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    Ya Moqtada! A young gun comes of age.

    Among the several crimes against intelligence that adorn the record of the post invasion imperium in Iraq, the attempt to prosecute frame the son of an Ayatollah (himself martyred by Saddam) for the murder of a collaborating Mullah stands out...

    Moqtada al-Sadr was not only an aspiring Ayatollah in his own right, he was also commander of one of the two or three most powerful militias in Baghdad--they call part of Baghdad Sadr City.

    Paul Bremer was the genius who tried to arrest Moktada, and the Sadr Militia fought the US Army to a standstill and a stand down of the arrest plans.

    Unsurprisingly, the Sadr troops were crucial to driving ISIL out of western Iraq.

    Sadr was always a king maker, but he has grown in stature.  Bremer has left  Moqtada remains. and the US delivered revenge for Saddam's murder of his father.

    Today Moktada is the co-premier of Iraq..

    So, I guess from his point of view, that being the long term, we turned out to be liberators and not occupiers after all..


    Yeah, this is interesting.

    The only constant is change.

    Having had decades to watch some true charismatic leaders, though, I noticed that if they don't temper with age, and try to work coalitions, it doesn't end pretty. Because: things change. Compare like: Chavez.

    But then many young people in Iraq probably think Moqtada a boring old fart who doesn't get it.

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