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    Sounds to me like Bernie is not comfortable with the new woke lingo and goals:

    Part of me says the "equality" is frequently quite wishful, that paying attention to the stats to measure outcomes and finding new ways to untilt the field as needed will be an ongoing process.But that untilting the field means the white trailer trash mother and kids get a hand, Kanye's kids don't need more, and hard work such as in Asian families frequently shouldn't be punished. But there are also natural benefits from living in Silicon Valley if you're in tech, LA if you're in film, NY if you're in finance. Trying to fix all the world's disequilibria is madness. Why was Ari Onassis able to hitch a ride to Buenos Aires, arrive with $5, yet end up a billionaire? Why don't we teach *that* lesson more? Was it his "white male privilege"? Why isn't Greece auperwealtgy then?

    Personally I think 'law and order' had more to do with the below (espec.because that is what NY GOP candidates were clearly stressing) BUT THIS TOO

    thread of responses:

    Excellent reporting the judge’s sealing the sidebars — and the author/researcher’s efforts leading to their unsealing.

    — Jane Shay Wald (@janefourmillion) March 24, 2023

    The Secret Joke at the Heart of the Harvard Affirmative-Action Case

    A federal official wrote a parody of Harvard’s attitude toward Asian Americans and shared it with the dean of admissions. Why did a judge try to hide that from the public?

    March 23


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