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    Declaration Of Disillusioned & Disenfranchised Democratic Voters

    Many Bernie Supporters/Organizers created this document to send to superdelegates.  There is a version for voters that are not registered democrats as well.  Please add your comment, print and mail/fax, or scan/fax/tweet etc. this document to your superdelegates.  There are many lists of superdelegates out there, the one I am posting does allow for contact/corrections.  I will post links to .pdf versions here.  

    Registered Dems:

    Everyone Else:

    superdelegate info:


    Declaration Of Disillusioned & Disenfranchised Democratic Voters

    Long before the Democratic primary season began, many of our elected officials had already pledged their superdelegate votes to Hillary Clinton. From the start Democratic National Committee (DNC) officials were already raising funds for Hillary, which was against their rules.  The DNC set the initial debate schedule of only 6 sanctioned debates, the first one not occurring until October, to the clear detriment of lesser known candidates.  These actions made it clear to the public that many of our democratic leaders were NOT interested in a fair and democratic primary process.

    President Carter declared last summer that our government is now ruled by wealthy elites in the form of oligarchy. A recent Princeton University study found that there is a NEAR ZERO chance that our current government responds to the will of The People. It is, however Very Responsive to the will of corporation owners and the wealthy elite.  Many of our elected officials and candidates, including Secretary Clinton, are corrupted by the influence of money.  By selling their political power they have not only corrupted our government, but have also opened our election process to corruption, fraud, and abuse.

    Corporation owners have also turned what used to be our ‘news’ organizations into well-controlled propaganda machines. This has had a very detrimental effect on our society and our elections.  Democracy cannot exist without a free press. We must take care when listening to corporate-owned media to distinguish their agenda and misinformation from the facts.  Because so many of our elected officials make the goals of the wealthy elite their priority, we must also consider all they say to us to be ‘propaganda’ as well.  We must keep in mind that their actions, votes, words, and positions on issues are mainly in service to their Big Money donors and most often DO NOT serve the public’s interests.  We must make sure that our family, friends, and communities understand this.

    At a time when over 80% of Americans agree that we want the influence of Big Money OUT of our politics, Democratic Party leaders chose to change party rules last summer and allow unprecedented Big Money donations to flow through state parties in support of Hillary Clinton.  This allowed her biggest donors to give more than the usual limits would allow as it flowed through the states into the Hillary Victory Fund Super PAC.  NOW the DNC is putting the Oligarchy ‘in charge of’ the Democratic National Convention. They have placed lobbyists in leadership positions and have made the Comcast Corporation along with many other wealthy donors, including some Republicans, the ‘hosts’ of the convention. 

    The Oligarchy ruling our country has corrupted BOTH the Democratic and Republican parties.  It has served the Corporate Media Owners’ political agendas to give BILLIONAIRE Donald Trump 24/7, Wall To Wall, FREE coverage just as it has served them to barely cover Bernie Sanders at all.  It appears that Mr. Trump is being used as a tool to try to manipulate us or ‘herd’ us like sheep into voting for their preferred choice, Hillary Clinton.  This Oligarchy excels at war for profit and draining the wealth, life, and well-being out of our country as well as others.  They are very skilled at using fear and division to control and manipulate us.  This is why people all over the world are asking US to unite, to stand up and fight for democracy, and to put an end to the abuse.

    Many of the reported democratic primary election results have been far off from the exit polls, beyond the margin of error, in favor of Hillary Clinton.  Every instance is an indication of election fraud. This is the case even in states where Bernie Sanders won. Combining this with numerous and extreme forms of voter suppression across the country, including voter registrations being mysteriously altered or unusually purged, and hundreds of thousands being forced to vote on provisional ballots that will never be counted, we have no reason to accept the results as reported.   Americans are asking, who can WE turn to for help to monitor OUR elections, ranked WORST among Western democracies. WE WILL NOT accept the certification of election results based on blatant irregularities and overt fraud.  Politicians and pundits tell us to do the math, so we are, and it just doesn’t add up.  Given that these primary elections and the democratic process have been so corrupted, we believe that if they had been remotely fair and democratic, Bernie Sanders would already be the democratic nominee for president.

    We reject rule by the Oligarchy.  We reject Hillary Clinton as a candidate and consider her to be a representative of the Oligarchy. We reject the notion that she has any kind of ‘lead’ in this rigged election process as election fraud worked in her favor.  We reject a convention led by lobbyists and other representatives of the Oligarchy.  We insist that democracy prevail and elected officials support the candidate of The People. We also reject the notion that another candidate that has not even been voted for in this primary, could be chosen by the Oligarchy as a replacement.  

    WE demand open primaries, automatic voter registration, and paper ballots with verification processes to protect the veracity of our elections in all 50 states and all territories.  We reject the use of hackable, unverifiable voting machines, PERIOD!  We want a constitutional right to vote, equal opportunity to vote, and the restoration of the voting rights act. We will be relentless in our pursuit of a constitutional amendment to make it clear that corporations are NOT people and money is NOT equal to speech.  We must enact public funding of elections and anti-corruption laws so that our elected officials will represent the priorities of the people they are elected to serve.  We require new laws to promote a media that is held accountable for reporting the truth and revealing their biases.  WE also INSIST that the well-being of our planet be made a political priority.  WE are committed to fighting for all of these changes to establish a government that is of the people, by the people, and for ALL of the people.

    Over one million registered democrats have signed a copy of this document. Together WE declare, that WE SEE what is going on, and WE WILL NOT STAND FOR IT!  WE invite ALL of our elected officials to JOIN US in our fight to restore democracy.  To all who fight against corruption, you are our heroes. We say to the rest of our politicians and superdelegates, you can either continue to cater to the Oligarchy or bend to the will of the people, toward democracy.  If you continue to promote oligarchy, WE WILL strip you of your power and our first step will be to leave the Democratic Party.


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    Have you joined the Class Action Suit Against The DNC for conspiring with the Hillary Campaign & Media to 'rig' the primary contest?
    If you have donated to DNC or Bernie(via Act Blue) Please file as part of this Class Action Suit! [email protected] ‪#‎NotMeUS‬



    Today in Florida a large class action lawsuit was filed by Americans naming as defendants, the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
    Count 1 - Fraud; Count 2 - Negligent Misrepresentation; Count 3 - Violation of § 28-3904 of the D.C. Code; Count 4 - Unjust Enrichment; Count 5 - Breach of Fiduciary Duty; Count 6 - Negligence.

    This stems from repeated public statements by the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz that the DNC WAS IMPARTIAL; and recently leaked DNC documents that show the statements were untrue and only Hillary Clinton was being supported by them.

    "Defendants’ conduct was intentional, willful, wanton, and malicious. Defendants had actual knowledge of the wrongfulness of the conduct and the high probability that injury to
    the DNC Donor Class Plaintiffs, the Sanders Donor Class Plaintiffs, and members of the DNC Donor Class and the Sanders Donor Class would result and, despite that knowledge, intentionally
    pursued that course of conduct, resulting in injury."


    "New Rules Help Hillary Clinton Tap Big Donors For Democrats

    Individual donors are already giving more than $300,000 to special Clinton committee."

    "Why the DNC’s Plan to Shoehorn Hillary into the Nomination Will Backfire"


    "'Impartial' DNC finance chief helps Hillary

    Fundraising assistance in Texas flouts presidential primary neutrality rules."


    The following documents for this case are available for you to view or download:

    Date Filed       #        Document Text

    June 28, 2016 1 1 Class Action Complaint

    June 28, 2016 1 1-1 Exhibit 1 to Class Action Complaint

    June 28, 2016 1 1-2 Civil Cover Sheet

    June 28, 2016 1 1-3 Summonses (DNC Services Corporation)

    June 28, 2016 1 1-4 Summonses (Deborah Wasserman Schultz)


    YOUR BREAKING NEWS IS FROM 2015, ONE OVER A YEAR AGO...... 06/03/15  05:11 AM EDT

    DO YOU KNOW IT IS 2016....................................................?



    Those links were not part of the 'breaking news'.. just some back up I wanted to connect to it... nothing more.  Jump all over me as much as you'd like... it's super  helpful.

    The following documents for this case are available for you to view or download:

    Date Filed      #        Document Text

    June 28, 2016 1 1 Class Action Complaint

    June 28, 2016 1 1-1 Exhibit 1 to Class Action Complaint

    June 28, 2016 1 1-2 Civil Cover Sheet

    June 28, 2016 1 1-3 Summonses (DNC Services Corporation)

    June 28, 2016 1 1-4 Summonses (Deborah Wasserman Schultz)


    P.S. NCD you might want to remove your head from your......

    Two of your breaking news links are from 2015.






    Do you know what Oligarchy is?  Do you know that our government is currently an oligarchy?  Do you understand that corporate owned media have ALL become like Fox News now?  Do you understand that we have the worst elections among Western Democracies (if you understand Oligarchy, that makes sense, because we are not currently a democracy).  

    **UPDATE (I began writing at a new blog site a piece I am going to call The People Vs Plutocracy.  I have been calling the current rulers of our government an Oligarchy. In other countries(and in political science classes in Italy per a friend) they call the U.S. A corporatocracy. In fact we are mentioned as part of the definition.

    Corporatocracy /ˌkɔrpərəˈtɒkrəsi/, is a term used to refer to an economic and political system controlled by corporations and/or corporate interests. It is a generally pejorative term often used by critics of the current economic situation in a particular country, especially the United States.

    But in the end Plutocracy (from Greek πλοῦτος, ploutos, meaning "wealth", and κράτος, kratos, meaning "power, dominion, rule") or plutarchy, is a form of oligarchy and defines a society ruled or controlled by the small minority of the wealthiest citizens.

    The best example of this is that our rich people keep their money in tax havens secured by trade deals... they use our government like their own investment exchange... the amounts they invest in our politicians(who represent the citizens a NEAR ZERO% of the time) yields them HUGE returns on their investments... being a plutocrat is very profitable and apparently THE BEST way to increase your wealth.  And so even though we had the terrible financial crash that the public(not represented) had to bail out... these institutions got BIGGER and MORE POWERFUL and now even though a majority of The People DO NOT support the TTP/TTIP our 'elected' politicians will most likely pass into law giving more SUPER POWERS to Corporations and Big Banks under the pretense that it will in some way 'trickle down' to benefit the people(does ANYONE honestly believe that, President Obama?). 

    What we are experiencing now in this primary is Plutocracy IN OUR FACE making it clear WHO is in control and that the 'pretense' of democracy IS NOT REAL.  There is not playbook or right or wrong about what a population does from here... there are factors amping up the absolute necessity to rise up against our wealthy rulers because looking around THEY COMPLETELY SUCK at ruling this country. MORE OF THE SAME IS JUST NOT AN OPTION!  So while I appreciate all of the mocking, attacks, and pretense that things are at all business as usual...  please excuse me but I have a 30 year old daughter that is getting her masters and studying environmental science that I hold in my heart every day and ache considering the world she is dealing with now. For all of the people that I know that I love and all of the people I don't know that I love, that matter to me, I will try, I will do what I can to change the course of what is happening in our country, in the world.**

    So if corporations took over our government, Owned all of the media, and wanted to install(yes basically a coup) the candidate of their choice, ie would best serve 'their' interests.... and there was a lot of discontent and unrest among the people because the oligarchy basically SUCKS at running our country and income inequality, environmental issues and many other quality of life issues were creating a populist uprising...

    What would you do?  Who would you pick to rule? How would you make sure they won no matter what?

    There are few facts here... President Carter said the U.S. is now an oligarchy & We DO NOT meet the election standards of the Carter Center.

    Most of the media is concentrated much like the wealth under the care of a small number of corporations.

    This oligarchy absolutely uses our government like it's an investment bank getting a huge rate of return, often paying to write the laws they want themselves and democrats and republicans alike have sold their political power to them.

    Ask yourself what would it look like given all of these facts and you might begin to see what a large number of us now see(and I don't think it hit me until last August which is when I finally stopped watching corporate MSM) that the situation is VERY messed up.  

    And consider that I was online when I saw the warning to people to check their voter registrations after one of the earlier primaries.  Two people I was in conversation with that night both long time democrats went online to check their registrations while I check mine.  Mine was fine... also a long time democrat.  Both of theirs had been altered. One man in NY where the registration deadline was Oct 9th and it showed him as NOT registered even though nothing had changed in his circumstances.  He called the BOE and they said their records showed that he had moved, he had not.  He had to go to court on election day to fight to get his vote counted.... this was not just some error, People's registrations were tampered with all across the country.  What has the establishment done? NOTHING!  The other man that was checking with us at the same time was in CA.  His registration had been changed to Republican which he most certainly did not do.  For him there was still time before the CA deadline to fix it..   

    NO MATTER WHAT we are able to prove in court.  WE KNOW FROM DIRECT EXPERIENCE and witnesses THAT THERE HAS BEEN Extreme Election Fraud & Voter Suppression.   Most of the Establishment Democrats & Corporate Owned MSM DO NOT CARE because this fraud helped Hillary.  Any other time in our history we would have been screaming and freaking out that maybe a foreign govt or terrorists were hacking in and messing with our elections.  This is not conspiracy or paranoia. IT IS REAL! I have no doubt that Bernie would be our nominee already if this had been a fair and democratic primary. THAT IS NOT WHAT THIS WAS!  And this is NOT just about Bernie, it is about our fight AGAINST Oligarchy and FOR Democracy which is why there A large Majority of Bernie supporters will not vote for HIllary EVEN IF Bernie were to endorse her.  He KNOWS THIS! That is one of the reasons he has not endorsed her.  We are fighting against giving 'the PRETENSE' of democracy to the oligarchy.  Trump was picked by them too so NO we won't be voting for either Hillary or Trump.  There are some that will but a majority of us will not.  Right now WE Are STILL Fighting To Make Bernie our Nominee.  Too much is at stake to pretend 'election as usual' that is not what this is.

    OK, so maybe you can detail how changing that will get through Congress, and even show us how a couple of useful-to-necessary Constitutional amendments get passed.

    Lawsuits against the DNC are at best a distraction in this.  You do realize that?

    For a people fighting against rule by oligarchy/corporatocracy/plutocracy...  no fight against that corrupted authority is a 'distraction'... we can only use every tool available to us to fight the corruption.  Any remnant of our dying legal or political systems that we can use, we MUST use.   Just sitting back and caving to their rule isn't really an option.

    Consider that they have 'chosen for us' two candidates exhibiting Terrible Judgment and competing with each other for the MOST unfavorable numbers ever among presidential candidates... how is that possible?

    Because NOTHING a majority of The People wants will matter until we end rule by the wealthy elite... that has already been proven, doesn't matter if we elect republicans or democrats as long as they all serve the wealthy elite to the exclusion of The People.  The only thing is they still want the 'pretense of democracy' to obfuscate their rule.  That gives us a buffer, some small gaps to work with to fight them... it may not amount to much but we are learning as we go.  Exploring every option... there will most certainly NOT be any more 'falling in line'...

    Yes, yes, even if I stipulate to everything you claim above (I don't) I still have yet to see anything from you on how exactly your solutions, whatever they may be, will be accomplished.

    As I've said elsewhere in similar circumstances, a few simple declarative sentences might suffice.

    Sync, how did they "choose for us" Donald Trump? They publicized what a jackass he was so many times but people voted for him. And Hillary they talked about how she was going to jail. Funny way of choosing - show their worst sides and it makes them popular?

    The following documents for this case are available for you to view or download:

    Date Filed       #        Document Text

    June 28, 2016 1 1 Class Action Complaint

    June 28, 2016 1 1-1 Exhibit 1 to Class Action Complaint

    June 28, 2016 1 1-2 Civil Cover Sheet

    June 28, 2016 1 1-3 Summonses (DNC Services Corporation)

    June 28, 2016 1 1-4 Summonses (Deborah Wasserman Schultz)

    Election Justice USA Files Lawsuit to Stop the Certification of California’s Primary Results
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - June 29th, 2016: In the state of California yesterday, Bill Simpich of Election Justice USA, along with plaintiff Citizens Oversight, under the direction of Ray Lutz, filed a complaint for injunctive and declaratory relief against the state, intended to stop the certification of the June 7, 2016 Presidential primary results. The defendants in the case are Alex Padilla, Secretary of State of the State of California; Michael Vu, San Diego County Registrar of Voters; Helen N. Robbins-Meyer, San Diego County Chief Administrative Officer; and San Diego County, a municipality.
    The filing indicates several issues with the large number of vote-by-mail (VBM) and provisional ballots and cites the Registrar of Voters office’s failure to adhere to the Voter Bill of Rights (Elections Code Section 2300), which protects citizens’ rights to proper observance of all aspects of the voting process, as well as ballot counting procedures.
    The primary cause of action is based on the violation of the right to vote. The intent of the voter was compromised when voters were not given a proper ballot by which to exercise intent. Because of this, high numbers of write-in and provisional ballots have been removed from the counting process.
    The suit seeks to stop the certification of the results. The election code states that a 1% manual tally must be performed in two parts: one including 1% of all ballots cast at precincts (including provisional ballots and ballots removed) and one including 1% of all VBM ballots cast (including the VBM ballots already processed as well as those still in the queue to be processed). The filing states the registrar’s refusal to allow observance over the ballot handling process was widespread and seeks relief until these deficiencies are fully addressed.
    About Election Justice USA: Election Justice USA (EJUSA) is a national coalition of seasoned election integrity experts, statisticians, attorneys, journalists, and activists whose mission is to ensure each vote is counted accurately within the electoral processes of the United States. The organization strives to educate and activate the voting public; collect and analyze individual testimonies, physical evidence, and voting statistics; file cases in state and federal court; and lead the movement for election reform. The 2016 Presidential primaries’ most prominent issues include: voter suppression, registration tampering, mass voter purging, vote by mail (VBM) and other ballot issues, poll closings, and inaccurate electronic voting machine (EVM) counts. In cooperation with like-minded organizations such as and, EJUSA is forming a broad coalition to bring awareness, foster activism and oversight, and spearhead reform efforts while fighting the necessary battles in the courtroom.
    Media Contact: Margaret Dickman Election Justice USA [email protected] (630) 567-2443

    Who in the hell do you think should run the country?  A bunch of uneducated misanthropes?










    I kNeW it. devil

    You damn Hillary supporters are such braggarts. Sure your picture proves Hillary met with E.T. But there's no evidence she has the influence to get them to deviate from their normal practice of abducting and doing anal probes on average folks on back roads in rural areas. Why would they abduct Sanders and brainwash him on Hillary's say so? It's just hubris, fuckin' hubris.

    Transcripts, buddy, transcripts. And now I want to see her birth certificate, long form. Obviously *something's* up, and we know we can't trust her.

    Aliens have taken over my posts - more proof.

    Transcripts, buddy, transcripts. And now I want to see her birth certificate, long form. Obviously *something's* up, and we know we can't trust her.

    Someone stop them, puh-leeeezzze...

    You guys still don't get it! E.T. is also a victim if the Oligs!

    All he ever wanted to do was phone home, but right after he had signed the "standard" three-year no-escape-clause contract for his eyePhone, Hillary made him an offer - give us your GPS technology - and your heat-seeking finger -  or we will detain you as an illegal alien...

    Bullhockey, phone home my ass. E.T.'s in the pocket of Verizon and Apple-buddy intergalactic Zionist Steven Spielberg, already digitally colonizing space with mobile phones. How many satellites are orbiting now? Whose call plan do astronauts in the International Space Station when they phone home? Think Elon Musk's just trying to lift Cheetoes and corndogs into spce? It's a rocket racket, I tell you, with the space critter providing mega-Marketing. Auserweltländer raus.

    Send iPhones to Alpha Centurion. Why would they?

    To recruit space gladiators for a Clinton coop day tah?

    We don't discriminate against aliens. Hillary's relationship with E.T is none of our business and not our concern.

    There are so many real issues that are of concern regarding Hilary that pretending she is a fit candidate for president is reckless.  What is going on right now in our country with Hillary is amplifying the control oligarchy has over our goverment and our elections.... pretending that's not real helps no one.

    My biggest question and concern about Hillary is... one 'l' or two? Most of those hypnotized by her seem to spell it with 2, but you spell it both, and others use just 1, so maybe it's not an either/or situation. Are there parallel universes where she spells her name both 'Hillary' *and* 'Hilary'??? Who decides?

    People who will represent The People instead of 'selling' their political power to the highest bidder at the expense of The People!  

    I know, I'm so unrealistic right... I should settle for us all having a NEAR ZERO CHANCE that our 'elected' officials represent US... economic slavery isn't so bad... should just let than happen... right... get real

    "President Jimmy Carter says America, a once-free nation, is now an oligarchy, and that’s not just his opinion. It is provable, and backed up by the research of top political experts and scholars. An oligarchy is a government run by a small group of wealthy and influential people, rather than the majority. A Princeton University study, Affluence & Influence, by Martin Gilens, backs up former president Carter’s oligarchy statement about unlimited money in politics, such as allowed by Citizens United, upheld by the Supreme Court, as reported on Your News Wire."


    People who will represent The People instead of 'selling' their political power to the highest bidder at the expense of The People!  

    I know, I'm so unrealistic right... I should settle for us all having a NEAR ZERO CHANCE that our 'elected' officials represent US... economic slavery isn't so bad... should just let than happen... right... get real

    Hillary won Open Primaries 11-4 with 3 ties (ties within 2%, which she won 2-1 if you care). She won 8 of those primaries by 30% margin or more - one by over 60% margin, several by 50+%. 

    All of the Open Primaries in the world won't put Bumpty Bernie together again.

    I think I'll stick with people that I trust to do the math...



    Great, invent your own Calculus like Leibnitz, but in 8 of 18 open primaries flipping even 15% of the vote wouldnt have won it for him. But if they're that good at rigging votes, they're wasting their talents - they could get the Dow Jones to say anything they wanted and skim off trillions. They could defeat gravity to build futuristic ecofriendly flying machines. They could steal our souls and replace them with wireless cash points (or did they already?). So many possibilities...

    So many of you that are talking to me like I am imagining things and some lone wolf out here that just can't let go of Bernie or am just a conspiracy theorists... you are the lost ones... and frankly people that know me who come here to read my posts, see your comments and you are the ones that look ridiculous to them.

    Oh no, I truly believe there are masses of you.


    This is a reflection on you, not me... very sad and makes you look seriously childish.

    You are the one who seems like a pooled child. The lawsuits will be thrown out or fail because there is no substance. The courts are clogged with frivolous suits like the links you provide. Sanders is an incompetent who would have destroyed Progressivism for decades. All he has created now is a group of whiny white boys who are angry that they can't get their way. Are there some blacks and Latino along for the ride? Yes. There are also 18 black people scheduled to attend the GOP convention. It's called the Bell Curve. 

    You have rants and no plan, You alienate others rather then figure out how to achieve your goal. BernieBros are politically inept. Sanders had no real Congressional support because his colleagues found him difficult. Nina Turner lost in Ohio because she couldn't form a coalition. Donna Edwards lost in Maryland because the CBC found her difficult and offered no support. People a Sanders supported for Congress lost. There is a recurring theme of political incompetence. Rant on. No one cares.

    We have people like Elizabeth Warren, Chris Murphy, and John Lewsis. Rant on. 

    Maybe Zephyr Teachout who won in NY on Tuesday will win, and we will have another competent political voice.

    Continue to rant from the bubble. The rest of us are looking for people who can get things done.The only path for your political success is to take power by force because your rhetoric drives people away,

    Rant on. It's entertaining.

    Sync and rmrd, stop the personal attacks

    You are claiming that I am making personal attacks using the word childish in regards to what was posted? Teletubbies?  come on.

    and I think you got to refer to some others on this thread if you are going to call people out.

    I dont think Michael's intending to be exhaustive - he just wants it to stop.

    I tried to inject some humor in what's a tense unhinged discussion, based on your "lone wolf" comment (i was searching for the trail of refugees; teletubbies I just happened across and it seemed funny). In any case, you've been making your case pretty pointedly, so maybe we all just give it a rest - it's not like we haven't said it all 20x already.



    Don't listen to the Knitting Circle. You're a serious writer and a serious thinker.  Why are you even bothering to listen to a handful of people who don't have the maturity or brain power to understand that everybody's not obligated to think like they do. There's always going to be a handful of people on Dagblog, and every other site, who don't have nothing better to do than to sit up on the computer in their draws and make snide remarks.  That's a part of having to deal with the internet, because in your private life you can pick and choose the caliber of people that you want to deal with, but you can't do that on the net. There's all manner of fools on the internet, and nothing can be done about that, but you can weed them out by simply ignoring them - and believe me, here on Dagblog they are in the minority.
    Count the number of people who are talking crazy to you on this post. Now look at the number of hits you have overall. Just in "Today's Hits" you have 2,692 hits. So there's a lot of very thoughtful and insightful people out there who are seriously assessing what you have to say. It's just that they're not sitting around sniping every time you say something that challenges their delusions. In short, they're mature.  So don't let the numbheads prevent you from relating to people like me who may appreciate what you have to say. I find it very refreshing to read a writer who has the ability to think, whether I agree with their opinion or not. So simply post what you have to say, and move on.  You don't have to respond to these people. Just get a fix on those people who seem to lack maturity, intellect, or both - and they're easy to spot; they tend to obfuscate, make unwarranted assumptions, focus on irrelevancies, and try to demonize you because you don't think like they do  - and then ignore them. I post to a multitude of sites, and that's exactly what I do. And in the case of Facebook, If they come off like idiots, I give 'em one warning, and then block 'em. Think about that. 

    The 'knitting circle' has responded beyond count to point out the lies and irrational invectives you have posted. How your grandiose accusations and the links used to support them do not in fact support them.

    How RMRD in particular has the patience and the persistence to give cogent responses to your trumped up theories and delusions shows his maturity and your lack of it.

    It's not 'sniping' to question, to examine, to seek the truth.

    Which you seem to have an aversion to, when blatant falsehoods are pointed out to you, you never respond.

    It's clear you are used to a lot lower level, more like a one way, one message, one ideology, form of exchange.

    How can 'thoughtful and insightful people' take you and your type seriously? Thus, the 'crazy' satire.


    Sync, I'm worried about you. If you continue to expose the fraud that Hillary planned for eight years using her position of power as SoS she will surely execute you. it wouldn't be the first time Hillary murdered someone to advance. Do I have to remind you about Vince Foster? Worse yet you could get Sanders killed as well. And we all know he and he alone is the  only one who can save us. Sanders is probably the second coming of the messiah, or the first one, or the Kwisatz Haderach.

    wow, Shaun King - now I'm so impressed. #self-promotion

      The last sentence up top reads:

     If you continue to promote oligarchy, WE WILL strip you of your power and our first step will be to leave the Democratic Party.

    Seriously, Synch, haven't you already left the Democratic Party?

    I am still waiting for an answer to my question:  If Hillary has been so all-powerful for so long, why didn't she do to Obama what you are accusing her of doing to Bernie?  In 08 she had the greatest number of popular votes but not of delegates.  If she is capable of all the nefarious things you say, she would surely have flipped things and not needed to wait 8 years for her chance.  

    Any ideas?  Mine is that none of this is true.

    Based on the hostility and what appears 'to me', 'serious disconnect' from what is really going on right now....

    I will not be responding to any further comments.

    This will likely be my last post here on dagblog.

    I will leave my last few up for a while longer so that people I have shared them with & have shared them with others will still be able to view them... and I guess I will work on storing any older posts that I want to keep somewhere else.  But perhaps those of you so disturbed by them can relax knowing that you won't be bothered by my perspective again.

    Fortunately people who have come here to read my posts haven't been deterred by the comments though some have mentioned that it didn't make them interested in hanging out here which probably eliminates any benefit to you to have me posting here in the first place. 

    Good luck.



    Maybe that's not a bad thing. 

    Frankly, your last few posts have been rather worrisome.

    (So have Wattree's, though for slightly different reasons.)

    Maybe spend some time with...PEOPLE?

    Ideally, people who care somewhat less about politics in general, and Sanders in particular.  You've shown a truly alarming loss of perspective lately.

    I don't think it's a bad thing either because I have found the responses/reactions here to my posts really disturbing and worrisome myself and I really have too much to do, to deal with it. 

    I will miss you.

    I'm sorry you feel the need to leave Dagblog, Synch.  I really do hope you'll find what you're looking for somewhere else, but you're always welcome here, of course.


    Please contact me on Facebook. I don't want to lose touch with you. You're a very serious, mature, and effective thinker, and as you can see, people of your caliber are dwindling fast.  I can't figure it.  A lot of these people are sillier and more clueless than kids used to be in junior high school. They seem to be completely incapable of thinking, or connecting simple dots. I wonder is Monsanto putting something in the water. At any rate, please contact me.

    Election Justice USA Files Lawsuit to Stop the Certification of California’s Primary Results
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - June 29th, 2016: In the state of California yesterday, Bill Simpich of Election Justice USA, along with plaintiff Citizens Oversight, under the direction of Ray Lutz, filed a complaint for injunctive and declaratory relief against the state, intended to stop the certification of the June 7, 2016 Presidential primary results. The defendants in the case are Alex Padilla, Secretary of State of the State of California; Michael Vu, San Diego County Registrar of Voters; Helen N. Robbins-Meyer, San Diego County Chief Administrative Officer; and San Diego County, a municipality.
    The filing indicates several issues with the large number of vote-by-mail (VBM) and provisional ballots and cites the Registrar of Voters office’s failure to adhere to the Voter Bill of Rights (Elections Code Section 2300), which protects citizens’ rights to proper observance of all aspects of the voting process, as well as ballot counting procedures.
    The primary cause of action is based on the violation of the right to vote. The intent of the voter was compromised when voters were not given a proper ballot by which to exercise intent. Because of this, high numbers of write-in and provisional ballots have been removed from the counting process.
    The suit seeks to stop the certification of the results. The election code states that a 1% manual tally must be performed in two parts: one including 1% of all ballots cast at precincts (including provisional ballots and ballots removed) and one including 1% of all VBM ballots cast (including the VBM ballots already processed as well as those still in the queue to be processed). The filing states the registrar’s refusal to allow observance over the ballot handling process was widespread and seeks relief until these deficiencies are fully addressed.

    The Clintons’ charity served as vehicle to launder $ & to enrich family friends

    Sync, please keep reporting on these important fraud cases as they progress and any other news from the insurrection even if you don't want to debate your claims.

    There seems to be a near complete MSM blackout of these stories and i can understand why.


    It doesn't matter how many facts you bring to the table, the "usual suspects" are going to simply ignore them.  They have the exact same mentality as the right wing fanatics have.  You might as well be trying to convince the Klan that Trump's not the Messiah. You're making the same mistake that I did - you're overestimating the people that you're dealing with, and once you recognize that fact, all of your frustrations, and all of their comments, will fall right into perspective. You're trying to teach calculus to people who have yet to learn addition and subtraction.  How can you not become frustrated?  At this point, I've chilled all the way out, because now, I know what to expect from them - and clear and objective thinking is not even on the list. 

    You posted a WaPo article that had to be corrected

    Everybody but you knew the article had been corrected.

    And you argue about facts?

    Simply hilarious.


    This looks like a well-researched article but the title, "shaky foundations", could apply to the content as well.  The last paragraph pretty much sums up why it should be taken with a large dose of skepticism:

    So why haven’t the Clintons gotten caught? My intelligence source summed up the situation perfectly in explaining why the Benghazi Committee has not thus far bagged them. “The Democrats are stupid but they have ruthless leadership. The Republicans are even dumber. Donald Trump is an idiot but he’s right about one thing: We are led by stupid people. These are some of the dumbest motherfuckers I have ever seen.”

    Right.  That'll do it.

    A person can write any nonsense about the Clintons and gullible people would lap it up.

    I watched much more of this than I wanted to.  I will say that the woman who introduces this interview would make more of an impression if she had worn something other than a bathing suit.  The first guy she interviewed (there may have been more, but I bailed) said that the voting machines were clearly tampered with (without any evidence) but even he admitted he didn't know by whom.  His next sentence was that people (he named several) should be in jail.  

    So, right after he made an unsubstantiated accusation, and he admittedly had no clue who did the malfeasance, he proceeded to say that Democratic operatives should be in jail.  These people would gladly have drunk Jim Jones' Koolaid.  They have no credibility. 

    Hillary Clinton’s email story continues to get Harder and Harder to Believe

    So, Obama is willing to risk his legacy by campaigning with a criminal?

    There's no doubt that Hillary must be blackmailing Obama to support her. She likely has gotten possession of his college transcripts that he should have released when Trump asked for them. Or she has the evidence on how he manufactured his fake birth certificate as Trump revealed years ago. When the truth comes out it will destroy both Obama and Hillary. Then it will be a battle between Trump and Sanders. You people just don't see it because you're brainwashed. We need to unite now behind Sanders or we'll get Trump and an Americexit.

    The hardcore Sanders supporters serve to confirm that Bernie would have been a poor choice. You cannot disagree with anything Sanders suggests or you become the enemy..Sanders got platform concessions, but will still disrupt the convention. He wants to be our dictator. 3.8 million Democratic voters helped the country escape a major bullet. Sanders would be just as inept as Trump.

    Do you have a link to a youtube video with someone saying that? It's not true unless you can prove it by finding someone saying it on a youtube video. Perhaps you should make a youtube video. Do you have a web cam on your computer?

    I'm in the process of preparing a documentary that will prove that most of the anti-Hillary rants on YouTube are produced by Cornel West in a studio in Nicaragua and then fed to YouTube via a connection that Tavis Smiley has in Havana.

    I understand why you're having trouble keeping a grip on reality and you can dismiss personal testimony about these crimes but there are multiple criminal lawsuits that will not be so easily dismissed although the MSM is helping you by disappearing them from  public view. If these people have verifiable evidence it will be revealed in court and i doubt these lawyers would file these cases without some possibly much damming evidence.

    If these people have verifiable evidence it will be revealed in court and i doubt these lawyers would file these cases without some possibly much damming evidence.

    There have been multiple Benghazi hearings with no charges against Hillary. Gowdy's committe is doing more investigation. The legal standard is that Hillary is considered innocent.

    Judicial Watch has 300 separate lawsuits against Obama

    Crap lawsuits get filed all the time.

    Why do you doubt lawyers would file cases without evidence? Lawyers do that all the time. Orly Taitz is the most prominent example. She's filed a couple of dozen cases about the Obama birther nonsense. The fact that a couple of dozen cases were filed didn't make it any more likely that Obama was born in Kenya. Often these sorts of cases are part of a fund raising scam.

    If they have verifiable evidence it will be revealed in court, but I doubt it.  If they had verifiable evidence it would be in the news already. Oh yeah, I know. Media Conspiracy. If the case loses in court it won't prove anything to you. You, sync, wattree will just include the courts as part of the Grand Conspiracy to Steal the Election for Hillary.

    Ps to add; I'm not in the dark. I know about many of the legal filings. Many of the sites I read report on them. I just read today about the case filed against DWS and the DNC. It doesn't look like it has merit to me. We'll see how the court decides.

    Just keep your eyes glued shut.  That's fine.

    Here's a Youtube video that refers to the event, kind of a secondary reference if not exactly the actual source, but makes it clear enough it happened. At least probably.



    Thanks PP. I knew I heard it somewhere but I couldn't quite remember where. Good reference.

    This guy is either ignorant or he's lying. Exit polls are not altered to match machine totals. All polls are weighted to attempt to get a proper demographic balance. If a poll is taken and 60% of the respondents are republicans, 30% democrat, and 10% independent pollsters know this demographic is incorrect. They will weigh the result to more accurately reflect national demography. If a poll contains 80% white people, 15% hispanic, and 5% black this clearly does not reflect the true population break down of America. so the poll results will be weighted to more accurately reflect the population break down in America.

    This guy in this youtube video does not understand how statistics work and how to do statistical analysis. And perhaps sync, neither do you. Read a book on statistical analysis and it will quickly become obvious all the errors this guy is making.

    edit: So I've got a bit more time and I'm bored so I continue. Maybe you've got enough rationality left to understand why this guy is factually wrong. His complaint is that news media was not  using the raw exit polling data. But they never do. It's especially significant this year because one of  the main differences in Hillary and Sanders voters was age. All the raw data from pre-vote polling under counted Sanders voters. Younger voters are far more likely to use only cell phones. It's against the law to auto call cell phones. Those numbers must be hand dialed which is much more expensive. But no one is complaining that the raw data wasn't used. It's not an issue because the weighted data increased Sanders poll results over the raw data.

    But the opposite thing happens with exit polls. The raw data over counted Sanders voters. Younger voters are much more likely to agree to do a poll when they exit the voting booth. Exit polls are always weighted to account for this effect. This is not something that started this year it's been happening for decades.

    There is more I could add. Information that is factually true and that everyone who understands statistical analysis knows. But there's no point. There'll be no discussion. You're too deep into fantasy land to see the reality that your video that you offer us as evidence of fraud is factually wrong. Or to even consider that possibility. In this case it's not a matter of opinion.

    Here is an explanation (from the New York Times) of how it's really done:


    "We have a voting system, as he acknowledges, that gives us no cause for confidence that our voting results are accurately assessed. Despite this, he claims that there is no cause for concern. I disagree as I find multiple independent paths of analyses give evidence that consistently points to massive widespread election fraud across our country."


    "Given the stakes in the outcome of the ​American presidential elections, ensuring the​

    integrity of the electoral process is of the utmost importance. Are the results we are witnessing 

    in the 2016 primary elections trustworthy? While Donald Trump enjoyed a clear and early edge 

    over his Republican rivals, the Democratic contest between former Secretary of State Hillary 

    Clinton and Senator Bernard Sanders has been far more competitive. At present, prior to the 

    Democratic Convention, Secretary Clinton enjoys an apparent advantage over Sanders. Is this 

    claimed advantage legitimate? We contend that it is not, and suggest an explanation for the 

    advantage: States that are at risk for election fraud in 2016 systematically and overwhelmingly 

    favor Secretary Clinton. We provide converging evidence for this claim.  


    First, we show that it is possible to detect irregularities in the 2016 Democratic Primaries 

    by comparing the states that have hard paper evidence of all the placed votes to states that do 

    not have this hard paper evidence. Second, we compare the final results in 2016 to the 

    discrepant exit polls. Furthermore, we show that no such irregularities occurred in the 2008 

    competitive election cycle involving Secretary Clinton against President Obama. As such, we 

    find that in states wherein voting fraud has the highest potential to occur, systematic efforts may 

    have taken place to provide Secretary Clinton with an exaggerated margin of support."

    Thanks for posting this

    There is no proof that the foundation gave foreign governments anything in exchange for donations

    Chelsea is "obsessed" with diarrhea because lack of access to clean water kills because it leads to infections causing extreme dehydration and death

    It's late, so I'll deal with the donors tomorrow.

    Thanks for the great post. Hang in there.  There are many of us who are paying very close attention to all of this. 

    I logged in just to tell you that.  There is going to be more court suits filed on election fraud and it looks like the FBI is wrapping up their investigation. They question Hillary today and that is usually the last step. Hillary is in trouble for breech of security for not using State Dept. secure email. We will find out to what degree. 

    The Florida South East district has a good bench for corruption, fraud, money laundering and organized crime cases. Miami is a hot bed for that because it is a gate way city and the bench is very experienced. They named DWS and DNC because DWS is in that district so this will be a major push back on the Democratic Party. This case will mostly just air party dirty laundry. 

    That is enough information to get picked apart.  This election is one for the history book. Everyone have a great 4th of July weekend. 

    It is common knowledge that Hillary would be questioned by the FBI.

    I agree what has taken place during this election has shocked even me.  

    I have filed as part of the class action suit. I created the group that came together to write this document to send to superdelegates.  I am doing everything I can but it is very difficult when corporate media we used to have more general faith in has been working hard to support HIlary and drive narratives to benefit her and negate Bernie.  I expected this kind of stuff from Fox  but now ALL of corporate media is driving their agenda in a way that many of us just stopped watching altogether.  Then of course people plugged in to corporate media want to berate news from other sources and that's what we have to work with now...  So many people do not understand what Oligarchy is, and that they already have control and the one thing they still want is 'the pretense' of democracy.  i imagine that makes us all much more manageable and accepting of the status quo if we 'think' we had a say... 

    I spoke with the Carter Center after we wrote this document.  President Carter decided years ago they would not get involved in U.S. elections because they cannot be impartial but they were encouraging and reminded me that President Carter had publicly stated that our elections DO NOT meet their standards.  We know from studies that our elections are the Worst among Western Democracies.  And last year President Carter PUBLICLY stated that the U.S. is now an Oligarchy and no longer has a functioning democracy.

    That at least explains why it feels completely rigged and more like a coup than a primary.  Corporate Media is in step with the Oligarchy and THAT makes this extremely difficult to navigate.  I see why Bernie is trying to focus on local elections where perhaps the strongest chances of less corruption and re engaging democracy might occur.  I feel like we are living in a science fiction movie.  Thanks for your comment. 

    I could refute much of what you said, but I will just say this:

    FOX News is as pro-Bernie as they can be, which actually means they are very anti-Hillary.  Now, Synch, let me just ask you a simple question.  If FOX News wanted to run against a particular Democrat, wouldn't they mount a huge negative campaign against the one they are afraid of running against?  

    They would LOVE to run against Bernie (the socialist) - are you capable of objective thinking enough to realize that the FOX News base fears Hillary and would love to run against Bernie because he is easy pickings?  

    Even your comments about the Carter Center are ridiculous.  Sad.  Really, really sad.

    Trying to play that fox bs argument isn't useful.  And YES I SPOKE TO Someone AT THE CARTER CENTER. THE FACTS THERE ARE THE FACTS. She even gave me President Carter's personal fax number because of this declaration that we wrote.. I have not used it.  She said she thought he might be interested and write something about it.  HE did declare publicly last summer that the U.S. is NO LONGER an democracy, it is now an oligarchy and THAT is what this primary has made clear.

    Do what you want... but you aren't' gaining ground here with your comments.

    Reality check

    The Republican National Convention is July 18-21 in Cleveland

    The Democratic National Convention is July 25-28 in Philadelphia.

    The daily show did a takedown of hardcore Bernie supporters who say that they will vote for Donald Trump.

    The hardcore Sanders supporters who think that the protest lawsuits have legal merit are doing their own takedown of hardcore Sanders voters by publicly admitting that they believe Bernie lost because of massive voter fraud.

    Neither the BernieBros Trump voters or the BernieBros legal eagles realize that they come across as somewhat out of touch.

    Every time you say Bernie Bros which was Obama Bros back in 2008 and is simply a plant by the Hilary campaign... to make you attack Bernie supporters... it shows me that you don't know what is going on.

    Every time you post videos by this doofus comedian it shows me that you don't know what is going on. If that's the best evidence you can come up with to support your claims it's clear you're really far down the rabbit hole.

    True or false

    Raw data from polls are never used.

    The raw data is always weighted to more accurately reflect the nations demography.

    Raw data from pre vote polls tends to skew older.

    Raw data from pre vote polls tends to under count Sanders voters.

    Raw data from exit polls tend to skew younger

    Raw data from exit polls tend to over count Sanders voters

    Weighted polls are evidence that there is a media conspiracy to get a politician elected.

    Weighted exit poll that show less support for Sanders than the raw data are evidence that the media wanted Sanders to lose.

    Weighted pre vote polls that show larger support for Sanders than the raw data is evidence that the media wanted Sanders to win.

    Obama supporters supported Hillary Clinton in the State Department because she did not continue attacking Obama after she lost. Bernie is still attacking. 

    Thanks.  I had not seen this one before. 

    I am grateful for all your work.  This genie is not going back into the bottle that is for certain. 

    It has been going on here in Florida for 16 years. I was always a foot soldier for the Democratic Party most of my adult life.  I threw in the towel after 2012 election because of what I saw during the election with election theft. 

    What election theft by who in 2012?

    While I like to get a lot of my news from actors I usually look to rock stars as my hard news sources. Do you have any videos of Beyonce talking about this issue?

    Maybe Michael Bolton would be a better source.  My personal fav is Snoop Dog.  (At least he has a sense of humor)

    These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America

    ​Hillary's Dark Alliance With the Corporate Media


    Perfect End to Democratic Primary: Anonymous Superdelegates Declare Winner Through Media


    btw If you hear corporate media saying some huge percentage of us will 'fall in line', IT"S A LIE.

    If you think that you can blame US for Trump, THAT"S A LIE.   I can tell you from being directly involved for a year now in the movement to support Bernie and fight against Oligarchy... a Majority of us, My rough estimate being a part of it, would be about 70% that will NOT vote for Hillary OR Trump. 


    70% of 12 million is 8.4 million. How many of those 8.4 million people do you know? Have you done any type of survey of the people you don't know to get some idea of how they will vote? Do you have any evidence beside your personal feelings from your small  circle of friends that those 8.4 million people will not vote for Hillary?

    I have friends that were Sanders supporters. Most of them plan to vote for Hillary. I offer that as proof that at least 11 million of the 12 million Sanders voters will vote for Hillary.

    Just a rough estimate.

    Being connected to hundreds of thousands of Bernie supporters and organizers... I am willing to make an estimate. Sure Cenk's poll wasn't scientific and his audience skews Bernie but that number was over 80%.  I am basing my rough 'guess' on direct experience within the community.

    Corporate media having skewed and used terribly biased polling during this primary. They are NOT a reliable source of information.

    Well, maybe if you turn out to be wrong, you will realize that the "proof" you have about fraud is also wrong. I just hope you survive that realization.

    If Sanders isn't our next president it's because of fraud. What more proof do you need than Sanders not getting elected?

    There is NO DOUBT IN MY  MIND whatsoever in any way shape or form that we have experienced EXTREME election fraud and voter suppression in this primary. I am not worried in the least about that.  It is you, my friend, that are in for the rude awakening.  We do NOT have democracy right now in this country... we are pushing pack, fighting back for democracy against Plutocrats that want to operate under the 'pretense' of democracy.  That is the space we are fighting in... democracy is not real in this country right now... but because the plutocrats WANT to operate under the auspice of democracy... we have this space to try, however we can, to fight to promote democracy.  Hilary and Trump were chosen by the Plutocrats 'for us'. They BOTH have demonstrated TERRIBLE JUDGMENT in various ways and they are competing with each other for the Highest Unfavorable numbers of any candidate Ever for president.

    Trump and Hillary were chosen by Democrats and Republican voters. Hillary worked in ethnic minority groups to improve her numbers among them.Bernie sat on his Gluteus Maximus and thought he would be miraculously elected. Bernie sought the votes of only one group of voters. He is a failure.

    Black voters face widespread efforts at voter suppression. Hillary's supporters recognize that this is occurring and have been addressing the issue. Sanders and his BernieBros are whining about non-existent voter suppressing and are too self-involved to address real voter suppression. Black voters ignore Bernie and the BernieBros because they have no clue of concerns in the black community.

    BernieBros are laughed at because they think they are the ones abused by the system. Their whining about the faux issue of voter fraud in the Democratic primary confirms for minority voters that BernieBros do not care about minority voters. Hillary addressed voter suppression at the outset. Lawyers for her campaign filed lawsuits against real voter suppression.

    We are glad that BrrnieBros realize that the system is rigged. We wish that they and Bernie focused on the real issue of minority voter suppression. Minorities realize that BernieBros are too self-absorbed to even think about coalitions. Minorities find Sanders and the BernieBros incompetent when it comes to taking a real stand to fight the power. 

    For years there has been a system in place to register minority voters. Rev. Sharpton is leading one such effort at the Essence Festival this weekend.

    Bernie is all talk.

    This happens every election. The oligarchy skewed the polls for Obama in 12. It was part of the Grand Conspiracy to Steal the Election From Romney.

    Frustration that polls are skewed in favor of Obama has escalated among some on the right in recent weeks. One website,, recently began re-weighting the mainstream polls to closer track the demographic assumptions of conservative polling outlet Rasmussen Reports. The re-weighted polls all show Romney ahead in the race, with leads of between 3 and 11 percentage points.

    If you listen to right-wing pundits, the entire political science establishment, in cahoots with mainstream media, are circling their wagons around their favored candidate, and obscuring either the inevitability of his failure or a more sinister outcome behind a font of false information. The current polling numbers that show President Barack Obama pulling ahead of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney are cooked, they say.

    I do NOT watch corporate media PERIOD... they have all become propaganda for the plutocrats. After witnessing outright LIES and bias coming from every other corporate news networks in much the  same ways we would have only ascribed to FOX in the past... I finally realized I had to stop watching.

    And pretending because there were election fraud claims in the past it somehow make it impossible for their to have been REAL, Extreme Election Fraud during this primary is silly.  THIS is the age of the internet and we have run this campaign across the country in a new way, funded it in a new way... and these things are REAL.

    Instead you watch doofus comedians that are obviously clueless. Some, it's unclear how many, just look for the pundits that tell them what they want to hear without scrutinizing for quality. Like trk posted, " The bar for journalism is really set low now"

    You are right about one thing... CORPORATE MEDIA is FEEDING ABSOLUTE PROPAGANDA to the masses so we have to look to other sources.

    I know you won't but you might want to ask yourself what if the government has been taken over by corporation owners and billionaires, and what if they own the media, and what if they want to choose the president 'for us' and what if they own the majority of the media, and what if that media has become an absolute propaganda machine for their agenda?... where would you get information and how would you do it... because you are slamming something without understand the reality of the situation... We Have no democracy right now.  The Oligarchy wants the pretense of democracy or there wouldn't even BE an election.   So what WE are doing is fighting every step of the way to see WHAT we can do...  WE WILL NEVER BE Behind Hillary OR Trump. They are BOTH Terrible Candidates and The People of this country deserve BETTER!

    You remember Barbara Olson who tried to expose the Clintons and they killed her in 9/11 - her husband Ted released her book post-humously, but it wasn't enough. How they survive...

    Ok, let's say I believe you know how those hundreds of thousands will vote and there are 400 thousand of them. That still leaves about 12 million Sanders voters you don't know. How is it you know that 80% of those 400 thousand won't vote for Hillary? Likely because they are all still working with you to get Sanders elected. Or they're working with you to spread the news of the fraud. It's not a randomly selected group of Sanders supporters. It's a flawed poll. Doesn't tell us anything. If you knew anything about the science of statistics you'd know that. But democrats are just as likely to reject science as republicans when it suits their purpose.

    The bar for journalism is really set low now and the Forth Estate is no longer reliable for the news.  I have to go to other countries news outlets to find out what is going on in the world. The media corporations only report what their big ad buyers want them to say. The Forth Estate's job is to report the news not influence it.  It looks like they have have lost much of their influence.  Sanders did very well considering the news black out on him. Large groups of people and law firms are filing court cases on election vote theft and corruption, even though the media is pushing the conspiracy theory meme.  There was many Democrats that went to vote in the primary that found themselves purged or registration changed. It is no longer a conspiracy theory when you have to vote provisional and you know it won't count in that election. It is no longer a conspiracy theory when you stand in line on a hot day for 6 hours to vote. 

    Only 28% of the voters are registered Democrat now. It was 36% of the voters in 2008. 40% of the country is registered independent and they are the ones who will decide the election. I look for a historic low voter turn out if Clinton and Trump are on the ballot. Look to see that 28% drop if Hillary is nominated.  I have noticed that the Greens and Libertarians are gaining support in the polling. 2014 midterms was the lowest voter turn out in percentage since WWII.  I have seen polling recently that is bouncing around with how many Sanders' supporters  are not going to vote for Clinton.  It has been as low as 35% or as high as 70%. Young Sanders' supporters have not made up their mind on this and they are the largest voting block now. "Houston we have a problem," that problem is we privatized our elections and turned them over to corporations to count our vote. Do you know some of our votes are counted on computers in Spain? 



    You do know that he's lost the nomination don't you?  Because he has lost it.


    I realize that you don't understand what has happened during this primary ie election fraud and voter suppression... which has happened on such a scale that it has shocked us and made us unwilling to 'play along' with the 'numbers'...

    Josh Fox shares his view on Bernie's movement and where we go from here.


    You have done a fantastic job with this blog.  There is over 7,000 hits. That is a lot for DAG diary. LOL...I know I sound like DD. bless his heart.  In this case you have planted some seeds in some of the lurkers that read here. There is plenty of interest in this. 

    This is how the progressive movement is growing.  It is growing without the blessing of MSM. It is a movement that is not asking permission from the powers to be and is paying it's own way without corporations donating. The country is getting ready to throw the dice for a new direction just like it did for Reagan. That era is past is expiration date and it includes the neoliberalism of the DLC.  It looks like the whole western world is doing the same thing. 

    It is really organized.  I watched 2100 members of Daily Kos leave that site this spring and move to 2 new blogs sites set up by them and to a reddit sub thread to have a place to write and work on this movement without being banned. The things that Sync is doing is being done in many places on the internet. Information moves through these groups faster then MSM. In the next couple weeks these groups will be working on funding all the Sanders delegates so they can go to Philly.  Many of them are from lower half of the economy. 

    This month is going to be real interesting.  



    Thank you for your comments & encouragement!



    Put Away the Fireworks... You Don’t Live in a Democracy Anymore

    "Within the last 30 years, while we’ve chased bogeymen overseas and here at home, our Democracy has fallen. We have been taken over; defeated; our voices neutered; our freedoms trampled; our democracy vanquished.

    No invading force accomplished this; no jackboots echoed across our republic; no alien flag was raised above our lands. Not a single shot was fired by our vaunted military to halt this takeover. No, this was a quiet coup, accomplished from within, and conducted in stealth. 

    In the cult film classic, The Usual Suspects, Roger "Verbal" Kint says, “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.” Just so, has the Oligarchy taken over the US."

    We no longer have Democracy. WE will have to act/fight to win it back.

    Let Us Be More Brave So That We Can Be More Free.

    #OurRevolution #NotMeUS #EndOligarchy

    Blacks have been complaining of voter suppression for years. The Democrats in the House led a sit down because the GOP will not allow votes on gun control. The GOP is in the hands of the Kochs and others who want to limit access to voting. The GOP is a subsidiary of the gun manufacturers. Everybody realizes that the elites want total control.

    When it comes to solutions, most people do not see Bernie Sanders  as the answer. Bernie wants single-payer healthcare despite the fact that single-payer failed in his home state of Vermont. Bernie wants free college despite the fact that taxing Wall Street will not pay for free college. Sanders offers no answers to these problems. His supporters do not address these issues. Instead we get a barrage of posts telling about the evil Hillary Clinton.

    Bernie is rejected by the majority of white, black, and Latino voters in most major population areas. In stead of reaching out to those who are not convinced by his message, he and his supporters attack their Democratic opposition. As it stands Bernie is supported by a subset of white voters who demand everyone else simply shut up and fall in line.

    In order to effect change, we need more Democrats in office. Bernie only supports a small number of down ticket Democrats. The Democrsts Bernie supports are too small to effect changes in Congress. Bernie is rejected because his ideas can't be funded, he is incapable of forming coalitions, and he does not support enough down ticket candidates to get things done.

    All the attacks on Hillary do not change the fact that Democrats do not see Bernie Sanders as the answer to our problems. There are no repeated long form posts about Bernie's ideas being the solution because his ideas can easily be shot down.

    You couldn't be more wrong.  In Fact His Ideas Are So Ingrained in Many Of US WE WILL NOT STOP FIGHTING FOR THEM NO MATTER WHO MIGHT BE "INSTALLED" AS PRESIDENT!  

    Hilary's is the one selling 'trickle down economics' via the new sland of 'incremental change' and WE ARE NOT BUYING IT!  

    Hillary and Trump are BOTH picked by the Oligarchy. They BOTH have demonstrated TERRIBLE JUDGMENT and they are competing With each other for MOST UNFAVORABLE presidential candidate EVER! 


    *btw your comments demonstrate that you are paying far too much attention to corporate media misinformation and if you are questioning my claim that we no longer have democracy that was stated before the primary even began... we just didn't believe so much until we got first hand experience after it started to prove it to us.

    Typing in caps and posting YouTube video does not create a movement. Democrats chose the Democrat they wanted. Bernie Sanders will not be the nominee. Hillary Clinton will beat Trump. Sanders will embarrass himself by creating chaos at the Democratic National Convention. The cameras will show white BernieBros protesting ethnic minorities. John Lewis will gather more minorities to his side than Bernie Sanders. The scenario is as easy to predict as the fact that Hillary would not be indicted.

    You underestimate the power of ritual. A Cap here and a Cap there, and soon society crumbles. It wasn't the content of Martin's speeches - it was the monogram of MLK - all Caps, amirite?

    Typing in Caps is always more effective than actually detailing how Sanders would pay for single-payer or free college. We don't need No stinkin' facts when we got Caps and random video rants.

    I am an orator... that cannot be expressed without some variation. You want to try to pretend all of the reality away by using CAPS argument or blame's foolish. After all you use youtube too don't you... 

    That's just silly... or trying to pretend that I should be talking about what YOU want to talk about and if I don't do it they way YOU determine it must be that makes me wrong in some way.  That's all complete bullsh*t!  


    I try to present facts like the failure of single-payer in Vermont and that taxing Wall Street won't pay for free college. In response I get Caps and YouTube posts from random individuals. Blacks have noted that the system is rigged since their arrival. Blacks did not hear from Bernie in Congress until he decided to run for President. To me he is just a white boy with a big ego and no plan.

    Sanders cannot explain how he will implement single-payer or free college. Caps and YouTube video do not alter that reality. I see nothing impressive from Sanders. Other than rhetoric how does he plan to get his proposed legislation funded and passed. When is Sanders going to encourage his supporters to stop alienating people who do not see him presenting a realistic program?

    So far, all I see is white Sanders supporters arriving en masse to harass ethnic minority Democrats in Philadelphia.

    What did you expect to happen? This is not a place where people get respect for spamming videos. This is a place where people make arguments and defend them in open debate. Links and videos support the arguments that people make. They aren't used to make the argument.

    You refuse to make a case for your views. You refuse to defend your opinions in open debate. You assert over and over again that something is true without producing evidence or even making a convincing argument. Since you won't produce evidence for us to confront and you won't defend your opinions when challenged we resort to mocking your rants.

    What did you expect to happen?

    Aw shit, now what're we gonna do the next 4 months?

    Argue about how Hillary was able to turn the FBI into a part of the Grand Conspiracy to Steal the Election for Hillary. I think it's likely that as SoS she obtained damaging info on Comey she used to blackmail him. I'm searching youtube now for someone who says that as proof.

    Hillary has LIED So much she has even lied about lying...  the notion that her abuse was unintentional is just UNBELIEVABLE.

    Hillary is not going to be indicted.

    Sanders and his supporters alienate themselves from other voters.

    What outreach techniques are Sanders and his supporters going to use to expand their narrow base?

    The "Narrow" base that actually WON the election... you mean... I think once you add all of the independents that weren't even allowed to vote... We are a VERY STRONG CROWD! 

    Democrats made their selection for their party. Independents will be choosing between Hillary and Donald.

    I think you're seeing what they hope will work.

    Screeds and YouTube rants.

    Sanders keeps up his stalling and word games, his Senate seat will be quite a lonely place.  In Schumer's position post-election, I might be reconsidering Sanders' committee assignments in that light.

    My hope is that Bernie gets what he deserves...and somehow...wants -- political isolation.  He will accomplish the same non-accomplishments that he has for the last 23+ years.  I can't wait for him to just fade away.

    Obama and Hillary are campaigning together today in NC. She will be campaigning with Biden on Friday. Sanders is a non-issue. 

    Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are relying on the same tactic that Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage used in the Brexit fiasco. Both men lied about the horrors of the EU just like Sanders talks about the evil Hillary and the Democrats. Johnson and Farage admit that they cannot keep their pre-Brexit promises and rapidly exited stage left. Sanders can't deliver free college or single-payer. Trump can't build a wall and get Mexico to pay for it. Sanders have dedicated followers who will tell us about the evils of Hillary. These followers cannot offer retailers on how Sanders or Trump would accomplish anything. The Brexit fiasco was a direct message to US voters to avoid rhetoric-filled fantasies like those supplied by Sanders and Trump.

    Note how few posts we get on how Sanders has a well thought out plan. The default position is just attack Hillary. Sad.

    I wish the democratic party would run a democrat against him in his next election. But politicians usually put the election behind them after it's over. But people do not. Many democrats and all Hillary supporters will treat Sanders as a pariah just as they do with Nader. He has lost influence with his behavior with the electorate

    Again nothing positive about Sanders, just more GOP style anti-Hillary attacks

    We have already factored in that you won't be voting for Hillary. We have also factored in that Sanders would be a piñata for GOP attacks. Sanders is the modern day Don Quixote. Bernie needs to take a nap. When talking to Wolf Blitzer today, Sanders kept referring to Wolf as Jake.

    How is Bernie going to pay for single-payer?

    How are we going to pay for single payer?! Really!!! YOU KNOW VERY WELL THAT WE WOULD SAVE MONEY IF WE HAD UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE!!


    YOU KNOW WHAT WE CANNOT AFFORD!?!  To Allow Corporation Owners and Billioniares to Continue to suck the wealth out of our country and abuse our people for their gain!  WAKE UP!

    I would save money on gas if I bought a Tesla, but I don't have enough money to buy a Tesla and I don't think that you or Bernie could convince any of the 1% to donate towards its purchase.  

    Hillary couldn't convince them either, but she is too intelligent, honest, and realistic to say she could.

    Edited to add:  Before you say that Bernie isn't running on getting Tesla's for everyone, I just want you to realize that my comments are meant to be illustrative of how unrealistic your above statement is, and is not actually about cars at all, and is not to be taken literally.  

    Edited again to make this look like a new post so maybe Synch will respond to it.

    Single-payer failed in Vermont because it was too costly. Instead of addressing that reality, you type in CAPS.

    Because you cannot answer how to pay for single-payer  without putting guns to the heads of votes you print CAPS. You prove that Sanders would be a complete disaster for Progressivism because after 4 years of his abject failure, the Conservative era would be put in place. Sanders is too much of an incompetent to be entrusted with the Presidency.

    When people read the CAP rants, they see that like Sanders, you have only rhetoric. We scoff at Sanders supporters because what we see represented here are CAP and video rants, a person who believes that the nut job who killed police in Dallas represented the beginning of a race war, and a person who cuts and pastes anti-Hillary screeds. We find your collective posts unconvincing. Because the posts seem irrational, we do not see you building the consensus needed to bring about change.

    Hillary delegates on the platform committee... serving the corporate interests.


    Yes, PP, it's a ToS violation.  Please figure out a way to get your point across without this kind of language.


    Like it or NOT Establishment Democrats INCLUDING HILLARY CLINTON 

    Support TPP/TTIP which give Super Powers To Corporations & Big Banks that ALREADY HAVE TOO MUCH POWER! 

    They Won't Even Put Universal Healthcare on Their Platform because... money from Corporations ie Big Pharma and Health Insurance Industry.

    They would not even put improving Social Security For Extremely Poor Americans on the platform.

    We know that hte platform isn't binding but that's just how powerful the control of corporation owners & wealthy elite hae over our so-called 'elected' politicians... that represent us a Near ZERO percent of the time.

    People are NOT a priority. Voters are NOT a priority! The Oligarchy that is doing a crappy job of ruling this country is in control of the Democratic Party...  


    Democrats won't put single payer universal health care in the platform because the people don't want it. 70 to 80% of the people get their health care through their jobs. Most are happy with it and will resist any change. While the health industry is an influence the people are by far the greatest impediment to single payer. If I thought there was any possibility of a rational dialog with sync I'd look for the transcript or video of the interview with Obama saying this.

    What Sanders supporters and many on the left don't  realize is that no matter how good they think an idea is you can't force the majority of the population to agree it's a good idea and to agree to having their lives disrupted over policy they don't want. Finally the belief on the left that if only the democrats would run a far left policy candidate the working class would rush to vote for him has been disproven. We ran a far left candidate and he couldn't get people to vote for him.

    8 million less people voted in this primary than in 08. If Sanders had gotten even half of those lost voters to the polls he would have won. The numbers show that the people cared more about a contest between two center left politicians in 08, each who got 18 million votes, than they cared about voting for the revolution of Bernie Sanders.

    Clinton lost in 2008 and got butchered over healthcare in 1994.. They wont put healthcare in the platform because Obama already spent 2 years doing it his way - though partly her plan - and it's done for now. Elections have consequences.

    Congress has Republican majorities - debating social security right now will open it to cuts, not improving it. For now, it's fine - feed the poor some other way.

    Your priorities are out of sync. Black people are getting killed in deadly confrontations with police, one of the most pressing issues, and yet you ignore it. That's partly why your candidate lost. Those people are a priority.

    Hillary has supported a large increase to minimum wage, greater human rights and job guarantees bundled into trade agreements, etc. For an "establishment" figure, she's pretty progressive. Not as much as you want but not bad.


    When I read that the Daily Show with Jon Stewart was the major news source for young people I didn't celebrate as many on the left did. I was appalled. I liked the Daily Show, Stewart was often effective at poking fun at cable news sources, especially fox news. But the Daily Show was not news. Mocking main stream news may have been effective debunking but it was not informative. A good joke may make one laugh and open ones mind to unconsidered possibilities but only reading and study can inform.

    It's part of the dumbing down of America, a comedian's jokes taking the place of informing one self with better information. You actually think this comedian is a worthwhile contribution to the debate. That these lame jokes are informative. That this is good evidence to support your claims of fraud. It's pathetic, sync, and I feel sorry for you. You need to get off youtube and read.

    This is not a "Stanford Study," and you show once again that you just reflexly post stuff without doing any due diligence to make sure it's accurate.  You let yourself be influenced by anything that supports your own side of things and your credibility goes down every time you do.

    Snopes really should be your friend:

    As it turns out, two graduate students, one from Stanford and one from the Netherlands put this together, and it It had no peer review or vetting.  It is NOT a Stanford "study."  I hope you will go the above site and learn why posting this the way you did is inappropriate.  

    Hillary Clinton’s support base as bogus as US Democracy

    I've given up commenting on your links, but I'll just remind you that Hillary's imaginary base just gave her the Democratic nomination.  They voted for her.  She won the popular vote by a large margin.  Even if, as you say, the elections were rigged, there would have had to be a VAST conspiracy in order to get it done. 

    Hillary won, fair and square. I'm sorry, but that's a fact.

    NO! It's MOST DEFINITELY NOT A FACT! And the fact that you believe that is part of the problem!


    Go ahead and believe that you are right it doesn't make it true... the reality is this election was completely rigged and I know you don't want to know that... so what's the point... you can mock me all you like.  Won't change that our country is NO LONGER a democracy and this election is a fraud...  

    Anyone can believe whatever they want but it requires evidence to convince others. Here it requires the ability to defend your beliefs in open debate. That is what this site is all about. You're unwilling to produce evidence and when your nonsense is challenged you refuse to defend your beliefs. Then you wonder why we mock you. Repetition of assertions doesn't constitute proof. When you are unwilling to engage in dialog we laugh at that. What did you expect would happen when you spammed this site with videos and refused to engage in dialog?

    The #Clinton Dems just voted down an amendment to stop media consolidation. If this is how they are going to govern, we're in trouble. #DNC


    People For Bernie ‏@People4Bernie  2h2 hours ago

    We just want @TheDemocrats to admit it's an occupation& illegal settlement. This doesn't take aid from Isreal. It's just facts. #DemPlatform


    Josh Fox ‏@joshfoxfilm  6h6 hours ago

    The DNC just voted down an amendment that was against the lobbyist revolving door in government. Now Dems are the party of #lobbyists! #sad

    "We know because of methane leakage that the emissions profile of fracked gas is worse than coal."…


    Dem Platform Committee Today...

    Californians Call for a Grand Jury Investigation of the Primary

    2016: the Year Americans Learned Their Elections Are Rigged

    What we are witnessing — for the first time on a large scale — is the political establishment’s true role in selecting the president of the United States. The illusion of choice has become apparent. The establishment anoints their two picks for president, and the country proceeds to argue vehemently over the two candidates they are spoon-fed. This dynamic is reminiscent of a prophetic 1998 quote from philosopher Noam Chomsky:

    “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”

    “Bernie Sanders got at least 1.25 million votes from that pile,” Palast said. “The good news is that Bernie won California. … If you count every ballot, Sanders would win by 100,000.”

    Beautiful - referencing the JFK conspiracy nut who chery picks the whacko Palast quote that WaPo used not as fact but to show the opposite, how crazed some lingering Sanders fans were in the face of slow but countable reality. Palast was wrong. Yes, Hillary has now won with all votes tallied, but in the end by only 360k votes or 7.1%. Still not the victory Bernie needed and there are now no more magical unicorn votes to count. It's over.

    And why CA takes so long: (hint - not evil sorcerers, the Trilateralist Committee, ballot stuffers nor Teletubbies - just plain hard boring work as currently poorly designed, affecting all parties and issues):

    Election Justice Lawsuit Denied TRO New York Primary. No win for Bernie.

    I am an attorney who frequently appears in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York. Last year, I tried a case to verdict in front of Judge Joanna Seybert, the District Court Judge who ruled on the Temporary Restraining Order ("TRO") plaintiffs in Campanello v. New York State Board of Elections (that's the proper name of the lawsuit OP is describing) sought. As you can see from the linked order by Judge Seybert, the marking is "TRO application denied." That means none of the initial relief sought by the plaintiffs was granted. That means the situation continues as if the lawsuit was never filed.

    Election Justice org  Plaintiff Campanello filed the failed lawsuit

    There are hundreds of links 'LAWSUIT FILED' and one comment on one page (by a lawyer) saying ithe NY Election Justice lawsuit was flushed down the judicial commode.

    CA Election Update MON 7-11-2016 – 50+ Links – DAY 34 AFTER CA Election Day – Multiple Election Lawsuits-investigations all w/ National Ramifications

    The links say Bernie didn't win. 

    No. Exit polls are done by MSM to find why people voted the way they did not to verify who won. They are voluntary. Older voters usually decline to participate.

    Exit polls done by main stream media are not the same as exit polls done by an exit polling company though the media may hire them.

    This has not been a primary on the democratic side, it has been a COUP. The election was rigged via the DNC and the cooperation of corporate owned media that never discloses their connection as donors to Hillary's campaign, but a recent study showed that Trump and Hilary, the very candidates that the Oligarchy picked FOR US were given by FAR the most media time and they were already the ones with HUGE name recognition.  

    You can deny the facts as much as you like.  The reality is that we no longer have democracy.  The Oligarchy has control and this election was most definitely rigged to make Hillary the nominee no matter what.  I am part of the class action suit against the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz for rigging the primary.  I am supporting the law suits in many states and the national suit recently filed in OH to fight the election fraud and voter suppression that has occurred and that corporate media will not report on.  

    You can attack me and mock me all you like... and I certainly wish that we had true elections and democracy right now... but it is clearly something we will have to fight for.

    As Bernie recently endorsed Hilary in a manner that goes against EVERYTHING he has been teaching us these past months... about half of us appear to be moving to Jill Stein while others are holding out for a convention miracle to nominate Bernie. MSM lies about this.  Hilary and Trump are NOT an option unless you want to support the Oligarchy destroying our country which is further and further oppressing our people. They are BOTH Pathological LIARS w/Terrible Judgment vying for MOST UNFAVORABLE Presidential Candidate EVER!   They are BOTH DANGEROUS in different ways.  Bernie has his reasons but I, like Cornel West and others will keep fighting for Democracy and will not promote the Oligarchy and the candidates THEY CHOSE FOR US.  

    Trump does not even WANT to be president. The Clintons and Trumps are friends and their daughters are BESTIES... The Public is being scammed.  The world suffers along with the American people.  

    There are ways that Jill Stein is even better than Bernie Sanders for our country as she wants to use quantitative easing to forgive student debt and she is completely against the drone program.  I am DONE Voting My Fears as it has brought us nothing but corruption and disaster.

    We have been unconscious of the extent of corporate owned media propaganda and manipulation and the oppression that the oligarchy has been waging against the America people for too long.  We are like frogs being slowly boiled...  There is so much happening that we should be out with pitchforks demanding resignations and TRUE elections... but we continue on complacently... we are too polite, too conformist.. for our own good.  The Princeton study showed that 75% of us have NO CHANCE of being represented by our federal elected officials.  That is taxation without representation. It's not just citizen united but a wide range of factors that have allowed the rich to move in and milk the country via our govt and taxes for all they can to increase their wealth and power while doing as little as possible for the American people...  The death and destruction being done in our name is appalling.  Americans have been raised to be sheeple...They like everything nice and comfortable and have gone comfortably numb to their own suffering and the suffering of their neighbors and communities as well as much of the world... as people die and suffer needlessly because we 'do not make waves', we go along and do what is safe and expected of us, we fall in line, and keep the status quo alive.

    This is unsustainable... go ahead attack me, mock me, pretend that I am full of crap if you like... it won't make it true or real... no I am not going to jump through hoops to try to provide imperical evidence for you.  You will have to figure it out yourself. I hope you wake up... It is unsustainable.  people are rising up all over the world to similar oppression and eventually the U.S. will has already started.  

    When you watch Comey and Lynch do what they just did with Hillary and learn of their connections to the Clintons in particular via HBSC bank and the Clinton Foundation and all of the real corruption going on that makes the Clintons look like their own kind of mafia... I would like to think people might stop believing everything that MSNBC and CNN etc tell them to believe... because they have an agenda, they are not serving YOUR best interest, they are serving theirs.

    The fight for democracy continues. It's not about a candidate. It's about The People and the life we could have with real leadership instead of predatory leadership. I will be fighting for all of us... and hope that enough of us wake up soon enough to give us a shot at a future that isn't horrific.

    I will be fighting for all of us... and hope that enough of us wake up soon enough to give us a shot at a future that isn't horrific.

    Look, stop claiming this. The only thing we agree on is that both sides think the other side needs "wake up soon enough to give us a shot at a future that isn't horrific. You will be fighting against most of us. You may believe your conspiracy theories are true but we do not. You may believe you're on a noble quest for a noble cause but most of us believe you're wrong, So most of us will be fighting against you. Many believe your misguided fight will create a future that is horrific. That is why most of us will be fighting against you. This is the reality. You may be a true believer but we disagree vehemently and most of us will fight against you. This is not a fight between you and the corporations and plutocracy. We think you're wrong so it's a fight between you and your allies and most of the rest of the American public.

    You are not fighting for us.

    You are fighting against us.


    "Hillary Clinton delegates, superdelegates and supporters:

    To put this into perspective, think of how you feel toward Donald Trump supporters, for example. You probably know a few in person, and they’re good people and you wish they weren’t. What I’m trying to communicate is that every side is going to think they’re on the “right side”, even when they aren’t. When we’re arguing with the Donald Trump supporters, we can see that. They really do believe in what Trump is saying. You probably wish that you could change something in their thinking, give it a little tweak tweak tweak until they’re on the same page. Maybe they’ll realize how misled they were. Well, Bernie supporters feel the same way about you, believe it or not. We think that you’re wrong, and we want to find a way to get you to see it our way. You probably compare us to Trump supporters, but we compare you to them also."

    This Election & PRIMARY WERE ABSOLUTELY RIGGED! The DNC emails leaked by Wikileaks yesterday show that the DNC colluded w/media, that they conspired AGAINST Bernie Sanders, and the primary was definitely rigged for Hillary. We already have a class action suit against the DNC & DWS for rigging the primary which now we most certainly will WIN. And now it's looking like possible criminal charges will be filed.

    The DNC is considered a private company. If any private company in the US, held a national contest and rigged the outcome, they would face criminal charges...   and this contest, let's face it was pretty f'ing important! The republicans will stomp all over the democrats with this information.  There will be mass exit from the Dem Party. Pretty sure based on the reckless behavior of the establishment democrats that they will nominate Hilary no matter what... SO NOW WE GO GREEN & Hope Bernie will join the ticket!


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