So , waiter make it

     Donald ‘s final , and last, role of the dice. . Because , sadly ,we  probably  can’ t yet completely stop , while a portion of his ¨base¨ still agrees that  he should be indulged in attempting to ¨ restore”¨the economy”.(Perhaps with  Secretary of Treasury  Jared    moving to   660 Sixth Avenue- cut down his commute.)

    What we may be able , and should certainly try to  do, is to make sure it’s final. And  only.

    Any rational (if only !) executive  , would have automatically grasped  that ,at a minimum . the vaunted  restoral should be a single header.  Even so limited  ,say, to  one smaller State , (not NY or California) it will be  fraught with apparently  unresolvable enigmas.. 

    Which  he  can attempt to de-enigmatize if the unfortunate patient is, say, South Carolina. And it will be done because
    It has to be.

    And somehow done, it will be reasonable for us to  propose a format for a less more strenuous  round two. Etc.

    Unlike WW2 's Seabees whose 

     ¨ the difficult  can be done immediately ,  the  ¨ impossible just  takes  a little longer  ¨ 

     it can t ..

    Limit Act 1 of the restoral  to ¨a learning experience." 

    Remember ,as  Sgt Westmoreland put it- in Fort  Dix in 1951 :¨You don´t learn from trying the impossible. You just suffer¨.


    revised to substitute ¨Remember ¨ as the first word of the last sentence,

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