Deborah Ramirez

    I'm forcing myself to write this.

    The Ramirez allegation-which I completely believe btw- is itself not grounds to prevents approval.

    He behaved in a disgusting manner.  People  sometimes do .18 year old freshman more apt  than many others. Putting aside whether it should be  accepted as evidence  of a disqualifying attitude towards women the event itself was  drunken tawdry and disgraceful. Did I behave disgracefully before I was 20? Don't ask. Did you?

    Had he raped her , or Ms Ford  previously in Maryland of  course that would have been disqualifying  . In  fact  arguably the  assault in Maryland by itself is.

    But the drunken humiliation of a drunken female classmate while it is data  to be considered along with all other  relevant data,  by itself may  just rise to the level of "couldn't the president have picked someone better?


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