"Obstruction of Justice undermines the social contract: if most people jump the turnstile  I'm tempted to jump it too.

    And the subway goes broke.

    But if  jumpers , are punished ,I'll pay for my ride. And the subway works .

    If the  Governor frees all the jumpers  he has to be punished by a higher level of Government.

    To make sure jumpers fear getting caught. And pay. And the subway will work.

    But if the President frees jumpers he's obstructing justice ;  that should  be punished by ,say, the Attorney General.

    Shouldn't it?


    When an honest AG  punishes a bad President we'd  think that's a good thing.

    But next year a dishonest AG may punish a good president.

    Happened on the Bounty. It's called a Mutiny. Bad.

    Happened in St. Petersburg. It's called a Revolution.

    Very bad.

    So when a President obstructs justice we'd better leave town. 

    Pretty soon the subway won't work.

    Or...someone has to punish a President who obstructs justice.

    It can't be a Government employee. Even if its Fletcher Christian.

    It has to be someone (or ones) who got their power

    from the same people who gave the President his power,

    The people.Who elected Congress

    Sorry  Nancy , got to let them  Impeach..

    Otherwise  the Subways won't work."


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