Trump should suspend our Iran sanctions.

    It's not in our interest to be seen to be causing them Coronavirus deaths.

    Or put it another way; it's wrong.

    His staff are perfectly capable of rearranging the flowers on the present. I won't suggest except to say sooner would be better  . People are dying.

    AOBTW. It would be in our interest to do it before the Maximum Leader decides

     to offer 50 or so  diseased  warrior an opportunity to a commodius location in heaven in exchange for

    them crossing  our border to have a cup of coffee some place that's open.


    Lovely to see so many flags, including the #Swedish one and the Union Jack, projected on the #Azadi tower.

    — Kamiar Mohaddes (@KamiarMohaddes) April 1, 2020

    Makes sense to  rethink  when the other other guy is dealt an ace.

    Even when this forces you  to do the right thing.

    The rest of the world will likely come out of this changed. The US as usual may take away the wrong lesson.

    Joe Biden statement on topic:

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