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"One can't believe impossible

 things." said Alice.
"I daresay you haven't had much practice," said Donald. "When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

Such as  there's  no global warming. Or I didn't need to prepare for  COVID 19.


Just do it.

We need 300 million masks and ,say, 5 million Ventilators. Fine.  order them   made. Next week,

Or OK ,the next week. Whatever.

The Post Office can distribute them To the best available list. They'd know how to do that.

Meanwhile  commission the three most competent  suppliers to design the best  replacement  masks or ventilators that can go into production afterwards, To replace the ones that need it. 

The A squared solution.

If Amy becomes our nominee,clearly Adam should be her running mate.

Just kidding.


Oh the Grand Old Duke

 of York.

He had ten thousand men

He marched them up the hill


House impeachment actions                                   Trump’s Approval

                                                                                 per  538

9 24 Pelosi announces  impeachment                      42.4%

10 31  House resolution to start                                 40.7

Don't complain about IOWA

Trump's usual crowing will have cost him some votes.

Don't give them back by emulating him. Apart from other reasons not to, such as common courtesy.

Complaints ought to be  limited to those who have never made a mistake.

Like me!

Does Jay Sekulow

approve of John?  John Bruton that is .

How would Jay feel  about John being a Director of Burisma? Or Karen B. Peetz? Would she be OK?  Or Richard J Swift ?

Would any/all  of them know sufficiently   more about oil extraction than Hunter Biden so Jay would be more comfortable with them in Burisma?

Or ,come to think of it , should he have  given a damn?

Of course not.

Nor did he. Only to the extent that by posturing to care he could insert  an iota of pretend  credibility in his diatribe .      To fool you.

Tribe : Dershowitz , wrong.

Tuesday  10 45 EST on MSNBC  Lawrence Tribe explained why  Dershowitz was wrong. On Lawrence O'Donnell's show.

I don't think McConnell's minions will be able to rest their case tomorrow  on Alan D.


revised to correct mis spelling of O'Donnell's sur name

Sigh. And Monday?

Trump & Biden both lost.

No further comment re Biden . Apart from anything else Trump lost by having ensured that his opponent won't be Biden. I like Joe, he's dead, 

But one about Dershowitz. He was right before he changed his mind..To  a formulation in effect a slow burning  execution stake for the USA.  



To merit impeachment the Pressy has had to have stolen an apple from a fruit stand.Or freed a slave. Or done something  else that was CRIME in 1790.

We won today

The Democrats had a plan and the Reps had a train to catch..Or something. Maybe read about the Dixie Highway. Or  sing Dixie.Or the Horst Wessel Lied.

If we started with a 53% chance of winning in November we ended with 53% + something.

If you skipped it,  the Dems took advantage  of their  month's  preparation to locate their top 50 Impeachment vids  .  The Reps took advantage of it to practice repeating last month's script..


Oh Lord,

Today's new round of  Trump disclosures means we really could  win 

Unless we nominate Joe Biden. In an election whose theme  will be installing  an Administration  of normal human decency the only Dem candidate who fails that test is the one who  misused his authority to require Ukraine  to make a lavish monthly gift to his son.  .



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