Thereś an answer

    Bill Gates wants to try and produce a vacine that is  95%  effective.

    That 's good enough 

    80% won t work. You can t work if   you'll only have  a 80% of  being on the 5 42. Because tn effect thatś suicide on the installment plan.

    90 % would be grand . But not if it will need 60 days. Capitalism wouldn't survive if we have to wait  that long for the next installment. .And we don t know how to survive without  capitalism .Not saying it can t be done. But that we 've haven t  yet done it .

    Which ,roughly speaking ,=s it's impossible

    With a 95% vacine  the same goods will appear on the shelves by. 30 days. We ´ll complain . And reach for them.

     The genius of Gates consisted in accepting a Good enough as a goal. .


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