"One can't believe impossible

     things." said Alice.
    "I daresay you haven't had much practice," said Donald. "When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

    Such as  there's  no global warming. Or I didn't need to prepare for  COVID 19.



    As.noted by Krugman, climate deniers use the same arguments as virus deniers

    Let me summarize the Trump administration/right-wing media view on the coronavirus: It’s a hoax, or anyway no big deal. Besides, trying to do anything about it would destroy the economy. And it’s China’s fault, which is why we should call it the “Chinese virus.”

    Oh, and epidemiologists who have been modeling the virus’s future spread have come under sustained attack, accused of being part of a “deep state” plot against Donald Trump, or maybe free markets.

    Does all this give you a sense of déjà vu? It should. After all, it’s very similar to the Trump/right-wing line on climate change. Here’s what Trump tweeted back in 2012: “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing noncompetitive.” It’s all there: it’s a hoax, doing anything about it will destroy the economy, and let’s blame China.

    And epidemiologists startled to find their best scientific efforts denounced as politically motivated fraud should have known what was coming. After all, exactly the same thing happened to climate scientists, who have faced constant harassment for decades.



    Absolutely. It must have been 20-30 years ago when a certain type of Republican started to  scorn for Democrats for 

    caring about  facts. "Participating in the real life sector " or something like that. From there they've ended up in this

    weird cul de sac. Bye,bye.

    Every dog has its day.

     Not to restart another round of the ever popular joe lunchpail exchange while I admit to good old genial Flavius about idealogy , not true about competence.Or in. I don't make allowances for Henry Ford but I still noted  he kept the /black vehicles rolling of the assembly. If  I'm stuck with  a racist bigot  at least I want to drive home afterwards. 

    Without the wheels coming off.

    The wheels  started coming  off  Donnie boy's government before he had a chance to shout at his wife at the Inaugeration.



    I am not sure how the various choices between qualities relate to one another.
    The practical is not a given thing. Long years at work have shown me that is the best result of extraordinary effort. And it still may not be enough to do whatever.

    I think you have a peculiar insight into what makes the ruling class do what it does.

    Say some more.

    The problem that we face is that when you use facts to counter what Trump says, his supporters double down on supporting Trump. It is possible that they actually believe what Trump says It is possible that they cannot admit that they made a mistake. We are not obligated to pretend that we agree with Trump. We can tell Trump supporters what we think about Trump. They had no problem telling us that Trump would clean the swamp. No fistfights have occurred during these discussions. We simply agree to disagree.

    Comments that I have heard are things like "I wish that he wouldn't say some of the sh*t he says", or "Don't go by what he says, go by what he does." I have never gotten an explanation that I would consider rational. We are now in a situation where Republicans are actually trying to kill a segment of the population. Blue state Governors have to be "nice" to receive aid. Old people should sacrifice themselves to benefit the economy. Trump lies about important things on a daily basis. I see no reason to try to appease people who support an incompetent racist who wants the elders in my family to die.

    Appeasement is irrational.

    There are people peeling away from Trump. They are not running towards a great Democratic plan. They are running away from Trump. 

    This will still likely be a close Presidential race. Speaking the truth about Trump is not going to magically create Trump supporters. We have to continue to state facts.

    Or the occasional useful lie.

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