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    Trump dogged by dementia charges, ducks any unscripted scrutiny

    Trump's unchallenged superiority during the campaigns, primary and general, was his sensitivity to the visual production values and the optics of his personal presentation. (ed note: odious as we humans found it, his voters thought differently.)


    Of late, between a cascade of disorientation episodes cruelly video'ed by a vicious press






    (some of whom just happened to be shooting the official proceedings of the G20),




    Trump and his handlers have evidently decided upon the wisdom of  his absolute avoidance (ever since he got to freestylin' back as far as JANUARY(!!)) of any press availability that might involve responsive answers, on his feet, in public, no lifelines.


    Most of the time he can do so with no cost in public evaluation--however, the G20 was not one of those times, and slipping outta town like a dog who has shit in his owner's shoe just makes the stank he left behind more pungent.




    I think the decline in his ability to marshal situational awareness is florid and accelerating.  He is utterly without the internal resiliency to muster back-up neural networks, and his physical platform is scheduled to crater badly in the current time frame.


    I don't see him evading the guys with the strait jacket for more than 90 days, 180 tops.

    Jolly... "straight jacket"????

    Meow says... mew mew mew.


    Let us never miss an opportunity to invoke


    Aaron Blake @ WaPo points out about the Trump's "Podesta" tweet of yesterday that This is one of President Trump’s most bizarre tweets yet — for 3 reasons....inexplicable in so many ways that I thought it worth a quick recap....

    Well, shit,, were one to deconstruct the incoherence of the tweets...It is Pelion upon Ossa, one after the other.  There is no internal logic, let alone any mooring in external (ie, reality) fact.  He is absolutely innocent each moment of the events, statements and consequences of the moment prior.


    It's not a big mystery--it is the  path that all too many of us have seen loved ones up a generation tread.  This is how it goes--oyez como va.

    Found this I missed: over 20 Dems in the House have already signed legislation to create a commission ready to go:

    Reading the article, seems to me like they want P.R., to create buzz about it with the public to get more to sign on....everyone knows how to do that,  I presume

    Trump had such low cunning in managing his version of a WWE persona, that he failed to reckon with the loss of the ability to edit the final cut of the video.  The unblinking scrutiiny that he has volunteered for is his undoing.

    From ‘fake media’ to Clinton, Trump brings political attacks to the Scout Jamboree
    Ahead of President Trump’s appearance in West Virginia, Boy Scouts troops were offered advice: Fully hydrate. Be “courteous” and “kind.” And avoid the kind of divisive chants heard during the 2016 campaign such as “build the wall” and “lock her up.” But from the moment he took stage, Trump led them down a very different path.
    Trump chides Clinton in W.Va.1:53
    (Video: The Washington Post; photo: Reuters)
    • 2 hours ago @ The Washington Post

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