For those still clueless, dense or myopic, a very nice chart! Go home. And Vote.



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    Oh crap, you drew me in with the header, and it wasn't even about me. Click-bait.

    Is America suffering BLM fatigue? New report shows 44% disapprove of movement; only 39% approve, down from 54%

    A recent AP-NORC survey showed while 54 percent of Americans approved of the protests in June, the number dipped to 39 percent in September

    By Shubham Ghosh
    Updated On : 20:11 PST, Sep 25, 2020

    [....] According to the survey by Associated Press and University of Chicago's NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, which was conducted between September 11 and 14 and covered 1,108 adults nationwide, the degree of support for the protests among Black Americans too have come down in three months. While it was 81 percent in June, it is 63 percent in September. Among the Whites, the support level has subsided from 53 percent to 34 percent [....]

    [copy of comment from news thread on HOW A PLEDGE TO DISMANTLE THE MINNEAPOLIS POLICE COLLAPSED]

    from the beginning of the Sept. 8-13 Pew poll link--the more intense and longer the protests, seems the less people like the ideas, go figure:

    As racial justice protests have intensified following the shooting of Jacob Blake, public support for the Black Lives Matter movement has declined, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. A majority of U.S. adults (55%) now express at least some support for the movement, down from 67% in June amid nationwide demonstrations sparked by the death of George Floyd. The share who say they strongly support the movement stands at 29%, down from 38% three months ago [....]

    It's going in the wrong direction, what a surprise. Oh look, could it be some of these things that naive radicals are so blinded by the fun of protesting as opposed to sitting in mom's basement during a pandemic that they can't see? But ordinary people can see just after watching a while, that a lot of this is counterproductive craziness:

    What is the purpose of the protests?

    Is it to change minds of "other than black" against support for the movement?

    If the idea is to keep protesting until only blacks still support the movement? Keep doing it then, looking like you eventually get there:

    Trump himself is choosing to putting it all back on the radar for whypipple and black people--enquiring minds wondering how protesters will like them apples, including expressing sympathy for Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Ahmed Arbery. He'd like everyone to talk about it more, you see? He's not an ogre, he tries real hard to help the black community. And for some reason, the protesters don't seem to appreciate it. Because blue cities don't know how to help black people, they are run like Afghanistan

    "It's worse than Afghanistan" -- Trump on cities run by Democrats

    — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) September 25, 2020

    Trump unveils 'Platinum Plan' for Black Americans

    By Maegan Vazquez, CNN @Updated 10:33 PM ET, Fri September 25, 2020

    President Donald Trump unveiled a plan aimed at winning over Black Americans on Friday, less than two months before Election Day, largely expanding upon the existing economic-related initiatives the President established in his first term.

    The proposals include prosecuting the Ku Klux Klan and Antifa as terrorist organizations, making Juneteenth a federal holiday and efforts to bolster Black economic prosperity.

    During an Atlanta event announcing what was deemed the Black Economic Empowerment "Platinum Plan," Trump sought to draw contrasts between his plan for the African American community and Joe Biden's proposals, arguing that the former vice president "inflicted" damage on the Black community over the last 47 years he's spent working in Washington [....]

    Pssst: I think his campaign sees swing state votes here in this data from new studies


    I'm talking black votes, young black voters that are not partisan.

    LIke in NEW swing states, like Georgia

    Not to mention, the "Platinum Plan" will help assuage some white suburban women's conscience when they decide to vote for him and not Joe Biden.

    But just keep protestin' and turn people off, help the Russians with the divisiveness thing, draw right wing militia trolls to blue cities to make them look even more incompetent at keeping order...etc.

    All of this method worked great for Nixon after the horrible radical protests riots in Chicago at the 1968 convention where Dems couldn't even show they could keep order at their presidential convention much less run a country or get us out of a war. Landslide silent majority came out for Nixon even though polls showed many were turning against the war. Hubert was hapless. If Hubert couldn't make the radical left happy, who could? Perhaps the first hapless liberal blue mismanager...

    J.J. McNab retweeted, I haven't watched yet:

    seems almost like everyone with a thoughtful mind is thinking on the same thing:

    You really want to protest right now? Here's showing you the way. Note it's a socially distanced method as well as being the priority message right now:


    And it would really help if any BLM affiliates in Florida JUST ZIPPED IT ALLTOGETHER until Nov. 2, please and let these docs take over. Joe's trying to woo the Hispanics there and they couldn't give two cents about police abuse, because that problem was and is way worse wherever their family came from.  ICE, maybe-it depends there- but not cops.  And sorry, but seniors like having cops around, that's just the way it is.

    Relax and try to enjoy believing we live in a unimpeachable paradigmatic democracy.  Where all citizens can vote,  all votes are counted, no demagogic president rules us while stoking hate, grievence and wild conspiracy theories.

    Republicans have plans. Republicans are the danger.

    And BLM protests right now are virtually exclusively attacking local governments run by Democrats as incapable of keeping "the black community" happy. Ergo, the message they are sending = don't vote for Democrats if you want "the black community" to be happy. It's really that simple. BLM protests right now are just sooooooo counter-productive. If they were active against Republican mayors and states, it would be a different thing, but they are not.

    And here's an example of the sensible kind of protesting in Kentucky until Nov. 2. NOT AGAINST LOUISVILLE'S DEM MAYOR, giving him more grief, rather this is where the energy should go:

    The screwed up priorities of most radicals still protesting  "BLM" are illogical hysteria and bored young people after lockdown with no jobs. Overall since the end of July it's out protesting bitterness against authoritarian "daddy" in the form of cops because boomers didn't leave them a socialist paradise?  Right now it's against a mistaken shooting of a lovely young black woman, not even intentional, one fucking mistaken shooting which has already been litigated in civil suit and paid! (Most who tragically lost someone from medical malpractice should be so lucky as to have a suit resolved so quickly!) It was not "brutality", it was a freaking mistake!   Vs. 200K deaths maybe 3/4 unnecessary, high percentage black. I guess not pretty enough victims. Not done by mean stupid fearful white cops, just a totally uncontrolled little virus.

    Fiddling while Rome burns, that's BLM.

    Can only quote Keisha Lance Bottoms so many times: Go home! And vote! Mitch McConnell is their fucking Senator in Louisville, not ours. I blame them just as much as the rest of the citizens in Kentucky if he returns. They should be protesting against HIM.


    Inkling of hope here outside of all the BLM idiocy (with gun toting on each side yet), David Hogg's March for Our Lives, sensible protest in front of McConnell's house today:

    Yep @AMarch4OurLives and @WeDemandJustice did that

    Shout out to demand justice and the MFOL Organzing staff that made this possible, y’all rock.

    — David Hogg (@davidhogg111) September 26, 2020

    Kentucky is going to keep Mitch in office because that is what the people of Kentucky want.

    In Kentucky, there appears to be a massive cover up of a police murder by the AG

    Kentucky says that it is legal for police to kill you in your home.

    Mitch will be at SCOTUS the week after the election trying to repeal Obamacare

    This is in the middle of a pandemic 

    Did I mention that McConell will be re-elected by the citizens of Kentucky?

    Protest and they want you to die

    Don't protest and they want you to die

    It is not BLM, it is the citizens of Kentucky

    The citizens of Alabama will oust Doug Jones for a football couch

    That is not the fault of BLM, that is the fault of the citizens of Alabama 

    Mike Espy is in a close Senate race against a Confederate in Mississippi 

    BLM's fault?

    Jamie Harrison is in a close Senate race against liar Lindsay Graham

    BLM's fault?


    Priorities, stupid.

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