Listen to Obama, he knows, he was President for 8 years

    And do note what topic he chose to put first here. And how he doesn't say "vote blue", he says "educate yourselves up and down the ticket."

    From police reform to funding our schools, the officials with the most power to change the issues we care about in our communities are often found at the state and local levels. So educate yourselves up and down the ticket, make a plan to vote, and vote:

    — Barack Obama (@BarackObama) October 19, 2020

    Presidents don't have as much power as many people think they do.


    Or if you prefer, Keisha Lance Bottoms, who when she said "go home. and vote", no doubt meant for local offices and not just president. She did say vote "June 9" before she said "and again in November."

    Exactly to the point:

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