding proxy armies (aka "boots on the ground, not ours"), President Obama (whom we have previously tagged as not  much of a military strategist) apparently went back to the same folks who sent him Obama bin Laden, (that

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That Hurricane melted greenland


This could be some really bad shit


As you will recall from countless weather reports. most hurricanes "pass harmlessly off the coast."


That is, they go NORTH instead of continuing west across the Atlantic, and therefore pass between North America and Europe.


In other words, they hit Greenland.


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Ted Cruz: "Trump is really a crypto Jew..."


I love it when the gloves come off.


First, Donald Chump Trump played the Cuban/Catholic/(Sp*c) card against Ted Cruz, musing, in his inimitable passive aggressive mode, that few evangelicals come out of Cuba, whereas, he, the Great White Hope of Protestant revanchism (Donald Trump-coming to an Orange Order Belfast march soon), was Presbyterian.


Of course, this ignorant prick doesn't realize that the magic denominational affiliation for evangelicals is Baptist, but, soit.


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Watcha' gonna do when you get outta jail? Think I'll make a movie....

SMH) We learn again today that the search for fame will subvert the success of even the most fortunate.

In the case of Joaquin Guzman, boss of the Sinaloa Cartel, he is said to have precipitated the raid which ended his brief hiatus (6 months)  from what promises to be permanent imprisonment because of a stated intention to produce his own biopic.

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Friends don't let (WASP) friends use Yiddish when campaigning.

I have previously declared myself deceived by Donald Chump Trump's over the top materialism and coarse address, which,on reflection, gave rise to a misconstruction re:his ethnicity that a close examination of his goyische punim (and goyische kopf) should have corrected.


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Why are we with the Arabs and not the Persians? I blame Lawrence.

From time to time it is useful to raise one's head above the AIPAC  generated miasma of anti-Iranian mania, and ask why, all things taken together, we invariably favor the Arabs (Saudis--with their irredentist head-chopping monarchy that, not incidentally, produced the guys who took down our big buildings--and Sunnis generally) over the Persians (who have women in parliament--shit, they HAVE a parliament!)

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trump, trump, rhymes with chump, wedge his whities in a lump...

The recent closing of the New York Military Academy has provided armchair psychologists with an illuminating anecdote from the formative years of the Republican front runner

. According to a person familiar with the facts, when the school closed, files from the guidance counselor previously held in strict confidentiality were inadvertently consigned to a dumpster instead of being shredded as intended. They were retrieved.

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If Greece owes money to Germany, doesn't Germanuy owe money to Greece?



On a morning when we learn that you may lend to Greece at ten percent more per annum than a loan to Germany, may we not enquire as to the relative equities between these parties if history is weighed in the balance?


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Donald Trump:"Sure, I paid $50 for each cheering extra. It was cheap. I rent people all the ime."

-- There'll be another 50 for 'em when they upload a video that shows them voting for me in the primary, It's called disintermediation, and it's the sharing economy, pal.

Why should I spend a fortune on PR when I can just go straight to the target demographic and cut a deal with each individual? It's the American way.


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