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    Bolton to announce the "Gaza Model"

    The esteemed author of the diplomatic hand grenade otherwise known as "The Libya Model" is turning his national security chops to the southern border contretemps.


    He will shortly announce the inevitable product of his careful reasoning, consistent with the need to enforce zero tolerance tempered by the prohibition on locally.concentrated internment (see what I did there?)  mandated  by PR prudence.



    His solution, informed by his years of close study at the knee of Avigdor Lieberman?



    The Gaza Model.



    Clamp the border where it is narrow (at the southern end of Mexico).  Seize the northern half mile of Guatemala, declare a sea blockade down to the Panama Canal, and, voila.



    It's Gaza in the Caribbean.


    The Monroe Doctrine (with chips and salsa until the NAFTA thing gets worked out or not).

    And the very best Taco Bowls...

    yes I really enjoyed these two comments together; quippery at its finest, puts 99% of Tweets to shame. Thank-you-very-much (like Andy Kaufman used to say it)!

    Do you have a link to ... anything?

    What I have is better represented thusly, which representation accurately conveys both the gravity of the situation, and the foundation of my prediction, which is based not in any current fact, but the inexorable logic of any post partition ethnic cleansing enterprise, which is what we have going in the southwest (echos of  1845 and what is happening in gaza.  the flying condoms are the gazan  equivalent of unaccompanied minors....)

    Ahh ... got ya (for perhaps the first time).  wink




    If you missed it, the audio tape that blew Trump into oblivion was credited to Jennifer Harbury.

    Remember her?


    The Rebel and the Lawyer: Unlikely Love in Guatemala


    Napolitano on Fox and Friends gives a dreadful endorsement of my prediction"


    "If Mexico would let us set up on the other side of the border, due process would not attach, but here the Constitution specifically by speaking of persons and not only ditizens, exends Fifth Amendment protection"


    Thus,the solution to the problem so vexing Trump takes shape.


    But, of course, Mexico says no ,  so it's the Guatemalan border in stead.


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