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    Tampa and Sarasota Birthday bash for Bernie Sanders

    There was many who got together this past Labor Day Weekend to plan and help with Bernie Sanders campaign in the South West Coastal area of Florida.  Like the rest of South Florida this area is trending blue.  There will most definitely be a big turnout for a Sanders rally in this area.


    Last week, I checked the event site to see what was going on in my area for Bernie.  It was a holiday week end so I figured I might find some where to buy a bumper sticker from a table set up.  I was amazed at all the get together with in a few miles of my house.  Mostly they were pot lucks and barbecues.  I should of counted how many there was with in a 100 miles. I didn't do so, all I can tell you there were more then I would have ever thought possible. 

    You can follow what is going on in your area for Bernie, even if you are supporting someone else,   Just got to this link and put in your zip code.

    People were invited to the Beach at Treasure Island in St. Petersburg and they made this great video that was posted today on you tube.  Bernie on the Beach


    You can see how the artist made this sand sculpture on face book.



    Some of the groups got together from Manatee and Sarasota Counties to walk across the bridge in Sarasota to Longboat Key for Bernie's Birthday.  I saw the invitation but the 2 miles would have been to far for me to walk. I would have loved to done this but I broke my foot 14 months ago and it has only been a few months that I am not using a cane to walk. A Daily Kos diarist from the area did go and posted these pictures with a blog.  

     Yesterday, about 200 people, from four years of age to 74+ years of age, gathered at the Sarasota, FL Bayfront for a "Happy Bernie Day" (Bernie Sanders' birthday) celebration. Participants made some really great homemade signs, and the deluge of rain (we've had 6-7 inches in the last 3-4 days) let up to allow us to walk across the bridge to Longboat key and back--a couple of miles walk, in 92 degree weather at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 8--Bernie's Birthday!!!

    While we had plenty of the preprinted Bernie campaign posters, we also had several original posters, showcasing Bernie's run for the Presidency.

    You can see more film on this here.

    A band played and the crowd of roughly 150 waved signs as they marched over the Ringling Bridge in Sarasota Tuesday in a show of support for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

    The event was billed as an "upbeat parade" celebrating Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont, on his birthday. It coincided with a social media "money bomb" to help raise money for his campaign.

    “We want to show Sarasota that Bernie is not a fringe candidate but a major one, one who has captured the imaginations of the left and the right with his independence of big money and his concern for the working people,” supporter Tom Walker said in a press release. 

    It was covered in the local news today. 

    It is going to be an interesting few months as these groups continue to work their ground games. Some of them have been involved in past campaigns and have experience and training. 

    Win or lose this is good for the Democratic Party. 



    There is a beautiful evening picture of this sand sculpture on Huffington Post.

    It didn't get to stay to long as you can see in the picture we had rain later. 

    Sarasota and Manatee was demonstrating in support of Iran Treaty in front of Rep. Vern Buchanan's office in Sarasota, Florida. Here is the video on this event Aug. 26, 2015. 

    We have some great people working for Sanders.


    Great to see.  Thanks trkingmomoe!

    The media has ignored the organizing that has been done to help Sanders.  These people are digging into their own pockets to pass out flyers and set up tables.  

    I have been part of ground games for years but this year I have not heard a word from Clinton's campaign. I usually get emails from several candidates looking for help. I am on many email lists of the Democratic Party but I have yet to get my first email from Clinton.  I get them from Obama and local candidates.  I hear from Bernie supporters and his news letter but nothing from Clinton. I do like her and do have an open mind about her but I am wondering if her team is dropping some balls on the ground game part of the election.  I know we start this process very early but the ground game has always started up for the Dems in the fall before election year. There are local meetings and voter registration that is started during the summer, then we all hit the ground. 

    Sanders did something different and organized through the internet in July instead of the normal activist lists and phone calls.  He did pick up some well seasoned activist in this area that needs very little training because of experience.  They are having a good time with out the restraints of the DNC.  

    Her team needs to get in this area and strengthen her presence if she want to hang on to her lead here. I know she has a pile of money to spend. 

    Oh bother - the Iowa caucus is Feb 1 and New Hampshire is Feb 9 - it's 4 1/2 months before the first vote is cast. Last time Hillary ran out of money due to wassername Solis-Doyle not planning well. This time Hillary will make it *through* Super Tuesday on Monday. A quick Google found this to be exactly her plan.

    538 notes that Hillary already has endorsements from 1/4 of Congress (more than half the Dems), 2/3 dem senators and 1/3 dem governors - how better could Hillary lock this up..?

    I've been getting regular emails from Hillary and Carville for some months. About 10 days ago I've been getting emails every day. I got 3 today about the debate. One from the "Official Clinton Campaign, and from campaign spokesperson Cristina Reynolds and Robby Mook. I've been getting so many emails the last 10 day it's actually starting to annoy me. I keep my email pretty private so I thought if I was getting so many everybody was.

    I haven't gotten anything from the Clinton campaign.  I used to get stuff from Carville but that stopped a couple of years ago.  I do get emails from the Whitehouse about once a week but it usually has something to do with what is going on there.  I get from Graysen because he is running for senate and other local campaigns. Obama camp used to send me emails almost daily and every one else that was involved in his campaign would too.  Like I said she hasn't got much in place here for her campaign.  I did get one from the NAACP about the debate this week.  I get from them once in a while. It has been quiet.  

    I'm sure if you send some money to her campaign you'll start getting emails. wink I'll be happy to forward one that I get with a donate button if you want.

    LOL...That maybe why I am not on her list.  There is no money to be had.  I always make up for it by volunteering. 

    So *that's* what happens to bloodless turnips - they become uprooted volunteers. Even in cyberspace maybe.

    Just got another message from Hillary. Notice how she calls me "Friend" along with a personal invitation to stand by her side at the debate. I assume on stage slightly behind her at the debate podium. Close enough to offer suggestions, policy ideas, and moral support. I'm really touched by that but I'm kinda introverted and would feel uncomfortable on stage so next time we chat I'll have to tell her I don't feel I know her well enough to be BFFs. At most I'd have to say we're perhaps friendly aquaintances.

    Friend --

    It seems like year after year, debate after debate, Republicans spout the same tired ideas that have already failed time and time again: tax cuts for the rich, trickle-down economics, defunding Planned Parenthood.

    You'll hear something different at the Democratic debate next month: ideas that will help American families. Let’s talk about a pathway to citizenship for immigrants, an end to mass incarceration, and a plan to combat climate change. You know I love a great conversation about policy!

    I want you by my side at that debate. I hope you'll add your name to win a trip to join me in Las Vegas -- trust me, it's going to be a lot more inspiring than what we saw last night:



    I think she realizes that she is in need of friends. The super pac that was in her camp messed up with their tactics.  "Sigh"

    Anyways thanks for the link. 

    I guess the Democratic Party will muddle on.  We have to keep the WH and make gains in Congress. 


    Perhaps... I was thinking that maybe she read my posts here at Dagblog, was impressed, and was turning to me for advice. I don't sign petitions, contribute money, etc. Since I so rarely give out my email address I just figured Hillary contacted MW to get it.


    I just talked with someone that I worked with phone banking in '07, and she pointed out that Clinton didn't have much ground game or presence here either in that campaign.  That O of A came in and organized most of whom are now still active in the party. Clinton's focus was a air game, TV interviews and debates.

    She agreed with me that DNC made a mistake by thinking they could slow walk this campaign through this year and raise money until the middle of the fall.  They didn't see any possible challenges because there isn't many young potential candidates.  The machine would keep them at bay. The conservative generation is aging out and a smaller pool of voters for the GOP. The country was ready to swing left. 

    She pointed out the age of who they had to really be able to run as a sign of a tight inner circle at the DNC and Washington.  Younger politicians are too liberal to be included in the power structure.  Sanders came along and was able to bushwhacked them from the left. He knew where their soft under belly was at, which is corporate money. DWS has been recruiting right of center Democrats that sell well to deep pockets but has been a turn off to younger voters. Sanders has been out beating the bushes and offering an alternative. She reminded me that we have not seen this much activism since the protests to Vietnam and civil rights protests.  

    To a couple of old hippy chicks this is a good thing.  Win or loose, Sanders will use his support to drag this country into the 21st century and out of the Reagan Dark Ages. She calls them the Reagan Dark Ages. I think that is a good name for that era. He can go back to the senate with 400,000 contacts to help him.

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