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    Trump, Capitalism's Most Grotesque Contradiction

    Josh Marshall has a nice chart that gives a cozy back of the napkin feel to the sale of one country to the phenomenally rich autocrat of another (nominally less powerful) country.



    With Kushner Revelations, The Worst Case Scenario Comes Into View

    When Marx foretold the sale by the ruling class of the rope with which to hang it's members, he could not have imagined the trumpenproletariat and their demented caudillo as the dramatis personae in the precipitation of capitalism's final catastrophe.


    You  could say, to paraphrase Josh, that with Trump, capitalism's worst case scenario comes into view.


    Putin is said, at 82 billion, to be the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, of course, being second.


    Trump is a guy who cashed a check for $0.32.


    'There is no way on earth that Trump doesn't think of Putin as the son his father always wished Donald had been.






    Ironically, it is reported that among the recently stated discontents with Jared Kushner Trump has criticized the optics of Kushner's sister setting up a booth to sell green cards to Chinese investors with 500,000 to spend on apartments (somewhat truncating the special FRV-500k "filthy rich visa" program)

    Hi Jolly!

    Yeah, follow the money!

    Cenk is so important to me. TYT. Anyway here is where my philosophy lies:


    Ha! What makes it all plausible is Trump's insane level of stupid.

    Trump is like the Limbo-king of stupidity expectations. I keep lowering the bar of expectations in terms of basic intelligence and keep getting surprised at how he manages to squeeze his fat ass under it! 

    I think there is a corollary to Josh's Trump's Razor (the explanation presuming the maximum Trump stupidity is the correct one) which is that whatever choice Trump makes when finally forced to move from bullshit to action will be the worst case scenario.

    Obey as always: you got it.


    God I hate this guy. hahahahah

    Hi DD!  I think it kills Trump not to be in the big time kleptocrat class, when guys like Mubarak have been stacking cheese like bandits. (And, not to put too fine a point on it, Mubarak's failure to be "Presbyterian like Donald" is only the beginning of his manifest shortcomings in Trump's view...)

    Cenk was early to the party, no doubt.  It seems in retrospect that the "insanity" stage was just a stop along the way to "moronic" (a sorta Kubler Ross process of coming to terms with the full enormity of what has been wrought...)

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