Oh Lord,

    Today's new round of  Trump disclosures means we really could  win 

    Unless we nominate Joe Biden. In an election whose theme  will be installing  an Administration  of normal human decency the only Dem candidate who fails that test is the one who  misused his authority to require Ukraine  to make a lavish monthly gift to his son.  .

    Otherwise any one of the current  candidates would be worth giving  it a shot. It's useless self -inflicted torture to  worry whether    Bernie would be able to launch Medicare for All. If so ,great. If not,  things wlll stay as they  are except   for having a normal human being at the big house on Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Ditto for all the other candidates.




    What did Joe Biden do in the Ukraine?

    Do you also believe that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election?

    I don't know the details but somehow while Joe was VP   son Hunter was given a very profitable position as a "director" of a Ukrainian Utility. . i.e. was paid to do nothing.

    The subject has been prominently raised by the Republicans for months and Joe has had ample time to offer

    justification , if there were any. ( Hunter wasn't paid?; He helped Burisma obtain needed  US supplies?)

    If it looks like  a duck, etc.

    He was bribed ,end of story.

    Like most people I like Joe. We need to have a presidential candidate who didn't accept a bribe when  previously VP.

    I know nothing about  Ukraine's involvement in the 2016 .

    If any,










    Look Flav, this is as old as creation. Yes, people who want influence will find someone who knows someone - a family member? Great. Bill Carter. Eisenhower's brother. Jeb Bush. Chelsea Clinton. Liz Cheney. Elaine Chao as Mitch's wife. Some way to hope to get a word in with the great man. But it's a long way from putting friend or family on a board to asserting a quid-pro-quo bribe. Our whole system works with this access politics. People give big money to have some kind of ear. It's when the ear turns into illegal or unscrupulous actions that we have a problem. Until then, please stop doing the Republicans' work for them. Yeah, Joe may have been a bit tone-deaf - as he's been for decades, Mr. Insurance State and all - and his largely useless and degenerate son has been flying around trying to pick up some change off his famous dad. But unless it goes farther than that, some corrupt promises, transactions - THAT WE SEE A FUCKING MILLION OF EXPLICITLY EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN DAY - we don't really have to go digging in the weeds and presuming speculations to be proof positive. They control the DoJ, they've been all over Ukraine like a junkie in a drugstore. If there was something, they would've shown it. They don't have dick. Let's not give 'em a mulligan or toss the ball on the green just for their efforts.

    Here is a NYT article that helps the charges against Biden


    A good rule of thumb, if a Republican says, it is a lie. Trump has told > 15K lies since the election. We have to stay informed. We cannot avoid knowing details when charges are made against a Democratic presidential candidate. It is too important.

    The twice convicted fraudster, who paid millions in penalties over Trump Foundation and Trump University fraud, has over and over said Biden was guilty at his rallies. That's all the proof the Trump mob needs to believe anything.

    That Trump wanted a Ukraine "investigation" not an FBI investigation, is because even with all the records of the Obama administration available to the Trump Justice Department, there is no evidence that Biden did anything wrong on his EU/GOP/Obama approved diplomatic mission.  So an FBI investigation would prove Trump is, again, lying. There is not enough "there" for GOP hack AG Barr to even start an investigation.

    But doncha think he has thought about that? It's not like he's a deluded newbie about how joe and jill lunchpail think about stuff and judge things. He actually seems to relish it when Trump tries to draw attention to such things, rather than showing offense and making excuses....

    I appreciate all the comments.

    I was running a small, shaky  company .Had a very bright and somewhat abrasive  young woman running a dept.

    Her #2 a smart intolerant guy who hated working for her.  He was hired by our major customer- responsible for

    probably 40% of our revenues.  Where he did a good job  and  also convinced them that   they would get better

    service if I fired the woman.

    Reader what did I do?


    I fired her. We  kept in touch for a couple of years but that petered out.

    Like the company.

    Rhetorical: It would follow, then, that you would go with the people's choice on Democratic nominee whoever he or she ends up being. You like that company, too right? smiley

    Not when they're wrong,


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