The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age

    [AFRICA - it's an entire continent & we don't pay enough attention]



    ..^ he is award winning International Journalist| Film Maker | 2 Time African Journalist of The Year | Africa Leadership FellowI Nieman Fellow| [email protected]

    meanwhile now that most Gulf Sunni leaders have stopped using this topic to deflect their masses from their own problems, guess who has picked up on that practice:

    dunno if this is true, just using it as an example how xenophobia about illegal immigrants doesn't just plague "western" nations nor is it exclusive to "whites" against "people of color" -

    South Africans who can't take the ANC any more again:

    I suspect it wasn't quite to the level of North Korea - maybe Iraq/Hussein, but that's just a guess. Also, it was 2 countries spliced into 1, which created its own internal animosities. Compare Somalia/Eritrea/Ethiopia, Súdán/South Sudan, Congo, Rwanda/Burundi, Morocco/Western Sahara, Nigeria north & south, etc.

    It's a continent with hugely genocidal passions. I felt post-9/11 Qaddafi woke up quick & did a pivot, but no Mideast leader wanted the Arab Spring. And in the end few countries transformed (except Libya for the worse sadly - again combo of historical split, nomad insurgency, Russian & ISIS nfluence, some racism towards black guest workers...). Not sure about Egypt, but doubt it improved much over Mubarak.

    Here's some African nuance on Qaddafi plus the full BBC article - again, flawed, sometimes brutal, sometimes more liberal (under Hussein women's volleyball played in shorts as an example of quixotic liberalism that countered hardcore Islamism, but a tiny anecdotal piece of the puzzle) - but still, not North Korean fanaticism by any stretch.

    This article posits Qaddafi wasn't even as bad as Hussein & Assad, and that part (not all) of his reputation was fabricated by the West - not entirely unbelievable.

    Bilal al-Sudani, ‘responsible for fostering the growing presence of IS in Africa’, was killed in strike approved by Joe Biden

    AFP in Washington, Thu 26 Jan 2023 18.13 EST

    A US military raid in Somalia ordered by President Joe Biden this week killed a key regional leader of the Islamic State group, Bilal al-Sudani, according to US officials.

    Sudani was killed on Wednesday during a gunfight after US troops descended on a mountainous cave complex in northern Somalia hoping to capture him.

    Around 10 of Sudani’s Islamic State associates at the scene were killed, but there were no American casualties, the officials said on Thursday.

    “On January 25, on orders from the president, the US military conducted an assault operation in northern Somalia that resulted in the death of a number of Isis members, including Bilal al-Sudani,” Lloyd Austin, the secretary of defense, said in a statement [....]



    Great piece by @ColinPClarke

    — alleyesonwagner (@alleyesonwagner) February 1, 2023



    Abdi tweeted this

    BUT THEN he also retweeted this reply he got:

    'Obidient' is clearly an Obama's first-campaign-style "hope" frenzy

    edit to add: also see #ObidientMovement and obidients in lagos

    Nigeria election polls retweeted by Dr. Remi Adekoya:

    (found retweeted by Nigeria expert Remi Adekoya)

    But I thought democracies made up of Black people didn't need any police, which are a White colonialist creation?

    Residual need due to colonialist leftover. In the days of milk and honey, no, it wouldn't have been needed, not that you need ballots to select a new chief - he Selecta himself.

    ^ how does Chicago compare?

    ANC has lots of Russia sympathizers in its ranks -

    Analysis: In Russia's push into Africa, Sudan is the strategic prize

    More clarity - trivial $10m US, already 20+ years, accelerates 10 year payout vs 20 years since affected white farmers already getting old.

    Zimbabwe gov doing this cuz IMF won't release other money until they do, not out of kindness or justice.

    interesting to know!

    Tweets from Nigerian election showing a whole bunch of people bitching tribally about 'the other' - mostly Yoruba vs. Igbo. Tweets that say "no, I am Nigerian" are few and far between.

    such a wonderful way with words, just sayin'

    Don’t expect my wife back in the Senate. She’ll be my housewife … — President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu

    Credit: Twitter| tvcnewsng

    — Vanguard Newspapers (@vanguardngrnews) March 1, 2023

    ^ found retweeted by Dr. Remi Adekoya, who also tweeted these results, then retweeted T. Rankin's comment:

    "What's the first thing she'll do as 1st lady?" "The dishes if she knows what's good for her."

    I keep looking for Stacey Abram to say something, but all I see is Fox News razzing her

    Yeah, no tweets or nothing from her after the 26th - pretty lame.

    "Obi: we won the election and we'll prove it"

    Dayum, that's pretty ballsy. Wonder how it'll affect other countries plus attitude towards Russians. More popcorn...

    yeah "more popcorn" is how I look at it, too.

    Chief White House Correspondent 

    Harris heads to Africa amid Biden’s urgent courtship of the continent

    The United States seeks to counter efforts by China, Russia and others to woo the continent after the turbulent Trump years

    “First lady Jill Biden visited Namibia and Kenya in February, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken traveled to Niger and Ethiopia earlier this month. Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen and U.N. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield have also visited.”

    — Herbie Ziskend (@HerbieZiskend46) March 25, 2023

    As Vice President Harris on Saturday launches her first trip to Africa since taking office — part of an all-out push by the Biden administration to show African leaders it is committed to bolstering ties — she will confront widespread suspicions on the continent that the effort reflects a drive to counter China and Russia, not a deeper desire to improve relations with Africans for their own sake.

    Harris’s week-long trip includes stops in Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia, chosen because they are striving to maintain democracy in the face of economic pressures roiling the continent, White House officials said. Harris met with the leaders of all three countries during the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in December, and she sees the nine-day journey as an extension of those dialogues, the officials said....

    Terrorists take over Kainji National Park

    Kill the Boer just means kill the Boer. Kill white farmers.

    BBC took a similar line to NYT and all the other media who will never accept that white farmers are under attack. Papers like the Mail have been reporting the murders but they stick to the line that it's just crime.

    — Wanjiru Njoya (@WanjiruNjoya) August 5, 2023

    That's why when black people took over the state electricity monopoly and fired all the white engineers then collapsed the grid, the BBC reported that as "mismanagement and corruption". No mention of the epic "racial equity" failure. Collapsed railways are attributed to "theft".

    — Wanjiru Njoya (@WanjiruNjoya) August 5, 2023

    In these conditions they will simply never accept that Kill the Boer means kill the Boer.

    We'll be told it's just a song, it's just a joke, anything.

    And as white farmers continue to be slaughtered we'll be told "crime happens everywhere"

    — Wanjiru Njoya (@WanjiruNjoya) August 5, 2023

    Advising Afrikaners to run away is mistaken for two reasons

    1. That's exactly what the "Kill the Boer" mobs want. They want Afrikaners to turn tail and run away.

    2. Afrikaners will never run. All the race-hustlers will get for trying to seize land from Afrikaners is a fight.

    — Wanjiru Njoya (@WanjiruNjoya) August 5, 2023

    And the fight would not go as the race-hustlers imagine it would. They would come off the worse for it. They're woefully outsmarted. They have no idea what they're up against.

    The race-hustlers will LOSE, then they'll start crying that they've been whipped by white supremacy.

    — Wanjiru Njoya (@WanjiruNjoya) August 5, 2023

    To all the well-meaning people advising Afrikaners to pack their things and run away: you don't understand. They will never run away.

    Instead we should all advise race-hustlers to QUIT threatening to genocide white people. It's barbaric. Doesn't matter how "aggrieved" they feel.

    — Wanjiru Njoya (@WanjiruNjoya) August 5, 2023

    How did we even arrive at this point where people don't think threatening to kill others for their race is wrong?

    How did it come to be that now it's hilarious to joke about slaughtering white people, witty journos asking what wine goes with white genocide

    — Wanjiru Njoya (@WanjiruNjoya) August 5, 2023

    They're making jokes in a desperate bid to pretend that nothing serious is happening, telling you it's just ordinary crime and nothing to be concerned about.

    For the children watching their parents and grandparents being slaughtered just for being white, it's deadly serious.

    — Wanjiru Njoya (@WanjiruNjoya) August 5, 2023

    I too have lived with Afrikaner people in South Africa and I can attest to the truth of what she says. They will not give up their lands without a fight. And why should they? Please do not put them to the test.

    Stop defending "Kill the Boer." It's not just a song. It's a threat

    — Wanjiru Njoya (@WanjiruNjoya) August 5, 2023

    Might I add, that it's irrelevant whether South Africa will end up like Zimbabwe or not.

    At this point the only relevant factor is that white farmers and their families are being slaughtered while the world debates whether "Kill the Boer" is just a song.

    — Wanjiru Njoya (@WanjiruNjoya) August 5, 2023

    The people telling Afrikaners to just run away to Europe have no idea who these people are, or they wouldn't be advising them to turn tail and run away.

    — Wanjiru Njoya (@WanjiruNjoya) August 5, 2023

    Yes. This has been the most dispiriting outcome from the EFF "Kill the Boer" rally.

    Not just the commie activists who want to slaughter white farmers for their cause, which is terrifying enough, but the masses of people who defend them including academics and BBC/NYT journos.

    — Wanjiru Njoya (@WanjiruNjoya) August 5, 2023

    They'd like you to think white farmers are privileged but they're not. This farmer was in a wheelchair running his chicken farm while disabled. They slashed his dogs and killed him to take money from his safe. This is the reality of "Kill the Boer" chants

    — Wanjiru Njoya (@WanjiruNjoya) August 5, 2023

    Nuland vs Wagner

    Thread, starting here

    Focusing on the rights of criminals is not the path to larger reform - not on - not in Africa, but not in UK, not in US, but not in LatAm - it's a niche cottage industry with natural limits, a hygiene issue per Maslow that doesn't rise to higher society functioning - jobs, education, housing, higher freedoms like political choice and right to speak out. That Sub-Saharan is mired in corruption, violence (tho fewer actual wars these days)  and overpopulation is a massive alarm for life and its effecta in 20-50 years. We've been lulled by China's ability, and and to a lesser extent India's, ability to train up its massive overpopulation for manufacturing and IT skills, to be a productive target for foreign investment (not handouts). This isn't happening in Africa. Tribalism is winning, while there's retro cheering for the exploitive self-serving quasi-ocialist colonialism of old. More poverty in the past 30 years has been alleviated through freeish market capitalism than through handouts. War remains destructive and unhelpful, as does "crony capitalism",  aka corruption at all levels. 

    Race pimps like Cori Bush stay focused on glorifying and lamenting the scummy lowlifes like George Floyd and Mike Brown, and and ignore the more worthy cases of shock and disgust that actually bolster the needs for reform. The Central Park 5 was a travesty. A junkie passing counterfeit money is more an accident waiting to happen. 


    Next after Gabon?

    Wagner threat in Africa - but what happens after Prigozhin?

    ...While the complaint does not state what country he was spying on behalf of, sources told The New York Times he was spying for Ethiopia....

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