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Huckabee Sanders' dad

 Righteously pointed out today

"One last, curious thing. Lewinsky acknowledges that what she did was wrong and that what the President did was a “gross abuse of power,” but she has nothing negative to say here about Hillary’s behavior. Instead, she says, “We watched a First Lady and First Daughter move through the year with grit and grace.” Um, this is the First Lady who graciously called her a narcissistic loony tune and worked behind the scenes to discredit scores of erupting bimbos. 


not of the Dagblog security system but of the Dagbloggers'  ability to match certain well known  individuals with the good fortune that came their way.

List A : dollars,  in numerical order. 

$1 971 554, 1 968 714, 1 488 706, 1472 789 , 1 399 698, 1 231 079, 1 015 173 , 1 012 980 , 820 375,  800 544,     707 084, 543 612, 450 095, 419 651 

List B :people, in alphabetical order.

Blunt, Buck, Burr , Cassidy, Curtis, Cotton, Gardner ,Hill , Johnson, McConnell , Portman , Roberts ,Rubio, Tillis, Young.

#metoo is wrong


Due process is more important than  helping  women obtain redress for harms they've suffered. Or believe they've suffered.

If NPR, or Google, or GE  is told an  employee thinks she's been harassed. ; or denied promotion ;or whatever, it  should  not   try to fix the problem .

Been there done that. Called "lynching".

Instead It should  help her  to use the legal system. If there's no way to do that  it should do nothing about past events. That's called  "ex post facto ".

Go it Chuck




Go it ...




Go it ...

I entered this 3 times and someone did me favor of  deleting two of them.

One more time. I agreed with Chuck. And Nancy. 

He cut  a spending deal. Fine .Do I wish it covered DACA. Sure

She  complained -for 8 hours in heels- because it did not cover DACA. Good for her.

Do I think either of them should be censured or removed? Hell no. We'll see what happens meanwhile the leader of my party is the leader of my party. And I support him. And her.




Don't reply to the Memo


Right now  it's the only game in town. It will be discussed and where there are contrary unclassified facts available Schiff&Co can steer the media to them.

Once a Democrat rebuttal appears Fox etc  will be gratefully relieved of their knee jerk responsibility to defend the Memo and will shift to attacking the Democrat response.  Which is  why there shouldn't be one. Now. 

Good enough

I'm contradicting myself ( who cares?) but at risk of being seen as the most gullible voter on the East Coast I think the  shut down/end shut down  was a success. 

I wrote last weekend that then  was the best point for Schumer to go to the mat - altho I believed it would cost us votes in November. Hal and others disagreed  about it costing us , who knows ?Now we won't because at least this shut down was a victim of infanticide.

Support Schumer It's easy

Go on line. Go to his web site. Say you support him. I just did.

A million years ago, on Friday,  what I wanted  was for him to be " statesman like"  :agree with a one week delay in forcing a shut down. Not because I believed that would strengthen Chuck's negotiating position.  Since that 's what  McConnell proposed   clearly it was what McConnell  knew  was in  McConnell's  interests  Therefore  , not our's.

Yes kiddies, politics  is a zero-sum game.  Even so I wanted Chuck to" go along ". Because  that gave us our best shot at November.

Was it worth it?

Shutting down the Government? Basically because of DACA ?

Yes because acting otherwise would have exposed us as posturing frauds, always on the side of right and truth and honor, etc. Except when the chips were down



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