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Hillary's vote , Dec 13

Highest popular votes in past years.

Obama 2008         69,499,000

​Obama  2012        65,916,000

Bush      2004        62,000,000


Not much changed

 This year,  noon  Dec 13* 

Hillary                    65,759,000 

Trump                    62,916,000

*From  Cook Political Report  2016 National Popular Vote Tracker.  

Compared to yesterday's

Hillary                     65,757,000

Trump                     62,913,000

Have I got a plane for you!

Thank goodness our President Elect includes among his qualifications   being manifestly better equipped than the US Air Force to   evaluate an  "Air Force One" category aircraft  . And ,lucky us! ,is  in possession of his very own such plane  which, in exchange for never paying any taxes-or something- he'll generously agree  to lease to the Air Force as a stopgap while he  artfully re-negotiates the existing Boeing  development and delivery deal.

Let's see. What was the amount of that Trump university settlement ?

Just wondering.

When the dogs stopped eating the dog food.

Ocean-kat asked 'Why did HIllary do better than Feingold in Wisconsin. But why did he lose and so did she.As she did elsewhere even though she did better than many other democrats on the ticket '

Bernie was right that Hillary was  somewhat  to the right of many of his supporters. AOBTW of Russ Feingold and of many others of our candidates this year. She did better than him and them ,not despite being to their right but because of it.

One more time. Yes Hillary was further right than Bernie. And his supporters.But that wasn't what cost her the election.

November 6 2018

is when we're going to start fixing this mess.

Some suggestions

1. If your congressmen is a Democrat but a  real jerk ,never to soon to start planning to upset him. In 2022.

2. Demonstrate , intelligence.Of course we'll want to show how deeply we object  to  the evil legislation coming down.  Obtain permission, tell the Chief that you the Town Council to congratulateto  him on how well he handled the demo. Sympathize with the Cops who are stuck out in the cold with you.  Don't block traffic

Any friends who voted for Trump?


Who cares why the bad people did. We won't invite them to our next birthday partyl

 But why did your friends do it?

Ah, irony!

that woman spending........years locking up the Establishment's support and it  turns out that the electorate doesn't   trust the establishment



Don't know.The combination of  the Establishment and the electorate gave "that woman"  a  healthy popular vote margin of more than 2 million. (Or will do once the missing 20% of California finally appears.)

Let me straighten you out about a coupla things.


Nov 1 2016        4.9             Jan 1   2007     4.6

Jan 1 2016         4.9                         2006     4.7 

 Jan 1 2015         5.7                         2005      5.3

Jan 1 2014         6.6                         2004      5.7

Jan 1 2013         8.0                         2003      5.8 

Jan 1 2012         8.3                         2002       5.7 

Jan 1 2011         9.1                         2001       4.2   

Jan 1 2010        9.8                          2000        4.0


printed by error

See below

US unemployment rate

Sept  2016

Jan 2016

Jan 2015

Jan 214

The children's crusade. Again

We did nothing wrong. Except  failing to persuade 600 Floridians that it was  not a great  idea to

vote Nader in 2000. ( When will we ever learn? ). But because of that we got:


-A continuation of Alan Greenspan's loopy version of Ayn Rand economics

-The completely avoidable sub prime bubble

-Followed by the then unavoidable 2008

-Followed by Paulson kneeling before Nancy Polosi pleading for her to do the right

    thing, and save the country from disaster about to be created by his own party.


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