GOOD GUYS DON'T ALWAYS WIN , uh ,they did.

    If there's someone you're rooting to win something , let me know ,I'll predict their failure and that should put them over the finish line.

    I have nothing to add to  what you've read in the last 24 hours. Unlike your immediate correspondent N&C emerged from the "longest shut down in history" with a record of saying A on day one and continuing  to say it until day F- for folded- when Donald  did that.. 

    But before ending on that note I heard of number two- the House republicans  gambit of shutting down the Intelligence Committee by refusing to  appoint any Rep Members. Which reminded me of......

    Farmer Brown was driving his new bride to her new home when the  horse kicks up some mud.  Brownie pulls the reins, goes in front puts his hands on either side of the horse's head, stares in his eyes and says

    That's one

    They journey a while.Then another hoof full of mud. Brown stops, goes in front. Same routine and says

    That's two.

    Finally in the home stretch , more mud. Stop. In front. Stare in eye. Says 

    That's three.

    Pulls out his  pistol and shoots.

    Brown goes back to help his  bride to descend. Furious.

    How could you do something like that ?Shooting our horse in front of me. On our wedding day.

    Brown looks her in the eye and says

    That's one. 







    The devil made me do it.

    Weekend boredom tempted me to  calibrate the  response to a lame joke.. As follows


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