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Starlet Harlots

Nobody seems to be talking about Harvey Weinstein at Dagblog, so I'll jump in.

Disclaimer:  I have no idea if Weinstein actually did the things they accuse him of.  So all this is under the supposition that he is guilty, which I don't know to be true.

The hypocrisy in this case is amazing.  Here are some of the stinkiest parts:

Other Lurkers

Now that acanuck has been outed as Justin Bieber (see "Would You Vote for Ted Cruz..."), I wonder what other celebrities are lurking behind Dagblog monikers.  Suspected all along that "Ramona" was actually Kim Kardashian,  but who really is behind the "Michael Wolraich" tag?

Kidnapping in Israel

Three students hitchhiking home from their yeshivas in the West Bank have disappeared, believed kidnapped.  Links:

Hitchhiking, though officially frowned upon, is widely practiced in the West Bank because of the inadequacy of public transport.

Aid to Ukraine

Here is an email I got today.  Any comments?

Ukraine buys almost all its energy (natural gas) from Russia.


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