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    On n'me fait pas foutre!

    You will no doubt have heard that France's top general has rsigned in protest against Macron's cuts to the military budget.


    That, of course, is not the big story.  


    His exit line "I will not be fucked!" sets the standard for subordinates refusing to cave before what they deem bullying (ed note: I'm with Macron on the substance, but, soit.).


    All of which gives rise in me to a wistful fantasy, where Dean Heller, (chaneling his inner Dick Cheney, as it were), interrupts  his grotesque faux-amuse beet-red pure embarassment laughter, and, without missing a chuckle, turns to Trump after the "nice little Senate seat ya got here" routine, to deliver.



    "Go fuck yourself!"


    In fact, now that I think about it, it can really only be a matter of time before someone indulges themself (and us) by thus unloading on that orange excrescence while the cameras roll.


    Godspeed, I say.

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