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    Remember September 26. 1983? Coulda' been your last day.

    In case you missed it, the world almost ended that day, because Soviet satellites misreading sunlight  reflected from clouds for missile afterglow triggered a system call for a retaliatory launch.

    Without peradventure, we all owe to the (truly lamented) S. Petrov, our good times from the cited date on..

    I am not one hundred percent in agreement with Putin's assessment that the fall of the Soviet Union was a great historic tragedy (albeit the hegemonic rivalry improved American behavior internationally), and the stand down since 1983 is part of my reason.

    On the other hand, we are pretty much back at trigger finger proliferation without the prior gravitas inspired restraint that was so fortuitously displayed by Petrov, (who, after all, worked for the Soviet Union, that very same "Evil Empire")

    One might well ask if an American Colonel circa 2017 might be counted on to be as sane.


    I dint know about this. I wonder if anyone will step up to the plate with this childish BS. 

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