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    Disclaimer:  I have   always harbored invidious fantasies of a pampered retirement courtesy of the dependency multiplier effect built into social security and the supply of twenty five year old widows with four adoptable kids likely to be found in many third world countries.


    That said, and i the spirit of sincere inquiry (ed note "yeah, right") what would be the impact upon the immigration status of a dreamer who was adopted by a citizen?


    One might  envision 800,000 adult adoptions by  indigent nursing home residents  (thus obviating inheritance issues) creating overnight. at the very least, a litigation minefield between the dreamers and the border


    At best, a path to citizenship


    I love your idea, but as the white mother of 3 adopted children from El Salvador (twins) and Venezuela -- all of whom were born in the US -- you don't get paid if you adopt.  If you are a foster parent you get a lot of aid (but that doesn't affect their citizenship, alas).

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but we are going to have to work this out in some other way.  

    My personal preference:

    Draw a line under everyone who is already here, and give them a pathway to citizenship but in the meantime, they can have work permits, drivers licenses, and EVEN be able to vote!  Then, allow people who are needed here (not just computer gurus and students, but also vegetable pickers, gardeners, etc to apply for special visas for a limited amount of time, and as a stipulation, any children born during this time would not be citizens of this country.  The workers/students/models, etc would still be allowed to apply for citizenship.  They would be able to sign on to whatever we have to offer for health insurance (which they would pay for, of course).

    Any problems?

    I think the magic is in the timing and the age of the adopted children.  Also, you have to be on social security which I don't think you are yet.


    Also, on the more immediate issue, I'm pretty sure that there are bars to adoption as a means of thwarting the xenophobic immigration laws, just like the fraudulent marriage prosecutions.


    Still, a generous impulse with little downside for the nursing home resident with no family.

    you have to be on social security which I don't think you are yet.

    Despite my youthful appearance and writing style, I am 69 years old ( lol).  I'm thinking Congress is going to fix this, although in a very half-assed way.  Let's hope so anyway.

    You are correct, I was deceived by a recently updated facebook cover photo.

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    If you're just gonna leave a thread out waiting for someone to take it on a joy ride... and I 'spect that pic's underage, may have to inspect a bit closer. First she sez 3 years old, then she sez can drive & buy likker, sounds fishy to me.

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    I'm on it. 19, eh? Kinda clueless, kinda cray?



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