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    Comey and Rosenstein wore wires. That's what the FBI does

    Among the scattershot defenses mounted by the Trump's pitiable defendersf:


    Why didn't Comey turn Trump in as soon as Trump started leaning on him?


    Who says he didn't?


    Work with this hypothesis.


    Comey to his immediate superior: ( Rosenstein) "Trump is attempting to extort me to conspire in cover up.  He's still got some ambiguity available. "(January 27)


    Rosenstein:"See where it goes.  Wear a  wire."


    Evidently, Trump did not stay awake through Donnie Brasco.


    Also, Jared learned nothing from his father's misfortune.



    They set Trump  up like the chump he is...(Sessions too, woo-hoo!!)that's why Rosenstein agreed to write the memo in the first place that was so obviously not how you would really paper the file--everyone who knew him was all like "18 days on the job and he has a well developed opinion on Comey that never mentions the Inspector Gen';l case ongoing?

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