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Tribe : Dershowitz , wrong.

Tuesday  10 45 EST on MSNBC  Lawrence Tribe explained why  Dershowitz was wrong. On Lawrence O'Donnell's show.

I don't think McConnell's minions will be able to rest their case tomorrow  on Alan D.


revised to correct mis spelling of O'Donnell's sur name

Sigh. And Monday?

Trump & Biden both lost.

No further comment re Biden . Apart from anything else Trump lost by having ensured that his opponent won't be Biden. I like Joe, he's dead, 

But one about Dershowitz. He was right before he changed his mind..To  a formulation in effect a slow burning  execution stake for the USA.  



To merit impeachment the Pressy has had to have stolen an apple from a fruit stand.Or freed a slave. Or done something  else that was CRIME in 1790.

We won today

The Democrats had a plan and the Reps had a train to catch..Or something. Maybe read about the Dixie Highway. Or  sing Dixie.Or the Horst Wessel Lied.

If we started with a 53% chance of winning in November we ended with 53% + something.

If you skipped it,  the Dems took advantage  of their  month's  preparation to locate their top 50 Impeachment vids  .  The Reps took advantage of it to practice repeating last month's script..


Oh Lord,

Today's new round of  Trump disclosures means we really could  win 

Unless we nominate Joe Biden. In an election whose theme  will be installing  an Administration  of normal human decency the only Dem candidate who fails that test is the one who  misused his authority to require Ukraine  to make a lavish monthly gift to his son.  .

Trump wins again

Donald's set piece on the prior administration's  "foolish " no nuke agreement with Iran per se  -and its' associated role "providing the funding for Missile attack" could seem as evidence that he has finally lost all contact with reality and needs to be taken away for a long  rest.

On the contrary, it was a great success.

In the hours since  it's been the main topic, as he intended. As opposed the dangerous (for him) topics of the murder itself  and the need for Congress to revoke the extraordinarily improper Authorization to Use Force Resolution.


The Iranian assassination

When Harold Wilson's  got to Heathrow in 1964  the UK had just learned that the Brit Secy of Defense had been sleeping with the same 16 year old as the Russian ambassador . The press asked Wilsonwhat he thought.

Answer:   " No comment"

                 "In technicolor"

Which is what we should be saying tonight :     Practice .

           NNNNNNNN NO NO NO   etc

A "blog" saying it was a Trump  election maneuver will be copied .

distributed on the net and will cost us one vote per each reader. 

Trump's gaining

at least if you accept the composite poll of polls  with which 538 today tops his report. 

The actual  Trump numbers it posts on the right axis are  52.1 disapprove, 43.4 approve.

I don't  have access to its  similar earlier  reports   but if you overlook the unsophisticated  approach . I confess to just placing   a transparent ruler on today's chart point  reflecting today's  approval , the highest since his swearing in before   " the greatest crowd in the history of Inaugerations (or was it  all   pubic events ever.) 

In the car

  I asked whether Ted would be there. 

Driving to the  Christmas party at a home  for the “developmentally disabled “ . 

Guys who can’t live outside. Crazy ,probably  called  although one of them can do complicated math puzzles  in his head. When he’s not violent. Mostly true now.

Only  one really talks. But they get along.  With one another and the staff,.  
And enjoy the holiday  food. Cooked by the staff and to some extent by staff from other houses who like to come by . It’s a good scene.

I'm thankful for

Adam Schiff

Friday's Hearing

We won.

What ever might have been the outcome otherwise Trump's intervention meant the Republicans played catch up all day and never did.

I'll check the feeling of the 538 group and add them subsequently.


WHY ? (As if you cared. Nor should you.)

538's  day job: accumulating predictions and experiencing the actual  outcomes  trains them to automatically reject trivial data (plus their own romanticism)



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